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Europe’s Arctic Blast Continues to Take Names — Many All Time Cold Records Tumble in France

The punishing Arctic front continues to topple all time cold records across Europe as this next Grand Solar Minimum continues its intensification.

According to a Météo France forecaster, “a mass of cold polar air directly from the Arctic [lead to] frosts from the lowlands to the foothills of the Pyrenees.”

Many regions of France are seeing their coldest May temperatures ever recorded.

I’ve listed a few below (source: Météo France):

  • At Barcelonnette (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) -7.4C (18.7F) was recorded, breaking the month of May’s previous all-time cold record from 1979.
  • -10C (14F) was measured at Alpe-d’Huez (Isère) on Monday night (May 6) smashing the previous record of 7.5C (18.5F) from May 8, 1997. In addition, the max temp for the day was -7.7C (18.1F) — still enough to surpass the old record low.
  • In Beauvais (Oise) -2.4C (27.7F) broke the 1957 record.
  • While La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) broke 1951’s all-time cold record with 1.94C (35.5F).
  • Brest (Finistère) toppled its previous record of 0C (32F) set in May 1945 and 1979 with a new low of -0.2C (31.6F).
  • Records were also broken in Auch (Gers), Vic-en-Bigorre (Hautes-Pyrénées) and Biscarosse (Landes).
  • Even the usually mild Corsica didn’t escape the cold. The Ile Rousse weather station broke its record for the coldest ever May temperature on Sunday, May 5 when a low of 6C (42.8F) busted 1991’s 7C (44.6F).

The record cold isn’t expected to dissipate until early next week.

Research (Mikhaël Schwander, et al, 2017) reveals that low solar activity weakens the jet stream, reverting its usual tight zonal flow (west to east) to a looser, wavier meridional flow (north to south) — this effect is exaggerated further during a Grand Solar Minimum, like the one we’re entering now, and explains why regions become unseasonably hot or cold and others unusually dry or rainy, with the extremes lasting for an extended period of time.

Swings-between-Extremes will be the new norm as our sun continues its descent into the next GSM.

Global average temperatures are responding.

Crops are failing.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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  1. Anonymous

    you definitely have true, reliable scientific records, what a great alternate to the political garbage that is splatted all over these days. what are they going to say when there is some very horrible freeze up one day, perhaps will not occur until next winter. I think we may have poor prospects for or farmers this year. seeding may be late and if frost becomes a problem spring or fall, that will be devastating

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