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More Orwellian Doublethink from the Scientific Establishment: “Extreme Cold now a Result of Global Warming”, + Texas 2021: The Year Without 100F

Fall is all-but up on us, meaning winter is looming.

Interesting to note: they are getting their excuses in early, prepping you for what will undoubtedly be a doozy of a Northern Hemisphere winter which will include incessant Arctic outbreaks, record lows, and unprecedented snows.

Already, in early-September, the MSM has begun pumping out a host of ‘explain-away’ articles:

Extreme cold weather found to be linked to global warming” — JPost.

Deadly Texas Cold Wave Linked to Warming Arctic” — Nature World News.

In a perfect example of what George Orwell called Doublethink, the AGW Party are doubling-down on the “global warming = global cooling” narrative, and frustratingly, the majority of the purblind masses are continuing to lap it up.

That JPost article even goes so far as to admit that modern AGW science has gotten it wrong, writing:

Human-caused global warming was expected to lead to more heatwaves and heavy precipitation events, but the increase in cold air outbreaks and heavy snowfalls, most recently in January and February of 2021 in Asia, Europe and the United States, surprised the scientists (of a new study), leading them to research the connection between extreme cold weather and global warming.

Why isn’t this admission front page news?

The phrase ‘surprised the scientists’ is another way of saying ‘reality has just upended all previous theories’. Yet, rather than working on a new line of thinking to this ‘surprising’ development, mainstream science is instead continuing to force that decidedly square AGW peg into the round hole that is real world observation. Needless to say, this is not how science is supposed to work — they have it entirely backwards, and purposefully.

The original AGW theory confidently stated that global temperatures would rise linearly, always up and up, baking our planet’s surface, melting the polar ice caps, and rendering snowfall a thing of the past — these are the holy pillars on which the original IPCC reports are based.

Today, however, as global temperatures fall, Antarctic sea ice grows, and snowfall increases year-on-year, the theory, now far too powerful and deeply woven within western societies to outright ditch, is sheepishly retracting all previous prophesies and setting up an entirely new paradigm, one so contradictory that I bet even those dogmatic journalists at the Guardian are struggling with it.

Global warming = global cooling.

Yep, well, good luck with that…

Fortunately, the increasingly nonsensical jabberings of ‘our betters’ are starting to stir the masses from their rohypnoled slumber. But there are other factors leading to the degradation of trust for the scientific establishment, too: 1) you can’t have 4+ decades of failed tipping point deadlines and still garner respect (this is also in part why they’ve targeted children in recent years, as kids aren’t aware of the string of failures), and 2) the handling and contradictory messaging throughout the pandemic.

“How the hell did global warming lead to the deadly freeze in Texas this February?” is a perfectly reasonable question, and it is being asked by a growing number of people. As a result, the establishment needed answers, they needed to quell dissent. Time for a new study!

They think we’re idiots.

But they’re wrong on that one, too.

A powerful propagandizing campaign, combined with the indoctrination station that is the modern schooling system has undoubtedly rendered us all slow learners. However, we do pick things up, eventually — the natural cycles of the cosmos, and in turn of Earth’s climate, are ingrained within all of us. Thanks to billions of year’s of evolution on this planet we are able to recognize and even foresee changes. We humans have survived climatic shifts that would wipe today’s modern infrastructure clean off the map: from the Carrington Event, to super Volcanic eruptions, to the Younger Dryas, and to full-blown Ice Ages! — nothing that’s happening today is unprecedented. And more than that, existence since the 1980s (the inception of the global warming scare) shouldn’t be deemed anything other than the promise land. It is an insult to our ancestors to push the narrative that surviving these past few decades has been a struggle. It’s been anything but. If anything, it’s been too easy — we’re now akin to bored zoo animals where all of our needs are taken care of for us, which has led to a sense of “well, now what?”

But with regards to the weather, thanks entirely to high solar output (the highest of the past 4,000 years according to some studies), climatic conditions have been constant — crops have been bountiful, and life-expectancy has increased sharply as a result–with deaths from natural disasters also down significantly. The past few decades have been the best time to be alive in ALL of human history. This is indisputable. When it comes to concerns re the climate, honestly, the placard-scrawlings of the eco-warriors are a sick joke. And as regular readers of Electroverse know, the scenario now due, if we look at the cycles, is global cooling, which, unlike global warming, is actually capable of delivering hardship and suffering–via the failure of harvests.

Of course, the IPCC will never admit they were wrong. They simply can’t do it. If AGW isn’t real then the political body would no longer have a mandate, it would now longer exist. And more than that, they could even wind-up being held criminally responsible for the degradation of society — EOTW climate fears, along with expensive, poverty-inducing ‘green’ policies are limiting aspiration and growth, not to mention impacting mental health. No, there is about as much chance of the IPCC admitting “the sun suffering its lowest activity in 100+ years is weakening the jet streams and throwing weather patterns out of whack” as there is Al Gore offering-up his mansions to the homeless. A natural mechanism, i.e. the sun, isn’t taxable, and it is hard to implement fear-inducing and controlling policies off the back of it. A “we’ve been here many times before and therefore, with a bit of localized teamwork, this event is utterly survivable” isn’t nearly as coercive as “do exactly as we say or you and your loved ones will fry”.

Now, you’ll always have the unquestioning drones–you know the type, the sheep that believe the manifestation of society was laid down by some higher entity, that nothing within it can be questioned and, fundamentally, that nothing can be changed — things are aligned this way, it is how it is, just get on with it, be a slave to it. But those people are largely beyond it, and as the rather hokey saying goes: don’t waste your time trying to awake the sheep, it’s time to wake the other lions. In other words, you don’t need everyone converted to your side to enact change — a mere 10 percent of a population is enough to bring about a revolution.

1984” or 2016? Doublethink in politics. – El Cid

Texas: The Year without a 100F

Texas, as fleetingly mentioned above, suffered a historic Arctic outbreak in February, 2021, which killed 702 people.

Many experts expected summer across the Lone Star State to swing to intense heat. This is because weather patterns have a habit of balancing themselves out over time — a cold winter can often lead to a hot summer, and vice versa.

However, this wasn’t the case this year (and the same can be said for a myriad of other regions, including the UK as well as much of Europe, in fact) — a cold winter was followed by a cold spring, which in turn suffered a cool summer chaser.

As reported by, this summer in central and south Texas has been unusual.

In San Antonio, during meteorological summer –June 1 through August 31– the temperature never reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an incredibly rare feat (the last time it occurred was back in 2007–solar min of cycle 23, but before then it was decades).

The article goes on to interview National Weather Service meteorologist Keith White in an attempt to get some answers. Unsurprisingly, what they end up with is a contradicting mess of out of date science and agenda-driving drivel.

It’s been cooler than normal,” begins White, “mainly because of how wet it’s been … The last time we had this much rain was in the summer of 2007, and that was also the last time that we had this few days that reached 100 degrees.”

White sidesteps the temperatures, and instead rambles on about how wet it’s been — a consequence of 1) shifting weather patterns due to low solar activity, and 2) an influx of cloud-nucleating cosmic rays. White fails to mention these causes. He also chooses not to disclose fact that Texas’ usual summer high pressure (aka ‘heat dome’) actually shifted northward this year to areas like the Pacific Northwest and East Coast. Again, Earth’s climate system continually works to find equilibrium–if one area cools, another must warm (this also explains why during the Maunder Minimum, the previous multidecadal drop in solar activity, NASA found that while the mid-latitudes cooled, high-latitude regions such as the Arctic and Alaska actually warmed).

When questioned about Texas’ February freeze, White admits: “It was arguably one of the most impactful weeks of winter weather that this area of the country has seen, in at least in the last 120 or so years. And at Austin Camp Mabry in fact, it was below freezing for a total of 144 hours, which is the longest time that that’s occurred on record.”

White goes on to say that the snowfall was also exceptional, record-breaking even, and also points out that the two separate icing events in Austin and the Hill county contributed to what was a “truly impressive week of winter weather.”

A fair start, but then the nagging AGW Party Line appears to shift to the forefront of White’s mind:

“What we can say is that that February event would have likely been even colder in a world a century ago, that that was cooler on average than it is today.” White has clearly crowbarred this in as an afterthought — and any interviewer worth their salt would have pointed out that Feb, 2021 saw the coldest and most extreme winter event since records began some 120 years ago.

Also, White is clearly yet to read the latest update to the AGW Party manifesto which, as highlighted above, now states that global warming was behind February’s record-breaking freeze all-along…

Texas's big freeze pushes oil prices to 13-month highs | Energy News | Al  Jazeera
How to Help Texas During Winter Storm Uri as Grid Power Fails

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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16 Thoughts to “More Orwellian Doublethink from the Scientific Establishment: “Extreme Cold now a Result of Global Warming”, + Texas 2021: The Year Without 100F”

  1. Rikki

    I live in Asia near the equator. I have been noticing the cooling of the planet for the past few years now. Appreciate the info provided here. This year the cooling is becoming more obvious. The weather experienced here since August is similar to what usually happens in December which used to be the start of the monsoon season. It has been raining a lot here and i believe the winter in the northern hemisphere in the next few months is going to be really cold. It is really hilarious the globalists thinks that they can outsmart nature by spraying some stuff in the sky and think they can control the weather. I mean, the mass of the Sun covers 99.86% of the mass of the whole solar system! There’s a reason why the ancients worship the Sun because we are Its product.

  2. Duster

    Decades ago other graduate students and I used to argue about “what caused the ice ages.” The discussion broke down into two camps. One side was focused on how cold it seemed to – globally not that mush colder than now, but there were regions that seemed significantly colder. The other camp pointed to the tremendous mass of the ice fields that formed. Lowering the oceans 100 meters involved lifting, and concentrating that mass on the continents. That is an immense amount of potential energy stored in ice through gravity. On the short term the hydrological cycle essentially breaks even. Water evaporates gaining energy of vaporization. It is mixed into to the atmosphere until it has also gained gravitational potential energy. Over land it forms clouds releasing the energy of evaporation and energy of condensation (cooling the planet like an old fashioned evaporative cooler) and the falling to earth as ice or rain. The fall loses some of the gravitational potential energy. Then as the water follows stream course to lower elevations, it releases even more potential energy, carrying sediment, carrying solutes, turning turbines, and doing other physical work. Ultimately it returns to the lowest position it can reach in the gravitation field of the planet where it awaits being evaporated once more. We finally settled tentatively on the idea that the real story lay in whether the rest of the planet became drier or wetter. In general the entire span of the Pleistocene has seen increased formation of grass lands and desserts. The depths of the LGM included the dustiest periods in recent geological history. So, we generally came tentatively to conclude that the ice age were driven by a weaker thermal pump which was adequate to force formation and mass gain in ice fields but not sufficient to power the rest of the cycle efficiently. So, perhaps thinking that more energy (“warmer”) conditions might drive older weather is possibly not as unreasonable as it seems at first glance. It is just incomplete thinking.

    1. JaKo

      Hi Duster,
      Since you mentioned Pleistocene, let’s look at the last few of those glaciation cycles (EPICA Dome C, Ant.). There is always a distinct spike in temperature “announcing” the coming glaciation. That spike is followed by intense cooling and then by very pronounced variations with overall downward trend (your ‘heat pump’ action may fit right there).
      I think the amplitude of the said variations had been reduced in these graphs due to decrease in its proxy resolution by diffusion.
      This may not answer the “what causes ice ages,” but it may agree with your assumption — that our climate analyses are quite incomplete.
      We don’t know whether we are heading for that “final spike” or are past it; however, we can be confident that our contribution to the pool of certain gases in our atmosphere IS NOT AFFECTING THE GLOBAL CLIMATE; and further, as others (e.g. Prof. Ball) estimated, CO2 contributes to cooling rather than warming of our atmosphere.
      Cheers, JaKo

  3. JaKo

    I may have, as always, a way out of this dilemma:
    AGW = NGC (Natural Global Cooling)
    Why? Anything that humans (aka Anthropoids) do is “artificial” (not natural) so as soon as the humans burned certain amount (aka tipping point) of fossil fuels, the green-house trend reverses, you see? The deadly CO2 pollution will act as a refrigerant — all of the 0.0417% of it in our poor Earth’s atmosphere!!
    Let’s pray to St. Bill to come up with a solution (a novel vaccine perhaps?).
    Cheers, JaKo

  4. Barry

    It’s all getting to be too funny,talk about rats fleeing the ship. Now not only is it going to be colder than usual but the whole globe warming is causing it. Would write more but am bent in half laughing at how rediculous their argument has become.

  5. DIrk Pitt

    They’re trying to fix our GSM weakened mag shield which is like holding back the tide with a stick.

    1. Bob

      I Can open electroverse In Google but not Safari. Is this sone sort Of blocking by Safari?

  6. Chris Norman

    Nature World News Is hardcore AGW.

  7. Scott

    “Yet, rather than working on a new line of thinking to this ‘surprising’ development, mainstream science is instead continuing to force that decidedly square AGW peg into the round hole that is real world observation.”


  8. P. J. Flanders

    NEWS FLASH! It’s been discovered where the theory of global warming originated:

  9. hyden

    Here is one one Buddhist thinks.
    Author: Bodhipaksa
    I’m fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where it’s exceedingly easy to be vegetarian. The only barrier to being vegetarian for most Buddhists is their addiction to eating meat. They’d rather than animals suffered and died than they make a relatively simple change in their diets.

    Also, one of the things that’s driving the climate haywire is the meat industry, which is a major source of CO2. Any person who is genuinely concerned about the suffering caused by climate change should give serious consideration to becoming vegan.

  10. DIrk Pitt

    Last winter’s record low pressure in the Pacific Ocean was from HEAT which came from volcanos because we had solar activity because of the Great Alignment. The heat pulled the cold air down over Asia creating the record high pressure and record cold. Heat rose, cold sank, works every time.
    The cold front that went through Texas was from that record ow. As the low moved across Canada it met another low from the East which was over Hudson Bay. The Pacific low ducked under Hudson Bay, a Fujiwara Effect ( The low over Hudson Bay was already pulling arctic air down then that got blasted South rapidly from the Pacific low like a slingshot. Velocity, inertia, frozen NG pumps in Texas.
    The low from the east was also from heat from volcanos from solar flares. Heat rose, cold sank, works every time. Draw the lows on a napkin, one over Hudson Bay, one below it over the Great Lakes. Heat going up the East coast cold moving down center NA. A turbo Arctic express that started with heat from volcanos, not man made global warming and they can suck my duck.
    I’m going to go watch a typhoon heading for Taal volcano now, have a nice day.—add-more-layers/overlays?gust,13.909,121.160,10,m:d28ajxf

  11. Mike From Au

    Budda probably fermented his rice seed before eating this amplifying its nutritional potential…a far cry from eating unfermented rice seeds.

    The diet of most animals on our planet is bacterian. Personally i have become more bacterian in my digestive processes. Forget being purely carnivorous or vegan 🙂 …or even keto 🙂

    Most of the digestive process and conversion to food is done by bacteria. For example, Bacillus Subtilis/others outsourced by nature create complex nutrition from vegetation for ruminant species like cows and sheep and goats and even humans although many of the human species have forgotten how to ferment many of the foods that feed bacteria that in turn feed us. Like natto, ogiri, and axone and 청국장 (cheonggukjang) etc etc….all now mostly forgotten due to perhaps the electric fridge other.
    Bacterianism is the old frontier and going back is the go. The fridge is an impediment. 🙂

  12. Mike From Au

    Bacterians who fermented everything had it down pat,…. vegan, carnivour, keto, omnivorous as adopted more recently in the past 200 years is so very passé.

  13. Jeff Johnson

    Here is just one point of view from someone who grew up in the Pacific NW and still has a summer home up there while living in Texas for the past 30+ years.
    First, last winter. Yes, that was the coldest it has been while I’ve lived here and it wasn’t fun as Texas is not built for it. Many windmills and gas power plants were taken offline during the cold snap. People were complaining about how they should have hardened the infrastructure to handle it but why would you spend literally billions of dollars to make something cold tolerant when it has never gotten that cold AND you’ve been hearing for years that the world was getting warmer.
    It makes me laugh when I hear that a weather event was “unprecedented” and “unexpected”, then said to fall in line with Global Warming theory.
    Yes, Texas has had a mild, wet summer. However, this past week I was at Home Depot buying covers for my hose bibs and the cashiers were questioning me as to why I was buying them in August. “You were out of them when I needed them last winter and I’m not going to make that mistake again”.

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