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“Extreme” November Cold Engulfs Russia — Lows of -54C (-65.2F) Recorded

A brutal Arctic outbreak has developed over Russia, the result of a Meridional (wavy) jet stream flow itself associated with the historically low solar energy earth is currently receiving (the lowest in 200 years — NASA).

Bone-chilling lows swept transcontinental Russia during the first half of this week. The nearby nations of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and eastern China have also suffered.

On Tuesday, November 26, Russia’s Verhojansk station reported a vodka-chugging54C (-65.2F).

A November reading below -50C (-58F) is considered “extreme,” said Severe Weather Europe, adding that the pattern supporting such a phenomenon is “led by a disturbance of the polar circulation, allowing outbreaks of frigid cold air-masses to spread south into Russia.”

Scientists have long-understood that studying the jet stream is key to understanding weather and climate, but to properly study the jet stream attention must turn to the sun — something not so widely perceived.

Low solar activity disrupts that band of meandering air flowing some 6 miles above our heads, reverting its usual tight Zonal flow to a weak Meridional one. This wavy flow diverts cold Arctic air to the lower-latitudes –where us humans reside– and shifts warm Tropical air north:

Note the hysteria regarding the anomalous warmth over Greenland this summer.

Well, Greenland’s cold temperatures didn’t up and vanish, they didn’t escape Earth’s atmosphere and leak into space — they were simply diverted south by a wavy jet stream. It is THIS mechanism which fully explains why the far-northern-latitudes are experiencing pockets of unusual heat of late, while the lower-latitudes have been suffering outbreaks record-smashing cold:

In addition, Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover is at unprecedented levels for the time of year:

Global Snow Lab — https://climate.rutgers.edu

Additional pulses of brutal polar air are forecast to blast Asia (as well as North America) through the remainder of the week and into the weekend, delivering yet more unseasonable cold and snow.

Don’t be fooled by bogus political ideologies.

The lower-latitudes are refreezing in line with historically low solar activity. 

Even NASA has recently revealed this upcoming solar cycle (25) will be “the weakest of the past 200 years,” and they’ve correlated previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Our future is one of ever-descending COLD — prepare accordingly — grow your own.

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