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Europe Paralysed by Severe Wintry Weather — “Beast From The East Part Deux” Forecast for Late January

BBC Weather has warned Europe to brace for some “dangerous” weather conditions over the next 48 hours as Southern, Central and Eastern nations are set to receive an additional two metres of snow.

Unexpected powder has already blanketed the normally milder regions of Greece, Turkey and southern Italy, killing at least 3 people:

According to authorities, most schools in northern Greece, as well as those in 11 municipalities of the wider Attica region, have been forced to close.

This new weather system, dubbed Tilemachos, will sweep into Greece on Monday night, driving down temperatures and dumping additional widespread snow, according to the Athens Observatory’s online weather service, meteo.gr.

EuroNews reports that 4 skiers missing in Norway are likely to have been killed in an avalanche:

Germany is also recording staggering snow accumulations:

While meteorologists based in neighbouring Poland woke to find themselves snowed in:

7 people are known to have died in the alps as red avalanche warnings came into affect over the weekend, reports the BBC.

ORF reported that about 600 residents and tourists were still stuck in the Austrian village of Soelktal following a road closure. An Austrian army helicopter managed to drop some supplies there on Sunday. Other villages in the Alps have also been cut off by snow-blocked roadways.

Severe cold weather triggered by atmospheric changes in the North Pole (SSW) also threatens to grip the majority of Europe from late January.

The event is shaping up to be much stronger than first anticipated, sparking fears the continent could be facing an even longer, more severe Arctic deluge — perhaps right up until April.

The cold times are here.


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