Extreme Weather 

Flash Flooding Strikes Northern Italy — Cars, Buildings and Vineyards Washed Away

Sudden and violent thunderstorms unleashed hell upon northern Italy over the weekend, submerging streets and washing away cars in the province of Verona.

According to local reports, hospital phone lines were temporarily down and a state of emergency was issued.

Reports are coming in of regions receiving 165 mm (6.5 inches) of rain in just a matter of hours.

Footage from social media shows some of the devastation:

Northern Italy remains under a double weather warning for thunderstorms and rain with residents urged to ‘be prepared for formidable weather.’

Even a powerful waterspout was spotted, in the Tyrrhenian Sea on Sunday, headed towards the tranquil holiday island of Ventotene.

Fortunately, the tornado veered away from the island and lost power closer to Ischia.

GSM = influx of Cosmic Rays = more Cloud Nucleation

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