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Forecasters ‘Thrown For A Loop’ As Freezing Weather Descends

Britain’s weather is set to take a dramatic turn for the worse with plunging temperatures, severe frosts, torrential rain and gale-force winds about to unleash autumn misery.

Official forecasts have backtracked from earlier predictions which suggested warm, settled conditions would hold out through the first half of September.

“It was thought that things were going to settle down and turn drier and warmer but that’s not the case now, we are going to see some chilly nights towards the middle of the week,” admitted John Hammond, forecaster for online weather service Weathertrending.

“It will feel cool with temperatures well down and again the nights will be very chilly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some places get a touch of frost later on this week, signs of autumn.”

Just take a look at the GFS Temperature Anomaly model for northern/western Europe — those blues and purples suggest temps will drop 6C to 12C below average for the time of year.

Mainstream climate models refuse to take the sun into account when predicting our weather.

We’re slipping into a Grand Solar Minimum, a period when the sun goes through a prolonged period of solar decline.

Winters are brutal during a GSM — like they were during the Dalton and Maunder Minimums — snow totals reach record highs, and temperatures remain at record lows for weeks on end as weather systems get locked in place by blocking high pressures.

It’s all happened before.

These events run on ancient cycles that are deeply ingrained in our collective human psyche.

Populations need to renounce the AGW dogma and prepare for the coming cold.


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