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Erie’s Snowfall Measuring Team “Thrown Under Bus” As Official Report Erases 32 Inches

Two Erie snowfall records were removed by the National Weather Service this week. A ‘special’ committee claims weather observers in charge of measuring the snow were “inexperienced and made mistakes.”

One of those observers is speaking up. He says all the people involved in measuring the snow feel as though they’ve been thrown under the bus.

Last winter, it was thought the city set two state records for snowfall and came just a whisker away from setting a national record for the most snowfall in a season.

Then just last week, a committee from the National Weather Service erased 32 inches from the official records.

Pete Dregalla is one of the volunteer weather observers, “That’s a huge difference,” Dregalla exclaimed. “We weren’t 30 inches off. We were new at it. We could be a few inches off, but we were not 30 inches off.”

The report claims a traffic cone was used by the observers to stabilise a square wooden board placed on the ground where snow is to be measured.

The committee feels this may have impacted the snowfall accumulation.

But Dregalla says the cone was never placed on top of the board.

“That is not true at all. I don’t know where that information came from. We put cones out in the vicinity of the boards so we could find the boards in the snow,” he said.

Dregalla is upset that no one from the committee ever bothered to talk to him, or any of the other four observers.

“As far as I know, the people who put together this report, none of them certainly lives in Erie. As far as I know, none of them came to Erie, and they certainly did not talk to us at any point,” he said.

Dregalla and the other weather observers work at the parking lot pay station at the airport, and were asked by the National Weather Service to do the job.

They’re reluctant to to do it again this year.

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