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Europe Braced for Arctic Blast with Overnight Temperatures set to Plummet 12C Below Average

An Arctic cold front is set to funnel frigid air over the UK and much of mainland Europe Monday night, bringing temps down to as much as 12C below average.

The UK saw highs of between 10C to 16C on Monday, low for the this time of the year, but BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood warned, “This evening and overnight under the clear skies temperatures will drop like a rock.”

England and Wales are expected to remain just above freezing, though widespread frosts are possible.

Scotland could record lows of as much as -3C and see some snow, adding to the flurries over the weekend.

Snow is also forecast across Scandinavia and large portions of Eastern Europe.

Many regions are already reporting snowfall:

Temperatures across much of Europe are well-below average for the time of year.

Stay tuned for updates.


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