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Early Season Snow Destroys Corn Crops in Neelum and Leepa Valleys, Pakistan

Early, unexpected snowfall in Neelum and Leepa Valleys, Pakistan fell Monday night destroying corn crops and fruit-laden trees.

“A snowfall of such nature last occurred in 1960 when ready-to-harvest corn crops were destroyed,” said a resident of Neelum Valley, Ghaziuddin Arif.

Three inches of snow was recorded at Kashmir Point, while six-inches fell in the valleys.

“Due to the early snowfall, we have been unable to stock food, fuel and fodder for animals,” said Keel resident Sardar Kashif.

Many connecting roads have been blocked in Neelum and Leepa, hindering rescue efforts.

A Met Office forecast calls for the unseasonably cold weather to continue for the rest of the week.

The Neelam and Leepa Valleys are in the northernmost region and district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


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