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Denver Experiencing its Fourth Coldest March in 150 Years of Records

A persistent and bitter cold has enveloped the Denver Metro area this month.

With an average temperature of 29.7F through Monday March 18, Denver’s running more than 9F below average, according to the NWS in Boulder.

If March was only 18 days long, that average monthly temperature of 29.7F would tie as Denver’s fourth-coldest March (with 1906) in records dating back 150 years.

Denver’s all-time coldest March was 26.4F set in 1912 (solar minimum of cycle 14 — the weakest solar cycle since the one we’ve just exited, 24).

Another shot of cold air is due next week, before the mercury bounces to readings more closely resembling spring for the last few days of March.

As the sun continues its slide into the next Grand Solar Minimum, global average temperatures continue to slide with it.

During low solar activity, the jet stream becomes disrupted. It’s usually zonal flow switches to more of a meridional flow, locking weather patterns in place for prolonged periods of time — swings between extremes become exaggerated.

This is exactly what we’re seeing. And the affects are only set to worsen in our lifetimes.

Societies should be readying for the next Grand Solar Minimum & Pole Shift.


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