‘Earth Day Obsessed with Climate Crusade’ — By Tom Harris

Friday was Earth Day, an event that has been almost entirely hijacked by the climate change movement.

On Earth Day, “Climate” appeared 10 times on the home page. The first action item on the Greenpeace USA home page was a link to a new climate communications report. The United Nations International Mother Earth Day home page cited “climate” no less than seven times. Pollution was referenced once. Land once. Water and air not at all. Even Friday’s Google home page doodle took you to a page that showed the supposed impact of climate change.

This has been going on for years. Instead of concentrating on issues affecting people today, Earth Day has been taken over by long term concerns about climate change no matter what else is happening in the world. For example, two years ago, UN Climate Chief Patricia Espinosa “urged the international community to remain focused on Earth Day 2020’s overarching theme of climate change, despite the COVID-19 crisis…” The Earth Day 2020 website went further and called, climate change “the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.”

But most people in the world apparently do not agree. For the almost 10 million people who voted in the UN’s “My World” poll that was on the web between 2013 and 2020, “Action on climate change” ranked dead last, despite the agency listing that priority first among issues to be selected from.

Such results are inconvenient for UN climate bureaucrats, so, after ending the My World survey, they are essentially running the poll again. This time, they ask the public to tell them: “WHICH SIX OF THE FOLLOWING GLOBAL GOALS ARE OF IMMEDIATE CONCERN TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY?” So far, 582,106 people have voted and “Climate Action” is currently ranked 9th out of the 17 goals, securing about 10% of the votes cast.

When their surveys showed relatively low concern about environmental issues in their 2015 poll, Gallup proposed several causes of the decline, one of which should trouble Earth Day strategists: they are, in effect, focused on the wrong issue. Gallup explained,

“The primary focus of the environmental movement has shifted toward long-term threats like global warming — issues about which Americans tend to worry less about than more immediate threats like pollution. Importantly, even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans’ worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989.”

Most sensible people are environmentalists and want clean air, land, and water. Yet climate change now dominates, not just Earth Day, but the entire environmental movement, sucking funding and energies away from tackling important short and mid-term issues such as pollution and species at risk. Besides the strategic blunder of focussing on an issue the general public seems to not really care much about, there is a serious ethical problem that will eventually come back to haunt the movement.

Documents such as the Climate Change Reconsidered series of reports from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change illustrate that debate rages in the scientific community about the causes of climate change. Scientists cannot yet even agree on whether cooling or warming lies ahead, let alone how much we affect the climate. Yet global warming campaigners assert that “the science is settled.” We know for certain, they claim, that our carbon dioxide emissions will cause a planetary emergency unless we radically change our ways.

This makes no sense, of course. Uncertainty is inherent to all science, especially one as complicated as climate change.

The consequence of this overconfidence is tragic. According to the San Francisco-based Climate Policy Initiative, of the over one-half trillion dollars that is now spent annually across the world on climate finance, 91% goes exclusively to mitigation, trying to control future climate states. Only 7% of global climate finance is dedicated solely to helping vulnerable people cope with climate change in the present. Based on an hypothesis about the causes of climate change, we are letting people suffer today so as to possibly help those yet to be born. As the public come to understand this, they will soon regard the climate crusade as fundamentally immoral and today’s environmental movement misguided.

That scenario, not theoretical future climate, is what should most concern environmentalists who worked on Earth Day this year.

Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition – Canada (

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7 Thoughts to “‘Earth Day Obsessed with Climate Crusade’ — By Tom Harris”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    April 22 should be cold earth day because snow in both hemispheres is happening.

  2. Ed

    19″of new AGW fluffies on Earth Day at my place in Tahoe.

  3. The UN will keep right on pushing this agenda, because it has nothing to do with the climate or protecting people. Global cooling (1970’s), Global warming (1990’s), Climate Change (present), is all about justifying funding for ‘climate research’ that is really just a cover for weather warfare and weather control research. The same pattern is prominent in Ebola, Swine flu, Bird flu, Zika, SARS, COVID-19, all products of gain of function research, which is just a cover for biowarfare research. All these fear porn scams are aimed at stampeding the public into giving the so called Deep State ever more power over our lives, with measures like carbon taxes and the new treaty being debated that will grant the WHO de facto dictatorial power of signatories’ national health care decisions. We are fighting con men.

  4. Rosco

    “Climate is the long-term weather pattern in an area, typically averaged over 30 years. More rigorously, it is the mean and variability of meteorological variables over a time spanning from months to millions of years.”

    CO2 has no role in any normal meteorological process other than a fanciful, tiny so-called “radiative forcing” of less than 0.04% and which is by standard thermodynamic definitions not even real – certainly never empirically proven !

    How can people be so stupid to believe that less than 430 molecules in every Million molecules of ordinary air, which do not undergo any phase change, and have no real role in any meteorological processes can be responsible for controlling the weather and hence climate ?

  5. “Most sensible people are environmentalists and want clean air, land, and water”. I prefer the term conservationist. Today’s environmentalists are Marxists feverishly working towards the destruction of Western Civilisation.
    For the Born-again Christians out there, the following clearly defines the difference between BIBLICAL ENVIRONMENTALISM (conservationist) vs NEW AGE (PAGAN) ENVIRONMENTALISM.

    Key Verse: Colossians 1:16
    Introduction: The environment must be included in a study of ethics because of the implications – not always so evident – that accompany it. In this section, two views will be under discussion. 1) Biblical Environmentalism. There is a strong biblical responsibility concerning the environment. Many believers are not aware that God, as part of His creation and Divine plan, has given direction and commands concerning the world in which we live. Man is a steward of God’s world. 2) Modern Environmentalism. This view has perverted the biblical doctrine, and the environment has become a symbol of control, religion and radical regulation. It is difficult to separate much of the modern environmentalist movement from the New Age movement! One means to clearly differentiate between the two is to note that with Biblical environmentalism, man controls creation; with modern environmentalism, nature controls man!
    A. The Divine Plan for Creation
    1. Man is Sovereign of Creation
    a. man is the ruler of creation, Psalm 8:5
    b. man is the representative of God in creation, part of the Imago Dei, Gen. 1:26-27
    2. Man is the Centre of Creation
    a. the heavenly bodies are formed to determine times and seasons, Gen. 1:14f; 8:22
    b. the purpose of the heavens and earth is to serve man, Gen. 2
    3. Man is the Steward of Creation
    a. man’s accountability of the earth, Psalm 24:1
    b. man’s accountability of the animals, Psalm 50:10-12
    c. man’s responsibility in creation, Gen. 1:28 – replenish the earth
    d. man’s responsibility with creation, Gen. 1:26 – subdue it, have domain over it
    B. The Divine Providence in Creation
    1. His Care Sustains Creation, Col. 1:17
    2. His Concern Spans All Created Life:
    a. beauty in nature, Matt. 6:28-30
    b. food for living creatures, Matt. 6:26
    c. death of His creatures, Matt. 10:29
    3. His Compassion for His Creatures
    a. rest for animals, Exo. 20:10, …
    b. food for animals, Deut. 25:4, 1 Cor. 9:9
    c. life of animals, Jonah 4:11
    C. The Human Pre-eminence in Creation
    1. Our Responsibility and Concern of Animals:
    a. all animals die because of our sin, Rom. 5:12, 8:22
    b. creation is important to God, and thus should be to us, Gen. 1:26-27 (our care for it)
    c. all things are God’s possession and are therefore valuable, Psalm 24:1, 50:10-12
    d. we have dominion over nature, Gen. 1:26-27
    e. we are infinitely more important than animals, Matt. 6:26, 12:12
    f. destruction of nature is destruction of a gift from God
    g. our dominion is parallel with our stewardship
    2. Our Renouncement of Cruelty to Animals:
    a. God commands care, Exo. 23:4-5, Deut. 22:6-7
    b. animals have been used of God for His purposes, Num. 22:28ff
    c. our new nature as believers forbids cruelty, Pro. 12:10.
    Consider: I once heard it said that one can tell the true heart of another by how one treats animals, whether pets, farm animals, … There is much truth in this statement, in my opinion! This does not mean that hunting, fishing, eating meat, … is wrong, as long as one considers his responsibility, accountability and stewardship. God will judge and does condemn wanton destruction! Dr. Kober writes, “The sport of hunting is certainly justified if it serves a useful purpose such as thinning out a herd or obtaining needed food. Hunting for the sheer joy of destruction as was done with the buffalo and the carrier pigeons is immoral because man destroys without good cause that which does not belong to him.”1
    3. Our Responsibility to Environment
    a. how we behave in nature, Deut. 23:12-13
    b. how crops are grown and cared for, Exo. 23:10-11, …
    c. polluting the land is selfishness. Geisler said it well: “At the basis of pollution is selfishness. Man wants much out of nature but he is willing to put little back into it. He wants to use it for gain whether it is usable again or not.”2
    d. pollution affects people – now and in the future. Geisler again states: “Garbage influences sanitation and sanitation affects the health of persons. Sewage affects rivers and lakes, and polluted water affects the health and enjoyment of people. Bad air is breathed by good men and it tends to make the less complete … The physical world was made for man but it is not to be abused by man, because there are other men yet to use it.”3

    Defined: In using this phrase I am referring to the modern definition of radical New Age environmentalism, with the extreme characteristics that are essential to support and defend the view. You are likely familiar with the nomenclature that is used, as global warming, over-population, mother earth, … There is an entire “theological” scheme with this type of environmentalism that cannot be disregarded in a discussion such as this, so by virtual necessity we must discuss some of the main tenets of the New Age Movement. If not for the belief system such as this, there would not be this type of radically, unstable and irrational movement. Having some background on this will enable you to understand the emphasis in our world on nature, the environment, and mother earth. Note that this is a very brief synopsis only.4
    In point of fact, it is easy to contrast a Biblical environmentalism with pagan environmentalism. In a Biblical framework, man controls and cares for nature according to God’s Word. In the pagan framework, nature controls and cares for man – the exact opposite. In the Biblical perspective, man is sovereign over nature. In the pagan perspective, nature is sovereign over man.
    The following outline provides a brief but adequate overview of the New Age environmentalist belief system, and the motivating factor behind the radical views that are held.5
    A. Monism. The New Age system teaches that all of the cosmos is derived from an ultimate and single source. All diversity flows out from this source to the universe around us.
    B. Pantheism is the natural result of the monistic view. “God” is an ultimate principle that is identified with the universe. Thus, “God is all and all is God.” The challenge for humanity is to tap the knowledge of the divine that is resident in each person. Each person must choose a sadhana, or path, through which one will experience a transformation that will eventually bring the knowledge of the divine. This may take quite a large amount of time, thus …
    C. Reincarnation and Karma (karma is the law of retributive justice) are derived from Hinduism and believed in the New Age movement. Good or bad will be granted in the next life as people are cast into the wheel of rebirth, depending on their previous good or bad actions, thoughts and beliefs.
    D. Universal religion. Since one must find divinity within self, and since the system is Monistic, there is ultimately only one religion. All divergent religions are alternate paths to the same reality.
    E. Personal transformation. However one decides to get to the goal (divinity, god consciousness), there are successive steps which leads the potential New Ager to develop and attain the goal. Initially, one must have a mystical or psychic experience that results in a paradigm shift from an “old world” belief system to the “New Age” system. It would include the acceptance of the preceding points (Monism, Pantheism, …) Note that the acceptance and embracing is not based on propositional truth, but is based on mystical experiences. To help attain this experience, three mediums are used.
    1. Holistic Health Movement. Transformation involves healing, but not the type of healing as a medical doctor would provide. The healing of the “whole person” is emphasized. This means that people are more than physical bodies, thus more than the physical needs healing. The means used for this includes acupuncture, exercise, massage techniques, diet, herbs, teas, vegetarianism, … the “natural means.”6 The purpose of holistic health is that the natural healing will enable the “universal life energy or force to take its course.” Thus, the healing is for the material and immaterial aspects of personhood, as it were getting transformed into the higher “self,” and becoming one with the ultimate “One.”
    Other terms reflecting this movement include:
    • altered states of consciousness (through drugs, meditations, mantras, …)
    • attitudinal healing
    • acupuncture
    • applied kinesiology (muscle testing)
    • channelling (through spirit guides)
    • crystal healing (use of a supposed power within crystals to heal)
    • herbal medicines
    • homeopathy
    • Iridology (the study of the human iris to diagnosis present and potential illnesses)
    • Meditation
    There are additional practices that are related to the NAM (New Age Movement)
    2. The Consciousness Movement. This term describes the efforts or organizations and people to teach the NAM doctrine and philosophy. This takes place in training seminars in business, art, philosophy, culture, classrooms, churches, … A quick glance in virtually every bookstore (even in some Christian bookstores!) will reveal a myriad of books teaching New Age doctrine and practices.
    There are several celebrities that are very devoted to the NAM, along with many in very influential positions of authority. Beware of the NAM terminology!
    3. Human Potential Movement. This stems from the pop-psychology movements and philosophies. It holds the “I’m OK, You’re OK” analysis. It esteems man and his nature. One strives to move forward to the One that will transform you to a higher consciousness.
    F. Planetary vision. “Because nature is viewed as being an aspect of the One, the earth is viewed as being the single most important entity on which life is sustained … New Agers favour a political platform in which issues concerning the environment are hegemonic (dominant)… because those caught up in the all-important New Age ideal of a paradigm7 shift toward planetary consciousness.”8
    It is in this sphere that the radical environmentalist movement is fuelled. Beware of terms, names, … as Planetary Citizens, Green Movement, Global Education Associates, … It is thus that those in the NAM attempt to conserve the natural world at all costs. There are animal rights activists (in their scheme, both man and animals are part of the One), vegetarians (ditto), … again, note the distinction between biblical environmentalism and NAM environmentalism. It is ultimately God’s Truth and Plan verses the lies and plans of Satan!
    Douglas Groothuis summarized the counterfeit New Age Movement well:
    • Evolutionary optimism: a counterfeit kingdom
    • Monism: a counterfeit cosmos
    • Pantheism: a god
    • Transformation of consciousness: a counterfeit conversion
    • Create your own reality: a counterfeit morality
    • Unlimited human potential: a counterfeit divinity
    • Spirit contact: counterfeit revelations
    • Channelers: counterfeit revelation
    • Religious syncretism: counterfeit religion9
    It is important to realize that the NAM accepts every world religion into their system – the only exception being CHRISTIANITY! One can be a Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, … but it is totally incompatible with the true Christian faith. Make no mistake: the NAM may well set the stage for the false messiah.

    1. Father Mulcahy

      NAM – ‘Not Another Martha’ Church Lady [OMG] fingernails on chalkboard post.

      Why were religions invented?

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