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The Forecast Fall-Frosts could cripple Iowa Corn Farmers

Following the Slowest Maize-Planting Season On Record, U.S. farmers are now nearing harvest and the devastating consequences of all that cold and wet weather earlier in the year are being realized.

The record cold and wet spring of 2019 caused the planting of corn, wheat and soybean to occur, on average, four weeks later than normal.

Iowa farmers are already facing yield-losses of up to 20% as a result of these delays, and that’s before the forecast ‘big frosts’ wallop the Midwest this fall.

Longer-range weather models are picking up on some truly brutal early-October cold fronts for the Midwest U.S. which, if realized, will likely see Iowa’s 20% yield-losses number climb further-still.

The early freeze and snow could also delay entire harvests altogether, just as they did last fall.

The world’s biggest breadbaskets have had a tough time of it of late.

Cold front after cold front have battered the largest and most important growing regions on the planet: from East Asia to the Canadian Prairies, from Europe to Brazil.

Farmers almost everywhere are struggling to cope with the unpredictable weather-patterns brought on by the weakening of the jet streams — which is associated with the historically low solar activity we’re now experiencing (NASA):

The cold times are returning, folks.

Prepare, by growing your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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