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Europe’s Monster Spring Snowfall — GSM Intensification

Much of Europe is in the grip of a deep Arctic trough, forecast to last for the next few weeks.

These pictures serve as yet more evidence of the Grand Solar Minimum’s intensification.






The cold times are here.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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One Thought to “Europe’s Monster Spring Snowfall — GSM Intensification”

  1. Besides the cooling of the sun with Grand Solar Minimum…plasma explosions in the magnetotail push the polar vortex down towards the equator>…HELIOSPHERE MAGNETOTAIL EXPLOSIONS: The Grand Solar Minimum coronal holes allow the release of increased cosmic rays from the sun which turn into electrons and positrons (matter:antimatter) in interstellar space and accumulate and create plasma explosions in earth’s magnetosphere (night side), which blows the polar vortex down to the equator and disrupts the jet stream patterns, and can cause power outages (smart meter explosions causing gas and electric fires) and the loss of the ozone layer and atmosphere to space. Full article on the heliosphere magnetotail explosions at:

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