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Egypt’s Police Step in to Combat Potato Shortage

Egypt’s police are stepping in to fight a potato shortage that has caused prices for the staple to double at a time when Egyptians are struggling with steadily rising food costs.

For the first time, the Interior Ministry, which runs the police, has begun selling potatoes at reduced prices, drawing long lines of customers.

The shortage came at a delicate time, and is the result of a myriad of reasons — the main being 2018’s drought-affected European harvest (Europe being the main source of Egypt’s potatoes).

The near-future isn’t looking good for nations that predominately rely on imports to feed their people.

As crop yields continue to fall around the globe, due to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum, more and more export nations will be holding onto their own stocks.

GSM = Weather Extremes = Difficult Growing Conditions = Food Shortages

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