Facebook and Climate Feedback: Assisting the Great Reset

In a bid to appease powerful policy makers and radical activists, Facebook enlisted a company called Climate Feedback to “fact-check” the content shared on its platform. But this move, as I assume was the plan all-along, has quashed scientific debate, and will cause us all to suffer in the long run.

While there has been much said about this year’s California Wildfires, one side of the debate is routinely censored while the other achieves blind promotion. Climate Feedback (CF) label themselves “independent fact-checkers”, and Facebook has given this small group of activists the power to censor any message/page/organisation it feels could knock the man-made global warming theory off track.

This is a dangerous game, and a messy one, too. Who says the scientists over at Climate Feedback have a better understanding of forests and wildfires than, say, experienced forest ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who says: “Fuel load is far more important than a couple of degrees of temperature. The West has always had droughts, some for 200 years.” Well-researched and logical utterances such as this now sees Dr. Moore run the risk of being censored and de-platformed. And I’m not being dramatic here. People have been shutdown for a lot less. Let’s take American television personality John Stossel as an example.

In Sept, 2020 Stossel had a video “throttled” by Facebook for merely including the views of activist Michael Shellenberger. Stossel wrote of the censorship: “They don’t want people hearing environmentalist @ShellenbergerMD explain that bad gov’t policies are a bigger cause of wildfires than climate change.”

Shellenberger was a catastrophic global warmer for almost two decades of his life. He finally saw the error of his ways this year, writing in a 1,700-word opinion piece for the Australian newspaper: “On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologise for the climate scare we created over the past 30 years.” (The op-ed was first published three days earlier in Forbes, but was removed by the outlet “because it violated our editorial guidelines around self-promotion”).

Shellenberger wrote that climate change was not making natural disasters worse, and he backed this up with facts: he pointed out that wildfires had declined around the world since 2003, and the more dangerous fires being experienced in Australia and California were because of the build up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change

Shellenberger’s stance is, again, a logical one, supported by many, many scientists around the world. However, the powers-that-be and their radical climate activist stooges have been far from impressed with Shellenberger’s switching of sides, and they continue to silence his message at every opportunity.

One tact is to target his interviews, much to the chagrin of folks like Stossel: “A Facebook “fact checker” got Facebook to throttle my video!”, wrote the journalist who has 1+ million followers of FB: “Sadly, Facebook lets ACTIVISTS stifle debate.”

A warning from Facebook carries weight, and following Stossel’s interview with Shellenberger ALL of his content is now “being seen by fewer people, because it was rated Missing Context by a independent fact-checker.”

Facebook’s main beef was with a video in which Stossel was discussing the California Wildfires. The claim from Climate Feedback is that Stossel said “Forest Fires are caused by poor Forest Management. Not from Climate Change” — a perfectly reasonable claim, but one that Stossel didn’t even make! What Stossel actually said was “Climate Change has made things worse” — that’s right, Stossel is open to the idea of man-made global warming, he even said he “feels for Mark Zuckerberg,” but yet the radicals are trying to shut him down anyway. Why? Because in the same video Stossel, like any good reporter, opened up a debate. To do this he called upon the views of Michael Shellenberger, who argued: “A small change in temperature is not the difference between normalcy and catastrophe.” Now that’s hardly an inflammatory opinion, but according to Stossel: “Climate Feedback don’t want people to hear that.”

Facebook say there is an appeals process, but it turns out your complaint arrives at the desk of the exact same people that dealt-out the censoring in the first place. Stossel said he tried to contact Climate Feedback’s editor, but got no response. He did, however, have better luck with two of the scientists that supposedly labeled his video “Misleading”. I say “supposedly” because what Stossel discovered is that these two scientists hadn’t even watched his video. In an interview with Stossel, the pair said the probable reason the content was flagged was because Michael Shellenberger “pops up.”

Climate Feedback don’t like Shellenberger.

They don’t like his book either, which criticizes climate alarmism.

And they resoundingly reject his articulate and logical fact-led positions.

The two Climate Feedback scientists then actually went further, saying that on review of Stossel’s video it is clear that the claims made by CF were baseless, and that both sides of the story were indeed offered. However, and here’s the kicker, both scientists have since retracted those statements, and now fully support Climate Feedback’s original stance.

Furthermore, Stossel’s formal appeal has been rejected because his “claims do not accurately reflect the scientific evidence”. Frustratingly, there is no mechanism in place to fact-check the fact-checkers, logic has no appeals process: “It’s enraging that Facebook gives these activists the power to silence one side of the debate,” lamented Stossel, whose video remains censored.

Stossel’s “mistake” was in failing to blindly promote the message of fear, division, and catastrophe laid-out by the elites and implemented by their radical activist stooges.

We now exist in a world where dissenting scientific views and theories can easily and instantly be quashed. This is a depressing fact. Most worryingly though are the limitations this anti-scientific approach puts on progress. Our modern civilization is being strangled, coerced into a very narrow pen where speech and ideas must align exactly with a very specific narrative. Instead of building a better world, this will fashion insurmountable hardships and restrictions, it will create such division, infighting, and strife that the masses will soon be begging their masters for The Great Reset.

I believe we’re in too deep for this to be stopped.

My advice, as always, is to prepare accordingly: Hunt out and learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own being entirely self-reliant is key.

Good luck.

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