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Fort Saskatchewan Recorded its Coldest September in 53 Years

According to Environment Canada, September 2018 in Fort┬áSask’s capital region was the fifth coldest of all time.┬áThe mean temperature was 6.9C (with the normal being 11.4C).

The coldest ever September was 5.4C back in 1926, followed by 6.1C in 1937, 6.3C in 1965 and 6.8C in 1934.

When it came to September’s average high, 2018 was tied for the second coldest of all time at 11.1C.

Only 1926 was colder, with an average high of 10.3C.

“We saw a really cool end of summer throughout much of the Northwest Territories,” said meteorologist Brian Proctor.

“Significantly cooler than we would expect and that cold air was really allowed to slump south.”


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