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Famine Looming Amid Central American Drought, Says UN

The recent drought has laid waste to over 280,000 hectares of beans and maize in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, putting millions at risk of hunger in the coming months, UN agencies warned Friday.

“Total or partial loss of crops means that subsistence farmers and their families will not have enough food to eat or sell in coming months,” FAO and WFP said in their joint statement.

“These losses will increase the cost of these foods for the entire population.”

The second crop cycle, which can make up for the shortfalls of the first harvest, takes place in November.

But the predicted El Nino, even if it turns out to be a weak one, will have “a significant impact” on the second harvest, the UN agencies added. Just as it did back in 2014/2015.

The UN is especially worried about migration during this new drought, as potentially millions of people struggle to feed and maintain their families.

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