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For the second time this week, The Continental U.S. sets its Lowest-Ever October Temperature + Salt Lake City suffers Record Monthly Cold

Historically cold temperatures settled in Utah Wednesday morning.

Notorious cold spot Peter Sinks –which just this Monday broke the Lower-48’s 1917 record for the lowest-ever October temp– has only gone and done it again.

The area, known for its frigid temps due to its high elevation and unique topography, has just extended the record for the coldest October temperature ever-recorded anywhere in the Continental U.S., according to Utah-based meteorologist Timothy Wright.

The mercury plunged to -45F (-42.8C) on Wednesday morning, a reading which not only beat but annihilated the previous record set just two days earlier; Monday morning’s -35F (-37.2C), which itself busted the old-old record of -33F (-36.1C) from 1917 (that year landed just after weak solar cycle 14, similar to the cycle we’ve just experienced, 24).

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In addition, a very frigid 14F (-10C) was registered in Salt Lake City on Wednesday morning; a reading cold enough to grab the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in October, according to 2News Meteorologist Lindsay Storrs.

The previous record was the 16F (-8.9C) observed back in October 1971.

Wednesday Snow Round-up

Record snow was accumulating across the Rockies and Midwest through Wednesday.

Over a foot of early season powder fell in parts of Colorado yesterday.

While Chicago received 1.2 inches — the most this early in the season since 1989.

Snow also fell in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is a very rare occurrence during the month of October — Tulsa has only seen October snow 6 times in the last 119 years.

Lastly, the snowstorm blowing through the Midwest looks set to bury a stretch from Iowa to Michigan in an additional 4+ inches.

And there’s much more where that came for Halloween-night through mid-November:

GFS TOTAL SNOWFALL (inches) OCT 31 thru NOV 15

The cold times are returning in line with historically low solar activity:


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