Extreme Weather 

Flooding In Beirut, Lebanon labelled “Worst In A Generation”

Unprecedented rainfall in Beirut, Lebanon and surrounding districts has resulted in “the worst flooding in a generation,” according to local MP Sami Fatfat. Roads and infrastructure have been damaged and the area has been brought to a complete standstill.

Major flooding turned the main road connecting Dinnieh to Tripoli into a meter-deep river [see featured photo].

And shocking twitter footage shows a ‘garbage torrent’ rampaging down the Basura river.

“We were really surprised … this amount of rain at this time of year is unprecedented,” Fatfat said. “We’re trying to ensure that next time this happens, we’ll be prepared.”

The torrential rain caused flooding that damaged cars, homes and hectares of agricultural land, the state-run National News Agency reported.

GSM = influx of Cosmic Rays = increased Cloud Nucleation

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