Dr. Roger Higgs’ Letter to John Kerry: “Global warming and cooling mimic Sun’s magnetic activity, not CO2”

Below is Geologists Dr. Roger Higgs’ 3-page letter to John Kerry, released Aug 1, 2021 (a 5 minute read).

The letter is destined securely (via professional network) for John Kerry, United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

It is part of a package of similar letters from a diverse international group of scientists and energy professionals, collated by John Shanahan, co-founder/owner of

Shanahan is confident that the package will be received by Kerry, who, it is hoped, will then discuss the contents with President Biden–between Biden’s Grandpa naps and Donepezil intake, I presume…

Here is a copy of the letter (blow it up fullscreen to read):

It is a terrible thing for politicians to be forcing humanity to abandon fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Imposing unreliable, inefficient, expensive, land-consuming, unsightly wind and solar energy schemes on the world is neither feasible nor green — it should be considered a crime against humanity, and should be punished as such.

Solar panel installations are surging in the U.S. and Europe as Western countries seek to cut their reliance on fossil fuels, reads the opening lines of a recent WSJ article.

But as the West proudly installs its “planet-saving” panels, it is ignoring the elephant in the room: the majority of solar panels are produced with energy from coal-fired power plants in China.

The solar industry is fast becoming one of the world’s most prolific polluters, according to analysts, completely undermining the emissions reductions achieved from widespread adoption.

Chinese factories supply more than three-quarters of the world’s polysilicon, an essential component in most solar panels, according to industry analyst Johannes Bernreuter. Polysilicon factories refine silicon metal using a process that consumes large amounts of electricity.

Chinese authorities have built an array of coal-burning power plants in sparsely populated areas such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia to support polysilicon manufacturers and other energy-hungry industries.

We already know the green movement is idiotic, and ideologically rooted…

Wind Turbine Blades Can't Be Recycled, So They're Piling Up in Landfills -  Bloomberg
Wind turbine blades can’t be recycled, so they’re piling up in landfills.

…but this is some fresh ‘off the scale’ stupidity.

It is further evidence that the entire AGW movement is nothing but a placating, sham-tastic scam — one that needs rejecting, vehemently, from all angles, particularly given the reality of our climate.

The sun looks to be slipping into its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle (perhaps by solar cycle 26–so around the mid-2030s), which means cooling for the majority of the planet.

Past human civilizations have ALL thrived during times of constant warmth (brought about by high solar activity), and our modern civilization has been no different; conversely though, and as has been the case for time-immemorial, societies soon struggle as the cold sets in — the ‘systems’ put in place during those decades/centuries of predictable and reliable warmth quickly begin to fail as the climate deteriorates, and the fall of empires aren’t usually far behind (see graph below) — the elites lose control as the harvests fail, and as famine ensues the angry masses seek answers, and scapegoats, and food:

The Falls of Empires coincides with stark drops in temperature (red line depicts the ‘modern warming’, and goes on to predict the next few centuries).

History repeats.

Further Reading:

More from Dr. Higgs:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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42 Thoughts to “Dr. Roger Higgs’ Letter to John Kerry: “Global warming and cooling mimic Sun’s magnetic activity, not CO2””

  1. Alan Burdon

    So the Higgs letter suggests that the current reduction in solar activity will not have an effect on the climate for 56 years? How does this fit with the changes you report as being witnessed currently in jet streams and in temperature volatility?

    1. cip

      if you want an education about current events, physics, astrophysics, and up to date scientific information about what is going on you can deny or go to suspicious observers for daily update for information from around the world on science including our magnetic field flip, (like all the planets in solar system) and lots more. 30 days to be amazed.

      1. MattH

        Hi cip. Thank you for the reference to suspicious observers.
        I have been wondering about the source of the little scraps of information I have stumbled upon on atmospheric plasmas and atmospheric electric charges and the ramifications.
        I woke up one morning a year ago clearly thinking that a tornado is a form of electric motor, driven by plasmas seeking electromagnetic equilibrium between the bottom of supercells negative charge and the temporary positive charge of earth in a radius around supercells.
        Let me know when “the science is settled”.

    2. MattH

      Hi Alan, I am not a scientist but,

      The heat stored by the ocean delays the the cooling effect from the sun’s direct and indirect cooling mechanisms during cycles of lower solar activity.

      Hi solar activity increases the output of ultraviolet light. Ultra violet light in the outer atmosphere creates more ozone and heats the outer atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen increasing the upper pressure of the Hadley cell.
      The lower sun activity allows the Upper atmosphere to cool, lose pressure which in turn allows the jet stream to meander

      Most of the sun’s energy does heat earths surface but ultra violet is a little anomalous as are cosmic rays, clouds, and electromagnetism.

    3. prioris

      That was “ocean lag”

    4. Mike

      All you questions are answered here…it ain’t pretty!!

  2. cip

    of course they know , are you kidding. This is not about anything but the world wide cult in action.

    corona has six letters now add the letters in corona, ie c being 3 O being 15 etc. what do you get? two kill shots coming one form space the other from down low.

  3. Talis Forstmanis

    Please use correct metric notation.

  4. Anonymous

    And what are solarpanels partially made of… oil…

    And what are windmills partially made of…oil.. just to mention one component: epoxy on windmills and blades.

    And cement for foundation… heard something about CO2 and cementproduction?

    how long do windmill last before need replacement… maybe 20-25 years.

    What’s inside each windmill, stored tens of meters above the ground/sea. .. Gear/hydraulic oil… alot of it.. and it must be changed in regular intervalls

  5. prioris

    Crimes against humanity have been the norm for at least the last hundred of years. Since virtually every politician is implicated. the norm is to cover it up and move on to new crimes. Most people don’t want to know or care to know. If a weak and powerless person commits a crime, most people will be outraged and demand punishment. When very powerful structures are involved, there is hardly a peep. They will occasionally sacrifice a minion from the musical chairs or do PR.

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

      Screw CO2… write a letter and ask Kerry what he’s going to do about the Klaus Schwab runaway… but be prepared to get tasered afterwards.

      Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’:”The Fusion of our Physical, Digital, and Biological Identities”

  6. Deb

    The people behind the green movement are not stupid, they are evil. You can point out the errors in their ways until the cows come home and it will do no good. Why, because THEY ALREADY KNOW. They are not merely mistaken, they are intent upon destroying humanity.

    What IS stupid is making logical arument after logical argument, expecting that one more logical argument will cause these people to do a 180.

    Not going to happen.

    1. Deb I strongly agree.

      Apparently you too know that we are dealing with psychopaths. They care not for polite argument, however well informed.

      The psychopath only respects those who can and will hurt him. I have assessed many psychopaths for medico-legal reports and now him well.

      Put another way, we are in a kill or be killed situation.

      1. Deb

        Oh, we’re going to be killed all right-or wish we had been.
        I’m too old to do battle in the physical realm. I’ll have to stick to spiritual warfare.

        1. Deb

          You say psycopath, I say demon-possessed. In everyday interactions, it amounts to the same thing. But in battle, it helps to know who your true enemy is.
          “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph. 6
          We ought to chisel that on the Washington monument.

          1. hyden

            some say 4th dimensional reptilians., they would be hard to see with the 3rd dimensional senses.

            Reminds me of the Movie ‘IT’ by Steven King.
            The clown was actually a dimensional entity from another realm, its actual form was a spider creature, but our 3d sense reality viewed it as a clown.
            Was Talking to Chinese Taoist, he said there are being’s in these worlds that have power to manipulate 3D reality.

          2. Deb

            Ever hear of Occam’s Razor? The spiritual warzone we live in is actually the simplest explanation for all the disparate phenomena observed by humans.

            Was it a Canuck clown? Or a Brit buffoon?

    2. Buffalo Bill

      Sybil, (now please imagine me holding up a lion tamer chair here)… that’s exactly what I was thinking. No joke Sas. really… I mean really, really no joke. Found your goat too, it was eating all the petunias up in the back of my mind… so you can have her back again. Cheers. Stay well. WS

      1. Deb

        By golly, you may be trainable after all! I think you’re learning not to poke the bear.

        I believe we do have grounds for agreement, but what a shame we have to agree that the PTB are making headway in their desire to destroy all of us and that the sun is going to mop up the leftovers. Unlikely we could both be wrong, more’s the pity.

        1. Buffalo Bill

          Martha Darlin’, heavens to murgatroyd already, it really DOES look like you are going to need some more severe emotional event time down in the basement after all… up to you.

          1. Deb

            I think you’re learning not to poke the bear…a bit premature, it seems.

            And after I was nice enough to refrain from any mention of compost…*sigh*.

          2. Deb

            Aren’t you up past your beddy-bye time?
            I suppose you can keep whatever hours you like there in your MOM’s basement.

          3. Deb

            Ok, that time I poked the bear. And I’m not Catholic, but the link is funny. I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood.

    3. Peter

      Couldnt of said it better myself.
      They dont care, because theyve got all the power and weapons.
      And guess what?
      They couldnt give a rats arse about anyone but theyre reptilian vatican worldwide takeover govt .
      I appreciate what you do Cap, but it seems you are very nieve.
      There is nothing that is going to stop them.
      Wake up to reality that humans arent at the top of the pecking order on earth.
      Not by a long shot and its now about to come true.
      No off grid cropping will save any ones arse this time around.
      Its the beginning of the SIXTH SUN AND END OF A CYCLE OF HUMANITY.
      A total wipe out as has been the case in the past over and over. And here we are again.

  7. Professor Henry Higgins

    From the letter… “CO2 is much needed to feed 8 billion people” seriously spoken in a whisper to one of the eugenicist(s) well into their start of “tea and crumpets time” and also well into their operation of culling 7.5 billion people… and then one of them uncontrollably coughs up his cookies in an explosive guffaw spewing tea and crumbs across the room.

    … and then someone says he’s going to fax a copy of it to the beached whale which results in total uncontrolled belly laughing all ’round now and then someone says, “You know… we really ought to have Professor Henry Higgins over for tea one day wouldn’t you say?” in pure British pukka resulting in total ROTFLMAO behaviour all ’round all over again.

    Human CO2 Exhalation a whopping 40,000 parts per million!

  8. Tim Erickson

    Your thoughts on China are true, but when the MSM, and I bet 95% of Washington D.C. is bought and paid for by the CCP guess who suffers.

  9. Matt Dalby

    Dr Higgs seems to disagree with those solar scientists predicting up to 1 degree of cooling over the next 20-30 years. Given that the Earth’s coupled ocean/climate system is one of the most complex systems known it should only be expected that scientists will not be in full agreement about exactly what is going to happen in the future. One of the reasons why I’m highly suspicious of the IPCC is their level of certainty and the fact that 30 years of research since the first report in 1991 hasn’t caused them to alter their position. Climate science was a relatively new field of study in 1991 and it would be highly unusual for scientists to get it right so quickly, it normally takes decades of new ideas and new research to arrive at anything close to a consensus.
    My one niggle with Dr Higgs is that he ignores ocean cycles, which other scientists think have a major effect on the timescale of 30 or so years. It seems to me that this a better explanation for the mid 20th century cooling than any solar factor, i.e. the Pacific Decadel Oscillation (PDO) was in its cool phase from aprox. 1945-75, then entered its warm phase which coincided with the late 20th century warming. It’s my belief that if solar activity was the only driver of climate there would’ve been fairly constant warming throughout the 20th century, even allowing for some cycles being slightly weaker than others. In order to reproduce the actual pattern of rapid early warming, cooling, then rapid warming it’s nescersary to superimpose a 30(ish) year PDO cycle on top of solar warming, which then gives a pretty good fit to the non adjusted temperature data.

  10. Peter

    I wouldnt trust any of them as far as i could kick them. If you saw the videos on Bitchute that ive seen of Biden trying to kiss children up on the podium with the rest of the U.S. political weirdos, and the children turning away from him in fear, you will know what i mean. Theres no hope in hell Kerry is going to give a rats arse. Its much more sinister than anyone could ever imagine.
    So if you think we are dealing with normal people, were not.
    And its not a conspiracy theory either.
    Its plain for all to see whats going on at the top of corruption.

    1. Archivarius

      There’s no hope in hell Kerry is going to give a rats arse. Its much more sinister than anyone could ever imagine.
      So, Whatever happened to ‘Don’t tase me bro’ guy?

      1. Buffalo Bill

        I can imagine… I should show you my basement sometime.

  11. Cap perhaps you’ll allow this tame version of my previous attempt.

    We are dealing with psychopaths. They care not for polite argument, however well informed.

    The psychopath only respects those who can and will hurt him.

  12. Robern

    I doubt whether Mr Kerry will have the intellectual grunt to read and understand Dr Higgs’ letter. Wasn’t he a pilot? He’ll pass it to a couple of his minion “advisors” who will file it and life will go on as usual.

    Climate change isn’t the end objective as anyone with half a brain knows. It’s about restructuring society to suit the UN and the Great Reset.

  13. Chris Norman

    If only I could print that off.

  14. James Charles

    “Climate Feedback Claim Reviews…
    Electroverse article incorrectly claims the Sun is behind climate change
    CLAIM: “the IPCC is wrong − the sun, not CO2, drove modern global warming”

    VERDICT: Incorrect

    SOURCE: 29 Bullet Points Proving the Sun Causes Global Warming, Not CO2 by Roger Higgs, Elctroverse, Mar 11, 2020

    KEY TAKE AWAY: This article presents a long list of inaccurate claims, but focuses on the idea that the Sun—rather than human-caused greenhouse gas emissions—is responsible for global warming. The available evidence and research clearly shows that this claim is incorrect. Measured patterns of warming, and monitoring of incoming solar energy, rule out the Sun as the source of warming.

    Electroverse article incorrectly claims the Sun is behind climate change, Edited by Scott Johnson Climate Feedback, Mar 18, 2020″

    1. Jim

      Support your arguments please, the sun is our heat source, yet you dismiss it without evidence supporting you claim.

  15. hyden

    All i can say is be prepared for anything i will believe it when i see it.
    Just scare tactics from both sides really….one global warming , other global cooling.
    Thats all its going to come down to at the end of the day. people will argue until the cows come home. I will wait till i see it….
    Some days all we need i think is nature to throw one big stone at us, reset everything, wipe slate clean. Reset the finance reset lol, especially if things get worse.
    Like Ancient Egyptians said to Greek Solon…”Little do you Greeks realize that there have been many cataclysmic events, and humans have had to relearn like babies’.
    Younger dryas event etc, Something that nature throws at us, not some engineered geo event caused by human hands.
    one day it will happen. Cause this shit getting out of control.
    someday the stagnated pond will be flushed clean.

    I know it sounds cruel, but nature is IMPARTIAL to what ever humans create, the sun rises and it rains over the good and the bad…..
    so what world are you/we creating….
    Heaven and Earth are impartial
    They regard myriad things as straw dogs
    The sages are impartial
    They regard people as straw dogs
    The space between Heaven and Earth Is it not like a bellows?
    Empty, and yet never exhausted It moves, and produces more
    Too many words hasten failure
    Cannot compare to keeping to the void

    See…’too many words hasten failure’….this is exactly what corrupt people do…talk talk talk blah blah.

    George Carlin earth day….

  16. Deb

    I still can’t figure out whether you are a genius or an idiot.

    1. Hannibal Lecter [Dr.]

      Me neither… I guess that’s why Sassy Sybil Martha is so intriguing wouldn’t you say Clarice?

    2. LocoLogos

      Deb, he’s likely an idiot savant… haven’t you figured that out yet?

      1. Deb

        I’m beginning to feel outnumbered. Is it done with mirrors? I think I need a nap.

    1. Deb

      Listen, Smartie. Always remember, while you are playing the game, the game is playing you.
      A concerned piece of advice (really, really concerned, really): Run like hell–if you can.
      You won’t listen, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. This can’t end well.

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