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Food Security Fears in Afghanistan Due To Drought

A severe lack of rain and snow during the winter months has left much of Afghanistan with a scarcity of water and a decimated winter harvest.

The wheat harvest is likely to be the lowest since 2011, according to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.

While tens of thousands of sheep and goats have died as their pastures turned to dust bowls.

The UN’s Toby Lanzer warned: “If the authorities and the international community don’t step up to this challenge now, Afghanistan could face a calamity as we head into the next winter.”

The shortfall in wheat this year could be as much as 2.5 million tonnes. This would see two million people facing food insecurity and being left in “desperate need” of humanitarian assistance within the next six months, the UN says.

Reports are coming in of Farmers already having no choice but to eat seeds intended for planting for the next harvest.


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