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France Braces For Blackouts, Fires-Up Old Coal Power Plants To Cope; Japan’s Snowiest Winter Helps Drive Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Higher; + Scores More Die In Delhi As India’s Cold Wave Brings Regions’ Their First Snow Since 1958

France Braces For Blackouts, Fires-Up Old Coal Power Plants To Cope

A host of European nations are on the brink of a full blown energy crisis after ill-conceived ‘green ideals’ –which included a suicidal under-investment in cheap and reliable fossil fuels– are coming back to bite the continent’s placating politicians.

Last week, French natural gas pipeline operator GRTgaz warned that French gas stockpiles are much lower at this point in the year than they have been in the past, and as a result, run the risk of being depleted before the winter is done — a disaster that could make last year’s deep freeze in Texas look tame if a sudden cold snap sends demand soaring, reads a recent oilprice.com article.

“We’ll probably be close to zero toward the end of March, and we remain vigilant on that topic,” GRTgaz chief Thierry Trouve said in a presentation in Paris Thursday. Over the weekend, France began temporarily allowing electricity producers to burn more coal after the nation’s grid operator warned of coming outages.

It’s the most precarious situation for French gas inventories since 2018’s “Beast From The East” sent temperatures plunging across Europe. The big difference today, though –other than gas prices being far higher– is that it’s been a relatively mild winter for Central/Western Europe –with the continent’s cold confined to the East and Southeast– meaning something else is responsible for the continent’s energy shortage: An illogical demonizing of oil, gas, and coal (including a carbon emissions cap which limits French coal plants to 700 hours production annually), in favor of failing renewables.

France’s energy problems have also been exacerbated by the lower-than-usual capacity at the country’s nuclear power plants–many of which have been closed over “safety fears” as President Macron seeks to “modernize” the nation’s nuclear power system. Nuclear would appear to solve the AGW Party’s “climate crisis”, yet they aren’t going for it. Why? Because that’s not the solution they’re after. They want the upshot of their fabricated global warming fears to be a complete overhaul of civilization: a “Great Reset”, i.e. the biggest wealth/power transfer in the history of mankind designed to stamp us peasants deep into the dirt once and for all.

France’s drawdown in nuclear capacity only further raises the risk of blackouts caused by the LNG shortages. And even if no cold snap arrives in February or March and blackouts are averted, Europe’s energy woes will create serious political problems due to spiraling energy inflation. Gas and electricity bills in the UK, for example, are set to rise 50% in April–and they won’t stop there.

Japan’s Snowiest Winter Helps Drive Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Higher

Heavy snow has been buffeting much of Japan this winter — it’s been one for the record books for many locales. And looking ahead, further flurries are forecast which is leading to weather officials issuing additional advisories and warnings.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has said a stormy pattern combining with a brutally frigid air mass will continue to bring snow and exceptional cold to locales along the Sea of Japan –and elsewhere– after record accumulations were noted over the weekend.

Maibara City, located in the western prefecture of Shiga, logged 62cm (2ft) in just 24 hours through Sunday morning; while Sapporo City, in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido, saw 60cm (1.97ft) — both are the regions’ highest 24hr totals since records began (in 2001 and 1999, respectively). Maibara also busted its 48hr. As did nearby Sekigahara.

Even more impressively, Sapporo’s latest dumping take the city’s seasonal snow depth to 133cm (4.4ft), which is 1) approximately double the annual average, and 2) the highest 130>cm this early in the season since 1946 (solar minimum of cycle 17). Although far heavier falls have accumulated elsewhere, including the 5.6m (18.4ft) in Charmant Hiuchi:

The JMA is cautioning that more snow is expected through Monday, particularly in the prefectures of Shiga and neighboring Gifu. And due to the severity of the system even places along the Pacific Ocean in Eastern Japan, including the greater Tokyo area, are expecting snow later in the week, perhaps by Thursday.

As reported by nhk.or.jp, “larger-than-usual snowfall” has been building ACROSS swathes of Japan this winter, including in the mountainous areas of Niigata and Nagano. Totals there reached 3.54m (11.6ft) in Tsunan Town,Niigata and 2.71m (8.9ft) in Nozawaonsen Village, Nagano — again, both figures are the most for the respective municipalities in decades.

Residents of snowy locations need to be on the alert for possible power outages, avalanches and other snow-related accidents, concludes the nhk.or.jp article; many areas in Japan have received greater-than-average amounts of snow this winter, and people have died during clearing efforts. Folk should stay away from the eaves of buildings even, if the snow lets up. They should also form groups of two or more people and take thorough safety measures when engaging in snow-removal work.

Japan’s snowy winter is also aiding Northern Hemisphere snow mass in its march above the 1982-2012 average:


Scores More Die In Delhi As India’s Cold Wave Brings Regions’ Their First Snow Since 1958

As covered on Friday, Delhi, in line with the majority of India, is suffering one of its coldest winters on record, which is impacting the nation’s poor and homeless the most. Over the weekend, scores more people are reported to have died, with a telling picture (that I won’t share here) doing the rounds of a homeless Delhi man sitting next to a rotting corpse.

Starting back in late-2019, an increasing number of cold weather records have been falling across India; and in correlation, Delhi’s homeless deaths have been rising. According to official government figures, a record 152 people died owing to ‘winter surges’ in 2020-21, but that number has already been surpassed in 2021-22 after at least 176 perished in January, 2022 alone.

Local campaigners claim these numbers are in reality far higher, due to what they call an “absence of statistics”. They also complain that lifeless corpses are often discarded on the pavements where they can remain for a days before being collected.

With regards to this season’s persistent cold, Aarti Khosla, head of ‘Weather Forecasts’, a climate information program, says the extreme chill is partially due to La Nina; however, the impacts of low solar activity cannot be ignored.

Record snow has been accompanying India’s record cold. In Bhutan and across the State of Himachal Pradesh, accumulations rose northwards of 50cm (1.64ft) over the weekend, with snow also falling at unusually low levels. According to local reports, the former Bhutanese winter capital ‘Punakha’ (1,250m/4,100ft) just received its first snow since 1958.

Across northern India, entire regions remain cutoff due to the recent snowfall with 500+ roads blocked, including 149 in Shimla zone, 115 in Lahaul and Spiti, and 51 in Mandi, where also temperatures remain well-below the seasonal average.

A car stuck in snow in Shimla on Sunday. [Tribune: Amit Kanwar]


California’s historic December snowfall had trapped two people at their Sierra County cabin since Dec 6 — only last week were the couple airlifted out, according to the California Highway Patrol reported.

The CHP released video of their Valley Division helicopter approaching the remote cabin (embedded below), which sits at 4,000 feet elevation along Rock Creek about a mile from Union Hill.

The trapped pair had called the sheriff’s office saying that they were running out of supplies after almost two months. The deep snow and downed trees that kept them from leaving also prevented emergency officials from getting to them on the ground, so the helicopter was called in, reports the burlington-record.com.

Despite the strong winds, the helicopter was able to land, and the pair and their dog were taken to a landing zone where sheriff’s deputies picked them up.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING–in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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31 Thoughts to “France Braces For Blackouts, Fires-Up Old Coal Power Plants To Cope; Japan’s Snowiest Winter Helps Drive Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Higher; + Scores More Die In Delhi As India’s Cold Wave Brings Regions’ Their First Snow Since 1958”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    Researching the internet for information on the reliability of Texas wind generation during the latest winter storm. They were proud to say that power generation was above average in the vanguard of the storm but after that it is a secret. There is always extra wind when a system moves into an area but then comes the winter precipitation & stillness in the wake of the storm. Hard to find the truth unless you live amongst the turbines.
    I went to the Trump Rally In Conroe, Tx. Trump said that our governor Greg Abbott asked for a Dam to be built in Texas. Reading between the lines that says two things. Trusting wind generation, without flash emergency generation, in anything except fair weather conditions is life threatening & the government of Texas still
    serves the people of Texas.
    We get ☠️ from the nut jobs in the federal government. The southern tier states in CONUS should be regarded as life boats for the rest of the nation during epic cold periods.
    The federal government is shooting holes in this lifeboat instead of hardening it against the coming cold conditions. I think Abbott & Trump will rectify that and make Texas a power stable refuge.

    1. Deb

      Sure. Trump will come and save us.

      I suppose there are fairies in the bottom of the garden, as well.

      1. Michael Peinsipp

        WHAT??? NO fairies?
        But Trump has done more for all Americans than any President in my 67 yrs. JFK tried BUT he was killed for ‘unknown’ reasons like oh lowering taxes, cutting regulations, etc.. THAT is historical fact. Trump came along and did all of that and more. If the Federal govt and Governors cared for Americans, they would Drill Baby Drill and bring ALL industry BACK to America. Trump was fought by both parties and still did great things like the Abraham Accords, net exporter of oil for the first time in American history, lowest unemployment, etc., etc., etc.
        AND how do you like Bidens runaway 24% inflation, High gas prices and stores having empty shelves?

        1. Deb

          I had to say “Trump”, didn’t I? My bad!

          Just so you know, Biden is neither better nor worse. They are all working toward the same Agenda.

          1. DrRonRobot

            Typical libeberal.

          2. Gary

            Says the globalist bot, ya sure bidan and Trump are the same

          3. Chris Norman

            Why would you come here to troll?
            What is the matter with you?
            Great cold is coming.
            Stop trying to score political points.
            Take action.

          4. Deb

            My apologies. Didn’t mean to ignite a firestorm. Next time I’ll know better.

            However, the present political landscape is all about the GSM and the coming magnetic excursion.

            The PTB do not have their heads in the sand, but they are counting on the majority of the rest of us being-and staying- in that condition.

            “Great cold is coming” So is great political oppression, and they are tied inextricably together.

            You are not doing yourself any favors by preparing for one and ignoring the other.

          5. Hayden Redwood

            Trump got thumped hehehehehahaha all while selling weapons to saudi Arabia

        2. Deb

          Btw, John Kennedy was killed because he annouced that he was going on the attack against the secret societies who were taking control of this country. With Bobby as Attorney General, they would have really cleaned house.
          So they had to go.

        3. Freddy Boom-Boom

          Your gardener may be.

      2. Mystic’s Mystic

        Thanks to the GSM the 2030 Winter Olympics will be held in SnowDrift Texas.

        1. Wizard

          I thought Trump and Biden being two sides of the same coin was a given?

          Oh, wait, this is Electroverse. This is where everyone knows about the climate, but not necessarily about other old&new agendas. Well

          You got my thumbs up, Deb, to kick up a firestorm of this sort any day of the week, and twice on Friday (since Cap doesn’t post on Sundays)

      3. kathrin

        you are absolutly right. Who ever beleives in a saviour coming is doomed. Get your shit together and start your life …

  2. Gabriel Nicolau

    Dear Sir.
    I have been subscribed to your site for some time, I find it very interesting and I believe in what you say, I share your way of thinking about what is happening in the world.
    I am dedicated to the production of cocoa and its processing, specifically in Peru, in the city of Iquitos, I have the Amazon River in front of me.
    I am Spanish, specifically Catalan, I left my homeland years ago because I saw that the future there is very complicated by the policies that are being carried out.
    The reason for my query is if you can give me your opinion on how it will affect, in your opinion, the climate in Ivory Coast and Ghana in the coming years in terms of rainfall and cold, ie in a future global cold for this area. Also how it will affect the area of Iquitos (Peru).

    I would like to ask you if it would be possible for you to inform me, always in a 100% discreet way, regarding related questions that I would be asking you during the year, all referred to the climatic affectations in different parts of the world, let’s say it would be about two monthly consultations. How much would you charge for this service annually?

    I speak English quite poorly, do you speak Spanish?

    Thank you for your attention, congratulations for your page and never give up.

    Best regards.
    Gabriel Nicolau

  3. Margaret Mueller

    Thank you. This is the only place I get this data.

  4. Deb

    That video of the helicopter rescue says CBS in the corner, which I presume means the story ran on MSM. How are Californians squaring that with their AGW narrative?

    Does anyone remember all snow was supposed to be a thing of the past by now? I guess that any Californians capable of waking up are no longer Californians. I know a lot of them are now Missourians.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nah…the City Slickers will still vote for progressives and lose their lives, money and property. I live in Free Kentucky and even the Democrats here are 10x more Conservative than Republicans in CA and the coastal states.

    2. Andrew Stone

      The maddening thing for many on the left coast is the fact that the Marxists are mostly concentrated on the coast in the big cities. This includes CA.

      I have a lifelong Republican uncle who has lived in Bakersfield for many years. He despairs of the lunatics on the coast taking the the rest of the state (mostly conservative) to hell. He is a retired Ph.D. college professor and public school teacher and staunch Republican (though not a huge Trump fan) who has worked tirelessly in multiple civic organizations, writing newspaper articles and anything else he can to stem the tide of ultra left insanity.

      He feels like a lone soul standing on a beach trying to hold off a tidal wave of darkness. He chose to stand and fight, rather than run away to another state. He recently seemed resigned to losing the battle, telling me; “It’s over. There is no more hope.” He says most of the people in CA, east of the coastal cancer, are conservatives who feel like he does. He would know. These people are not quitters, but they are exhausted warriors fighting the good fight against impossible odds. That is how the battle field looks on the ground there.

  5. Gerry, England

    While you might expect problems with gas supply to be during periods of intense cold, however if winter extends into spring such that demand for domestic gas heating continues that is when it will get very tight. The UK was down to barely over a week’s supply a few years back as everyone had the heating going through April at a higher level than usual. Since then the UK has become more reliant on gas for electricity generation making the situation worse.

    1. Petrichor

      In the UK, the old Price cap is coming off electrical and gas bills in April. Prices set to triple or quadruple in a time of inflation.
      Here in northern England (also Scotland), Summer is not here until the end of May when fear of frosts is past.
      I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a wood burner, and our family farm provides “free” firewood (though it still incurs costs to be sawn and transported). I forsee many poor and elderly dying of hypothermia before Spring, as unlike me, they cannot afford both food and heating.

      1. Ray

        “…set to triple or quadruple…”

        No; set to rise by 54% – which is bad enough.

        Of course, the ‘cap’ lasts for just six months and so prices may go up again next winter – or come back down.

        The weather service I like the most
        ( a Russian lot

        predicted for England, at the beginning of Winter, that it would be followed by a very early and mild Spring 2022.

        The whole point about a wavy jet stream is that, as regards temperatures, there are losers AND winners, in the mid-latitudes. There is a roll of the dice every few months.

        We are not in a new and world-wide Ice Age yet!

  6. DIrk Pitt

    Windy.com is now showing wind gusting 152 mph along the SE Greenland Coast. and snowing. Wind waves from the cyclone are 55 feet every 14 seconds, AAAK!!
    Temp along the coast there is 20’s F and inland is -65F. Brutal.

  7. All these alleged “crises” were pseudo-scientific scams concocted by the extreme left.
    – The DDT ban circa 1972 – Rachel Carson was one of the great killers of the 20th Century, alongside Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot. Malaria deaths among children ~doubled thanks to that psycho.
    – The Ozone Protection of the 1970’s-1980’s was another scam – fortunately all it did was waste billions of dollars in discarded refrigeration systems and coolants.
    – The global warming/climate fraud that started in the 1970’s–1980’s is another scam that we still tolerate – and has cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives, especially in the developing world.
    – The Covid-19 scam of ~2019 continues through today, and has killed millions and wasted trillions, and will continue to do so because of the harmful and ineffective lockdowns and the toxic and ineffective “vaccines”.
    These are all crimes against humanity, and there is little point in continuing to debate the phony science ad-infinitum.
    It is now time to bring these murderers to justice – Nuremberg 2.0 starts now.

    Note: This is a “Model Court Proceeding” that is proceeding to the Internatipnal Criminal Court.

    I published all the key points of this video ~one year ago (re the toxic vaccines) and ~two years ago (re the needless, harmful lockdowns) in letters to our governments.
    – Allan MacRae

  8. Roman

    Hi there! There is something terribly wrong with the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE SNOW MASS CHART! Today is February the 7th and the chart shows data from February 25…
    Am I wrong???

    1. Matt Dalby

      I agree that the labelling on the x axis is slightly confusing, however Feb-22 doesn’t mean the 22nd of February it means the start of February 2022. This becomes slightly more obvious if you look at the left hand side of the chart and see Nov-21, Dec-21 etc.

      1. Deb

        O. 🤔
        I was wondering about that, too.

  9. Ragnar Raven

    Here is a link to a non-paywalled WSJ article that admits that most climate science has not taken clouds into account and consequently is basically BS.

    Long, but worth a read


    1. slav

      to summarise, the modelling of future scenarios is either way too complex to bring it all together, or understated or overstated with factors we dont even know about as well, So we have all this information that goes back hundreds of thousands of years and that is just a small piece of the puzzle. It is important to measure the climate and be aware of variables but putting that all together in an accurate assesment isnt going to happen, from a baked bean to a frozen pea noone knows how its going to pan out until it does..more or less.

  10. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Your Mind
    What AFI and American Intelligence Media (AIM) researchers have just discovered is breathtaking, disgusting, astounding and monstrous. It is also shocking how far along the plan is. Amazingly, the Deep State shadow government, in its evident hubris, has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

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