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Europe Battles one of its most Intense Heatwaves in history

Northern Europe has been ruled by a persistent high pressure for months, causing serious droughts and wildfires. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Poland, the British Isles and the Baltic Republics are living through some of the most extreme conditions on record. 

The European Union Drought Monitoring site states that as the heat and lack of precipitation continue, there is the serious risk for agricultural drought to occur.

Farmers in Germany, Sweden and Britain are already struggling with a parched harvest as above normal temperatures go on — many regions haven’t seen notable rain since April, the worst in living history some farmers say.

The first half of summer, June 1st through July 16th, has been the driest in modern history for the U.K., with the below-average precipitation and above-average temperatures expected to continue well into August.

Positive temperature anomalies of 10 to 20oF are forecast for the U.K., France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and most of Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, much of southern Europe is experiencing significantly cooler than average weather with hefty thunderstorms drifting across the region.

The north/south split looks set to continue for the next few weeks, as the jet stream’s meridional flow keeps this high pressure well and truly locked in place.

Countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Norway will continue to see similar temperatures to those in commonly warmer areas like Spain, Italy, Greece or Turkey.

This is very unusual.


[Featured Image: Forecast for Thursday 26th of July 2018 — Earthwindmap]

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