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Despite MSM lies and exaggerations, Earth’s Average Temperature Fell BELOW the 30-Year Baseline in June

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2021 has come in at -0.01 deg. C BELOW the 30-year baseline, DOWN from the May, 2021 value of +0.08 deg. C, and DOWN substantially (approx. 0.5C deg. C) from where we were around a year ago.

That’s right, despite the mainstream media’s incessant EOTW ramblings re the Pacific Northwest’s heat, Earth’s average temperature actually dropped below the 30-year baseline in the month of June.

A continuation of this downward trend is probable over the coming months (with the odd bump along the way–climate is cyclic, after all) as low solar activity, and all the complex, poorly-understood mechanisms attached, continue to cool our planet’s atmospheric layers: from the mesosphere down.

According to the 15x NASA/NOAA AMSU satellites that measure every square inch of the lower troposphere (where us humans reside), planet Earth was actually warmer back in 1983:


This is a sizable shift in the climate.

The drop doesn’t appear to be a temporary dip below baseline –as we’ve seen in the past (most recently in 2018)– no, this time we are holding here, and the signs of cooling are all around us:

Below I’ve listed some takeaways from June’s UAH data, courtesy of former NASA scientist Dr Roy Spencer:

The Antarctic region (poleward of 60 S latitude) logged -1.25C below the 30-year baseline in June — this made it the icy continents second coldest June in the 43-year satellite record (behind the -1.34C logged in 2017).

In contrast, the USA Lower 48 saw an anomaly of +1.44C — its warmest June reading in the 43 year satellite record (ahead of +1.15 deg. C in 1988), and up from the -0.41C registered in the previous month, May–but this dramatic “flip” (seen from May to June) serves as evidence of a low solar activity induced meridional jet stream flow and the swings between extremes, and not the failed anthropogenic global warming hypothesis (see link below).

The cooling trend observed by NASA in the upper atmosphere over the past few years has now begun to permeate down the atmospheric layers to the global lower atmosphere:

And with the impacts of 2016-17’s record-strong El Nino now fully faded, and effects of the moderate 2019-20 event also having dissipated (both clearly noticeable in the below chart), the cumulative reduction in activity through solar cycles 23 and 24 is now finally impacting our global temperature datasets — and not just regional ones; no, I’ll say it again: the record cooling of the thermosphere and mesosphere has now worked its way down to the troposphere (aka the global lower atmosphere):


Heatwaves and cold snaps are merely “weather”.

The “bigger picture” is what the climate alarmists tell us to look at, and the bigger picture reveals GLOBAL COOLING.

Enjoy your weekend.

Prepare for the cold — Grow Your Own — I’m off out to seed save from my Chantenay carrots:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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11 Thoughts to “Despite MSM lies and exaggerations, Earth’s Average Temperature Fell BELOW the 30-Year Baseline in June”

  1. These global cooling trends are creating more fractures in the Left’s “scientific” consensus about climate change …

    1. prioris

      People like you are the support structure for the status quo, consensus science and monumental lies. Your mind just cherry picks. Who exactly is the “Right”.

      FYI Einsteins Relativity Theories are monumental lies headed for the waste basket. You ever wonder why his consensus Relativity theories never won a nobel prize.

  2. Like I published in 2002, Earth is cooling. UAH LT for June 2021 is -0.01C. Total cooling since Feb2020 is 0,6C.

    And the planet is much bigger than just North America – something the alarmist mainstream media would be astonished to learn:
    USA plus 1,44C – be very afraid – you’re all gonna burn,
    Australia minus 0,76C – be very afraid – you’re gonna freeze off your billabongs.

    How are the crops doing across the Great Plains? Not so good, but it’s still early.

    The 2021 grape crops in France and Germany are gone – frozen out.

  3. Dallas Schneider

    Notice the flip on the ASIE – Antarctica Sea Ice Extent Chart
    (Chart about half way down the article)
    – the flip from below average to above average base line on March 1st !
    I see that date as a significant transition point of the trigger being pulled
    shooting us into the coming ice age!

    1. There are many who are seeing this trend, not to mention years of data altering which is hiding the cooling trend. This is why “they” changed it from Global Warming to Climate Change years ago — when they started the data altering. Now they can say John Kerry did his job well — so maybe he can go home now …

  4. Ed Taster

    I’m confused because when I look at the graph I see a definite upward trend.

    1. Matt Dalby

      As Electroverse has pointed out time after time the climate is cyclical not linear. Therefore just because there has been an upward trend it doesn’t mean it’s going to continue. The theory that climate is linked to solar activity would mean that an upward trend in the recent past is to be expected as solar activity was very high up to the end of cycle 23, aprox. 2008, and the very high temperatures in 2015-2020 are a combination of a time lag between changes in solar activity and temperature as well as a very strong long lasting El Nino.
      If the AGW theory is correct then the 2016 yearly temperature anomaly will be exceeded next time there’s another strong El Nino, likely to be in the next 3-5 years. If the solar theory is correct then the 2016 anomaly is highly unlikely to be exceeded during the life time of the majority of people currently alive, unless the small number of papers predicting a very strong cycle 25 turn out to be correct. Nothing in science is “settled”, but I’m convinced that all the evidence is pointing towards the solar theory being correct, and therefore the best prediction is that 2016 will remain the warmest year on record. This prediction only applies to the UAH temperature record, as the surface based records are run by organisations, Met Office NOAA and NASA that constantly push the AGW agenda. They have made numerous adjustments in the past, e.g. to remove a circa 12 year pause in warming just months before the Paris climate conference, and therefore can’t be trusted not to make further adjustments to try and preserve their theory.
      Some solar scientists are predicting 1 degree of cooling over the next 20 years, although there are other scientists who are sceptical of the AGW position but predict less cooling, so it isn’t possible to say with any certainty what will happen in the future. However even if the 1 degree in 20 years prediction turns out to be correct it translates to an average of 0.05 degrees per year. Since temperatures have dropped by roughly 0.5 degrees in the last year it’s logical to assume that most of this change is due to natural variability, most likely last winter’s La Nina, rather than being part of any long term trend. The effects of the La Nina have ended, and there is currently neither El Nino or La Nina conditions, therefore I would expect temperature anomalies for pretty much the rest of the year to change very little, i.e. fluctuate between aprox. 0.1 and -0.1 degrees before possibly changing next year depending on whether we see El Nino, La Nina or neutral conditions. If there is an El Nino then temperature anomalies are likely to rise by at least a few tenths of a degree, however this increase wouldn’t mean the solar theory is wrong unless temperatures exceed the 2016 values.

  5. “A continuation of this downward trend is probable over the coming months ….”

    If that chart was tradable, would you express your views in serious money? Want to make a sportsman’s bet with me about whether the chart will be higher or lower in 12 months’ time? 🙂

    As a chart reader I see something that will soon (within the coming months) go substantially higher.

    It will be particularly interesting to see how the ‘price’ (temperature) behaves in the area of its most recent high (2020) and whether in due course the 2016 peak is / is not breached.

    Astute traders / investors would be buying this thing now if it was tradable.

    FWIW, this chart looks like it will retrace at least once more from a peak in about 2 or 3 years’ time before it has a go at the 2016 peak. What happens *then* will be highly significant. In the meantime, I hope that we can agree a friendly bet to be settled in 12 months’ time. 🙂

    Thank you for your excellent site — recommended on Ice Age Now of Robert Felix, who sadly passed away recently after taking the vax kill shot. Whatever you do, don’t take the kill shot before we’ve acknowledged whose reading of this chart was right / wrong. 🙂

    1. prioris

      These aren’t Fibonacci numbers

  6. Deb

    Thank you for an excellent, coherent explanation of our current situation. I’m going to “capture” it on my phone, as I am sure I will be referring to it often.
    You have a gift for communication, and sound to me as if you know what you are talking about. Uncommon.

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