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“European Heatwave Poised to Melt Greenland”? — No — HUGE SPIKE means the Ice Sheet is now experiencing it’s LOWEST Summer Melt in years

“A heat wave that shattered records in Europe this week is on the move, and it could melt billions of tons of ice in Greenland,” reads the opening lines of a LiveScience article from Friday, July 26.

This warm-mongering li(n)e was copied-&-pasted across the web, with the usual pushers-of-doom at the front rank. The NYTimes went with, “Arctic Wildfires Rage Across Greenland,” while The Guardian lamented, “Fears for Greenland and its ice as heatwave makes its way north”.

If only people stopped to look at the data, because at NO POINT this year has Greenland’s summer melt reached record-levels. And now, just as the media fools the world into thinking the sheet is on a fast-track to hell via Europe’s (2-day) heatwave, Greenland is now almost GAINING ICE IN SUMMER — something that just doesn’t happen.

Looking at the latest data from the DMI, which has monitoring stations dotted all over the ice sheet, the spike seen over the last few days is truly remarkable and reaches near-unprecedented highs for the summer months:

I hope a little balance enters the MSM — if glacial melt is painted as catastrophic news, then dramatic-turnarounds, like this latest one, ought to be considered glad tidings, and celebrated as such.

Wishful thinking…?

Climate is natural and cyclic, never linear.

And the cold times are returning, the ice sheets rebuilding — in line with historically low solar activity:


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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