Electroverse has been Demonetized

Climatic events are proving Electroverse right –as they are many of our peers– so why are the powers hellbent on silencing us all?

It’s naive to think that truth prevails, at least in the short term — truth is an inconvenient spanner in the works of an agenda, and to succeed in seeing the back of it all you need do its clamp down on free speech.

Right off the bat I decided to build Electroverse on its own independent website. I believed the powers would have a harder job of taking me down if I stayed clear of despotic platforms such as YouTube. And while this has proved to be the correct move, the powers have still come after me: Electroverse is heavily restricted on Facebook, to the point that it’s largely pointless me having an account (of my 7,000+ “likers” barely a handful see my posts), my followers are routinely purged on Twitter, and now, to cap off a bad situation, the powers have now “flagged” my website to all the advertising networks, meaning I no longer qualify for ads on

Google Publisher Policies were already pretty strict, but they have used last year’s particularly nasty seasonal flu strain to tighten control even further.

Recently added to their list of “dangerous or derogatory content,” they can now blacklist any content that “relates to a current, major health crisis and contradicts authoritative, scientific consensus” — and this is how they got me.

95% of my site consists of me documenting the shift from natural global warming to the next cooling epoch. Within my daily articles I regularly quote the scientists warning of this impending solar-driven chill often labelled the Grand Solar Minimum. For years, Facebook and Twitter have penalized me for this stance, but I’m not sure it broke any of the Google Publisher Policies — the remaining 5% of my site did that.

With the arrival of COVID-19 came the ideal excuse for the powers in the west to reclaim their long-lost draconian might. And be in no doubt, COVID-19 is a politicized western disease — the virus has hardly impacted the African continent, for example, nor has it torn through the most densely-populated country on the planet, Bangladesh, with its 1,252 people per km2 and only 7,800 deaths in a total population of 160+million, and, after creating the initial scare, COVID very quickly up and vanished in China, too–a nation laughing.

Electroverse posted a handful of articles regarding the COVID-19 debacle in 2020, and even though they’ve aged well and contained only official statistics and the views of perfectly qualified scientists in the appropriate fields of study, I have now had my right to advertise removed. I uploaded content that “relates to a current, major health crisis and contradicts authoritative, scientific consensus”. I have been blacklisted. My views have been censored. My logical conclusions smeared. The powers are trying to silence me, but I am determined not to let them succeed.

Over the past few years I have invested the majority of my working hours into documenting Earth Changes during the onset of the next Grand Solar Minimum and Pole Shift–at the detriment of my bank balance. But still, I consider myself extremely fortunate. I have managed to build an of-grid bolt-hole in central Portugal for myself and my young family, where we have returned to the land in order to prepare for the coming cold and inevitable societal collapse that will follow (although at this rate it might play out the other way around).

I think to most other people, a 66% hit to their earnings would be crippling, and indeed, if we were still living within the system I’m sure I’d be panicking right now. But we got out. We are free from whatever the powers can throw at us.

The $958 of monthly donations we currently earn on Patreon is now our lifeline (thank you to all those pledging), and it’s just about enough to see us get by: it pays for any food we are not yet growing, and it also allows us to gradually expand our operations, one new chicken/goat/water-barrel/fence-post at a time.

In the future, Patreon may-well also be be forced to kick the likes of Electroverse from its platform, but as it stands there have been limited signs of this. So I am asking, if you find my articles valuable and believe it important that others have their eyes opened to the climatic reality that is actually fast-approaching, then please become a patron via the link below:

The powers are stripping the world of critical thought, they don’t want their version of the truth disturbed in any way–whether that be re climate change, COVID-19, or whatever. They are creating one easy-to-follow narrative, one designed to instill fear and compliance into the population. Total control over the people is the obvious end-goal here, and crushing dissenting views is a key component to them succeeding, as it has been for time immemorial.

I, Cap Allon, will always be here –so long as there is an internet to be here on– I owe as much to my current patrons. However, multiple posts a day aren’t currently viable now that my time is better spent elsewhere: I have a climatic catastrophe to prepare for! However, if by some miracle I can double my Patreon pledges then this should see a re-balancing of the scales and again make it worth my while posting multiple articles a day–not an easy task, Electroverse has always been a one-man band.

So, this has been a brutally honest assessment of where I’m at.

I hope you are in a position to help.

Thank you for reading, and, as always, grow your own,
Cap Allon

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5 Thoughts to “Electroverse has been Demonetized”

  1. Gerry, England

    And Amazon has attacked Parler by closing down its cloud server hosting, although unsurprisingly this was not unexpected given how the left are trying to silence any critical or even objective views. It could be that Google, Amazon and Apple have overplayed their hand and will find they have created the perfect incentive for alternatives to start up and thrive.

    And it may not be all over in the USA just yet so fingers crossed for the next week or so.

    1. prioris

      Trump is cozy in bed with the forces carrying out censorship and suppression. People still supporting him deserve the worst. He has maintained the global warming lies and countless others. He is just another Biden continuing the hidden agenda.

      The real horror has been seeing people in the grand solar minimum community pushing Trump or holding up the “conservative” banner.. If they aren’t fake, bribed or govt agents it means they have to be living in extreme denial about political reality. i don’t support such people.

      Pushing the illusionary left-right paradigm has always been central to the suppressive forces the last hundred years hence a red flag on anyone pushing it.

      People like you who push such bs, I don’t trust. Maybe you are just incredibly na├»ve and well brainwashed.

      The alternative start ups will virtually all be controlled by the same forces just like they controlled the alternative press and even alternative to that. We all remember alex jones supporting trump.

      Here is the core problem. Most of the population are mindless sheep who live in indifference, denial and ignorance. Just like the political power structures, they have very strong sociopath tendencies as a group. It is easy for them to live the lie. Truth is anathema to them.

      I’d estimate that only 2 or 3 percent at most have any clue on what is going on.

      These are major roadblocks to any political solutions. The people pushing political solutions neglect to mention these problems.

      1. Gerry, England


        1. prioris

          you really can’t respond because you will expose yourself

  2. prioris

    In the US, they use an very large army of moderators to censor people. They also use fake posters to back up the moderators.

    i realized when 911 event happened, they controlled virtually all the major websites.

    i’ve been getting banned by moderators because i don’t tow the government lies on internet since 1993.

    even major sports websites that allow posting require one to tow the government line or be banned.

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