COVID-19 Is Over: Herd Immunity Achieved

Remember when they told us that getting the vaccine would mean you couldn’t catch COVID? Remember when they said that global warming meant linearly-rising temperatures and a reduction of global snow cover? How’s that going for them…?

The world’s governing bodies, in partnership with their MSM lapdogs, can say whatever they want in order to progress their narrative — they know they won’t be held accountable. These hucksters lie at every corner, and treat the public like fools.

We are waking, though. Albeit slowly. My worry is that it’s too slowly. Many still don’t seem to recognize that the MSM –and more worryingly politicians– are reading from the same draconian script: “Build Back Better” being just one recent example.

Electroverse was setup in 2018 to fight climate misinformation. Since then though, an even more pervasive threat has materialized. This short article focuses on COVID-19 and the vaccine mandates. If such content doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine, don’t read it, and instead check back tomorrow.

These are my current thoughts and opinions, and I should be free to express them — and there is always a chance I’m wrong…

Vaccine Mandates

You can’t force a ‘medication’ into my body, and you will never get me to comply.

I’m not injecting an unneeded, untested, and rushed concoction with no long-term data into my arm–not least one vended by convicted criminals (Pfizer) and pushed by pocket-lining politicians.

Depressingly though, the mandating of said experimental procedure is now being rolled-out across the globe. This is our reality. And even more concerning: only the minority are pushing back.

History will view this period very poorly–provided people like me are still around to accurately document it.


What are the ‘pro-mandaters’ allowing through the net here? And what’s next?

Those in charge have lied at every corner. Vaccines were supposed to spell the end of this nightmare. Original CDC guidelines stated that ‘once vaccinated you can’t catch COVID’. That was a demonstrable lie, clearly. Because not only can you still catch COVID after being vaccinated, but the efficacy of the shots has been shown to wane rapidly. Hence now that booster shots are required, as are boosters for the boosters. And a new law in the UK means that you now can’t travel abroad unless you’re ‘triple-jabbed’ (or you pay for expensive PCR tests)–and I thought the UK was supposed to be one of the world’s more libertarian countries?

These extreme vaccine rules, though still a travesty, wouldn’t be as concerning if 1) we were permitted more of a choice, and 2) if the general public hadn’t been (mis)led into thinking that ‘vaccines are required to end the pandemic’.

“You can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic,” so says inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone.

Soon, if you don’t show your papers proving that you’ve had those ‘boosters for the boosters for the boosters for the original double-jabs’ then you won’t be allowed out of you house — see Austria for a foretelling of this. Furthermore, Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated, yet the rock is entering a fresh lockdown due to rising cases. Governments are using a predictable rise in flu cases (what else were they expecting come winter?) to justify new lockdowns on its citizens. But crucially, a rise in deaths is not accompanying the increase in cases. This fact will, of course, be hailed as a success of vaccination programs; however, and as has been true in every previous pandemic, this flat-lining of deaths should be attributed to natural herd immunity, not costly medical intervention.

COVID-19 Is Over

Throughout history, the average duration of a pandemic has been 18-24 months — COVID-19, now in around its 24th month, is done, it’s over. What we’re seeing now is a rise in seasonal flu cases, and small, regional outbreaks.

COVID-19 will also enter the books as one of the ‘mildest’ pandemics in documented history. The Spanish Flu (1918-1919), by comparison, claimed the lives of 100 million people back when the global population was just 1.8 billion (6%). That same death-rate today –given a 7.9 billion population– would have seen approx. 500 million people die from COVID-19. But currently, even with the inflated figures (with the WHO classifying all deaths within 28-days of a positive COVID test as being caused by the virus), COVID-19’s death toll stands at a little over 5 million.

The little known ‘Hong Kong Flu’ (1968-1969) killed four million back when the population was less than half of what it is today. And there was zero government interference with the HK flu: no mask mandates, no lockdowns, no vaccines–and the virus, as always occurs naturally, was soon replaced through antigenic shift by a new influenza which proved far less deadly: aka, herd immunity was achieved.

This is the route we should have taken with COVID-19, particularly given that it quickly became apparent that the young and otherwise healthy weren’t succumbing to the virus. Indeed, it was originally announced –by UK government scientists, at least– that the herd immunity route was the best way forward: it was “nature’s vaccine” was how Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, put it back in March, 2020–but then the WHO stepped in, and very shortly after publicly announcing the herd immunity plan, it was scrapped and the opposite was proposed: mask mandates, lockdowns, and, eventually, vaccine mandates.

The only difference between COVID-19 and past pandemics, however –other than it potentially coming from a lab– is the fact that today’s outbreak is occurring at a time when multinational conglomerates –such as Big Pharma– run the world. These powerful institutions are now calling all the shots, and they are having previously held truths rewritten left, right and center.

For starters, Merriam-Webster recently tweaked the definition of the word ‘vaccine’ so that mRNA-based tech could be included. Fine. But then there’s this:

 In 2020, the WHO’s guidelines re natural immunity vs vaccine immunity went through a fundamental rewrite last year so as to support the vaccine roll-out.

What’s Next?

It’s not hard to see what’s going on here, but trying to work out what comes next is difficult.

With herd immunity successfully achieved, infection rates are now far less troubling — but cases are all the media and our governmental bodies are focusing on. They can’t scare people with the death toll figures anymore, and you’ll notice that those sickening daily ‘bong’-updates at the beginning of news bulletins have gone. That’s because excess deaths aren’t occurring anymore — what’s playing out now is something more akin to a standard ‘winter flu’.

UK cases are on the rise:

But deaths aren’t following:

There is no need to take a potentially harmful vaccine, let alone a string of booster shots.

As German public health expert and physician Wolfgang Wodarg has warned: Don’t get another shot under any circumstances.

“Currently there are more victims after a vaccination then ever before. Never have there been so many adverse effects from vaccination,” continues Wodarg. “What has happened as a consequence of the vaccine is gigantic.” … “Not only the is media sick, but so is policy-making.” … “The bodily changes that people undergo through these shots, they are in part irreversible,” warns Wodarg. 

Be informed — get your news from reliable sources, such as ‘DarkHorse‘.

Use logic.

Resist the vaccines.

And to those already double-jabbed, reject the boosters, and the mandates — you can’t comply your way out of tyranny, they’ll always want more.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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55 Thoughts to “COVID-19 Is Over: Herd Immunity Achieved”

  1. Vicki M. Griffin

    I would agree COVID19 pandemic is in the past; but a variant is still killing people! My nephew’s oxygen was 60 last week when they got him to the hospital; and he never took the injections!

    1. Cap Allon

      Yes, coronaviruses are bad–from the common cold to more severe diseases — and nobody wants to catch them.
      Vaccines aren’t necessary though, or effective — herd immunity was our only way out, and now we’re there.
      There will be future mutations.
      There will be future pandemics.
      This is unavoidable.

      1. Matt Dalby

        I agree that herd immunity is the only way out of a pandemic (although given the low level of excess deaths since Feb 2020, and the fact that most of these occoured in the very old who probably only had a few months left to live t could be argued that Covid wasn’t a real pandemic).
        However it seems certain that the “vaccines” don’t prevent people from catching it, and may stop the body from developing a robust immune response that works against other variants. In other words the “vaccine”, or clot-shot, may have delayed the onset of herd immunity.
        Therefore I think it’s possible that there will be a “surge” in U.K. cases this winter, although the MSM is likely to call any increase a surge. Since case numbers are now highlighted rather than deaths, and cases are only a positive test result, not a clinical diagnoses, the calls for another lockdown in England are likely to grow stronger. Therefore I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, but we could’ve been if the Government had stuck to it’s pre 2020 pandemic management plans and allowed the virus to spread among the young while helping the elderly/those at risk to shield, and not relied on the snake oil peddled by big pharma. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether this was the biggest cock-up of all time, a massive conspiracy to usher in the great reset, something that was manipulated by organisations with a vested interest, or most likely a combination of all three.

        1. James Charles

          “However, if the only thing your body sees is the spike protein produced inside your cells because you took a drug vaccine biologic that infects your cells with the genetic code to make a specific single type of spike protein, then the only immune response you can make is to that specific type of spike protein – nothing else; unlike natural immunity obtained by person-to-person transfer.”

    2. Atom man

      The scientist who won the Nobel Prize for discovery of HIV had predicted the mass vaccination campaigns would cause the virus to change and create the variants. He said it was a scientific mistake, and likely a medical mistake too. It appears he was completely correct.

      Also, there is a minority opinion that questions the existence of viruses altogether – look up the word exosome and that controversy surrounding the virus theory.

      Finally, some online bloggers have noted that vitamin B1 deficiency disease and the mineral zinc deficiency disease have symptoms that completely parallel those of “SARS-CoV-2”. Lockdowns are bad for two reasons: you stay out of the Sun and you knock back booze, coffee, or tea. Alcohol and caffeine wash B1 out of the body and you need sunlight to produce vitamin D3. A 10 nation study showed D3 deficiency is associated with death and more severe symptoms with this disease, whatever it is.
      B1 has been called the “gatekeeper of the immune system” and helps us to absorb zinc. I take B1, D3, organic (not metallic) zinc, and a host of other supplements and so far, so good.

    3. FGP

      What scientific proof is there that a ‘variant’ is killing people? FYI, the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus (that we are told is the ’cause’ of COVID-19) has never been purified and isolated and proven to physically exist, much less be the cause of any disease called ‘COVID-19’. PCR tests do not test for a virus, but rather for a partial computer-generated genomic sequence that originally came from China and was ‘accepted’ by the worldwide ‘scientific’ community as coming from a full novel (new) virus called SARS-Cov-2, all the while never having a complete virus to work with (because they never purified and isolated the virus). And worse yet, never scientifically demonstrated said virus to be the actual cause of any disease.

      And if there is no virus to work with, what are the vaccines targeting and how were they designed? This entire hoax exists on a much grander scale than people can believe.

  2. Steve Jones

    There is no proof that the Spanish Flu killed 100 million people. That is a MADE UP FIGURE. Don’t believe me? Show me any evidence for that number (other than that it has been repeated over and over and over for the past twenty years… That doesn’t make it true.)
    Where is the ORIGINAL proof of that figure, from the time it occurred?

    1. Cap Allon

      But what’s your point?
      And where’s the evidence that COVID-19 has indeed killed 5 million people?
      We’re blindly trusting figures handed to us–yes, I agree.

        1. notaqrcode

          I read some info from a lady who had done a PHD on the Spanish Flu and she did a thorough historical investigation. She claimed that the vaccines were the cause of the deaths and they injected meningitis into the victims as “vaccines” which then spread like wildfire. “They” was the Rockefeller institute at that time. History is repeating itself.
          In addition to this many asprin prescriptions of the time were found which had doses 10 times higher than modern day which were given to kids (asprin is dangerous for kids). This likely explains they high death rates in children at the time.
          I wish I had a link but I found it months ago. Maybe duckduckgo would help find it. Good luck all. Every day we enjoy we are winning! Prep and be happy! Your fear is their fuel!

          1. Vlrdngr

            This information and much, much more can be found in the book “Virus Mania” by Torsten Engelbrecht. It is available on Amazon. We are lied to about basically everything.

          2. Winston Smith [Mr]

            check the link above that you replied to (the links you’re looking for are directly below the vid)

      1. Hayden

        From what i have read, the rockefeller vaccines for Spanish flu were first tested on American soldiers at Fort Riley.
        These same American soldiers were then transported to the front lines of ww1 in Europe where it spread creating more cases, so they could start vaccinating more.

      2. bobthemoron

        I haven’t taken the DNA altering vaccine. I am expecting the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ to begin any day.. I’m only half joking.

    2. Anonymous

      Evidence would suggest that the so called Spanish Flu was man made. It started on a military base in Kansas experimenting with vaccines. The people with highest death rates were between the age of 25-44. Even more alarming was that age with highest death rate was age 28. This is the HEALTHIEST age group. How do the healthiest have the highest death rate. It makes no sense. Go look at the charts on Spanish flu demographic death rate on internet.

      It also shows elderly had were hardly affected. How does this happen. The official story of that event is a flat out lie. That likely includes the numbers also. The death rates were said to be 20 million. The military base in Kansas sent experimental vaccines to other countries. I would predict the country destinations that got and used the vaccinations had the highest deaths.

    3. prioris

      I’ve always heard the number 20M for the number of deaths for many decades by mainstream media.

    4. prioris

      The demographic age group where most deaths occurred would indicate that Spanish Flu was a man made event. How does the healthiest age group (age 25-44) have the highest death rate. How does age 28 have the highest death rate. Elderly are barely affected. Look at the charts on the internet.

      The so called Spanish Flu started on a military base in Kansas testing vaccines. Those were shipped to many countries.

  3. Petrichor

    Right on, Cap.
    Bill Gates with his creepy grin has already warned that our “next pandemic” will be “probably Smallpox” or a hemorrhagic fever like ebola. I’d bank on smallpox as vaccines have aleady been developed.
    I am ancient enough to have had smallpox vaccinations when I was a tot, with a booster aged 12 that supposedly gave life-long immunity. Your thoughts?

    1. Deb

      I’m not sure I would trust my immune system to deal with smallpox, even with lots of help from natural herbs and supplements.

      Trouble is, the “smallpox vaccine” would likely be another kill shot. That puts us between a rock and a hard place.

      Vaccines USED to work. Polio was a horrible disease. I knew people who had suffered from it when I was a kid. But everybody got vaccinated, and it went away.

      I’m not sure what the real story was, but at this point I would not willingly take ANY vaccine. Maybe it IS time to head for the hills!

      1. Vlrdngr

        Polio is not a disease, it is an allergic reaction to pesticides, to be more specific DDT. Polio was basically eradicated the same day that DDT was badded.

  4. Jeff Johnson

    Here is my personal experience. I have a niece who is in her early 40’s and was suffering from a genetic heart ailment (i.e. it was failing). Due to her health condition she received the Moderna jab and a short time afterwards she suffered a stroke. While in the hospital recovering, her doctors told her that her stroke was caused by the vaccine. My niece is doing much better now that she has received a heart transplant (which she needed even prior to her stroke).
    Of course you don’t hear about these cases from the medical community.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Here are the facts torn from the govts fingers by court force…read this and tell everybody to understand…the death rate from COVID if you are relatively healthy is 0.01%.

  5. Dallas Schneider

    A recent video by Dr. Steven F. Hotze of Houston has been making the rounds on private messaging. I did a search for it, but could not find it on the web. In it he lays out the fact the injection is NOT a vaxx but an
    “EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY” being run on the general public. SO???


    If your food store is also serving up the injection, please warn them to limit their liability by having a doctors prescription before injection.
    If you want your food to be untainted, please get them to separate themselves from the “Food is Medicine” game.



  6. Wizard

    The rabbit goes far deeper down the hole than you think, Cap

    Just to name a few points:
    1. Viruses do not exist — those are the experiments of a chemical industry upon a population (Even by their own definitions, you are expected to believe something can be dead and alive at the same time)
    1a) Spanish flu — not a flu, not a virus, major US chemical companies at the time testing their poisons on poor US soldiers and giving them money for it.
    Dig that up a bit, you’ll see no proven transmission of it between a sick and bedridden person and a healthy volunteer.
    2. Vaccines don’t do jack shyte — all the “major” diseases of mankind were eliminated out of circulation not by the needle, but by soap (the “regular” one, not the liquid shyte) and clean water, better hygiene awareness (As in, clean your cuttlery, don’t wipe your butt and then grab a piece of meat to prepare a meal, without first washing hands)
    3. It is very clear to those of us who dare to look and utilize God-given intelligence, that what’s coming is more of the same, doubling down and real world examples of Orwell’s “doublethink” principle in action given that the majority of the population doesn’t wake up from the trans and says “GTFO my right to live and die as I see fit” .
    4. The next chapter will be lockdowns to “reduce the carbon footprint” and “save the planet” (That is carbon planet, based on carbon and can only thrive with increased amounts of carbon…notice the doublethink in the making)
    5. Bible does describe some events, some literal, some symbolic, and a case can be made to say that we’re in revelation time but I won’t dare do that, since it will cause unnecessary division of opinions and divert from the main focus of attention, which is to acknowledge we’re lied to all over the place and that the truth is persecuted constantly.
    6. It’s not in the interest of the evil madmen to release something that will truly be dangerous, because they are mad for control, and this covid-system is their ideal for control. Increase PCR cycles, you get more cases. Decrease them, you get less. Anyone and noone can be positive by those measurements, and then they only need influence those who do the measurements (As if they’re not bought and paid for already, with their free seminars, work holidays in exotic locations — yes, I’m talking about bought and paid for medicine workers and medicine regulatory bodies too)
    7. IF there ever was a pandemic of something, it is of fear,anxiety,hysteria,paranoia. All of these illnesses are of the psyche, of the abstract mind, and not of the body. And it is a proven fact that a sick mind can sicken the body
    8. I won’t go into detail of what is in the injections, but let’s just say, if you’re a self-respecting man/woman, you want to die like a human from a bullet or from hunger or cold for resisting it, but NOT DIE OF THAT.
    8a) Those of you who haven’t died yet but have taken it, you just haven’t gotten the right dosage for you (hence the boosters) or you were that lucky to have received the saline solution thus far

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

      There are over 3860 vids under the Bitchute search for graphene mostly related to the vaxx(s) and 5G and “neural/bio -linking” the internet of things/humans – the bleeding edge 21st century hard/soft kill biodigital convergence tool/bioweapon. It’s better than “Flubber”.


      Exploring Biodigital Convergence Horizons Canada – YouTube

      1. Wizard

        No use explaining anything in more detail if these first few points miss their mark, but I am aware of all of this;

        It may come as too big of a shock, hence I restrained myself not to expose these details

  7. Rikki

    No issues with Covid-19 article but like most people, you seem to think the Covid19 virus exists. I recommend the book Virus Mania by T0rsten Engelbrecht. The so called Covid19 virus have not been isolated until today. Just like the HIV virus has never been isolated. That book was written many years back and they predicted this Covid19 plandemic will happen.

    You can also try look at the work by Dr. Stephan Lanka :

    The science on viruses is the same with science on global warming. Most of the people who died from Covid19 are the very old and sick people who are already close to dying eventually. They used the PCR test which is not a valid test to confirm those that died from Covid19. Over here, there are even cases of people dying in car accidents but are given the PCR test and if they are positive, its a Covid death.

    And the deaths are not flat lining here, it has been increasing since they started giving out the jabs. All the data can be easily manipulated and its being validated by a fraudulent PCR test which even the inventor test says its not a good diagnostic tool. This whole Covid19 hoax is caused by fear mongering by the MSM and the corrupt governments.

    For me, personally, i think this whole Covid19 hoax is done because of Peak Oil. The economy cannot grow anymore and hence the debt monetary system is going to fail. Since the fake pandemic started, the world energy usage have dropped significantly. They are preparing everyone for an economic collapse. There’s going to be a new monetary system coming which will be most likely digital. You can use your imagination what happens next. Prepare accordingly, run for the hills and have faith in God.

    1. prioris

      Peak Oil is disinformation. Earth is filled to the brim with oil.
      The powers that be control what happens to the economy.
      The federal reserve can print as much money as it wants without ill effect.

      The gold standard with identifying disease causing organisms has been the Koch’s postulates. HIV AIDS never passed that test. They supposedly confirmed in 2006 that it was identified. It took them 26 years. Did they really ? Likely no. Montagnier who discovered HIV said in a paper that it took another unidentified COFACTOR to cause it.

      What was the real cause of so called HIV AIDS ?
      Well for the initial outbreaks during the 1980s, we can pinpoint the Hepatitis B vaccine. Where ever that went, death followed. First ground zero in the US was the NYC Blood Center in 1978.

      There are so many lies connected to HIV AIDS.

    2. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

      Patterns of Deployment of Toxic Covid Batches
      Variation in Toxicity of Covid Vaccine Batches
      These lethal and semi-lethal immune compromising injections [“relabelled vaxx(s)”] are the safest selective/effective weapon of mass destruction that have a long proven track record for over a century for surgically accurate targeting and eugenical efficiency. Eugenical Surgical Strike Bio-weapons for Selective Human Biomass Destruction/Depopulation… safe/effective no fuss/no muss culling while high-grading for wisdom/herd hardiness all while protecting general infrastructure… all good… stay out of their light for extended play time on the pasture.

  8. Deb

    Interview with Austrian energy expert.

    1. Deb

      We knew this was coming, and here it is. This is a 45 min. interview about coming blackouts, brownouts, CME, cell phones going out, what to expect and when, etc. Very informative. Centered on Europe, but also applicable to US.

  9. ti seguo da tempo sul clima , ma su questo argomento del co..vid-19, anche se mantieni sempre un tono alto da altrnativo , devo constatare una tua completa narrazione identica al sistema , non riesci a uscire dalla matrix di questa falsairreale e inventata pandemia, ecco perchè mi esprimo in questi termini, il co..vid-19 come sars-coV2 non sono mai esistiti se non in forma ” DIGITALE ” non naturale, tutte le influenze a-b non sono vi..rus perchè non esistono i come patologia virale sono batteri,la malattia co..vid- 19 , poi si tratta di un brevetto sintetico di frammenti cellulari al silicio elaborati al computer, nessuno al mondo dico nessuno ha mai dimostrato o documentato scientificamente questa pandemia, tutta questa infame menzogna è frutto del complesso DIGITALE – FINANZIARIO, dal 1918 ad oggi 103 anni di diffusione solo mediatica non di realtà, l’inflenza spagnola , i morti sono dovuti al batterio inoculato dai vaccini che contenvano l’infezione virale , come tutte le altre sono invenzioni , spero di essere stato chiaro su questa materia che la studio da più di 10 anni,se non condividi come dici tu non mi interessa su questo ti devi documentare meglio un cordiale saluto un risvegliato da tempo Ermanno

    1. Archivarius

      I have been following you for some time on the climate, but on this topic of co..vid-19, even if you always keep a high tone as an alternative, I have to see your complete narration identical to the system, you cannot get out of the matrix of this false real and invented pandemic, that’s why I express myself in these terms, co..vid-19 as sars-coV2 have never existed if not in a non-natural “DIGITAL” form, all ab influences are not there..rus because there are no vir as a viral pathology are bacteria, the disease co..vid- 19, then it is a synthetic patent of silicon cell fragments processed by computer, no one in the world I say no one has ever scientifically demonstrated or documented this pandemic, all this infamous lie is the result of the DIGITAL – FINANCIAL complex, from 1918 to today 103 years of diffusion only in the media not of reality, the Spanish inflation, the deaths are due to the bacterium inoculated by the vaccines that contained the viral infection, like all al three are inventions, I hope I have been clear on this subject that I have been studying it for more than 10 years, if you do not share as you say I do not care about this you must better document yourself a cordial greeting a long awake Ermanno

  10. prioris

    The major problem underlying this world no matter what LIE you talk about is THE SHEEP problem.

    The sheep dominate the general population. They represent 80+ percent of the population. They can be easily brainwashed with repetitious messages. Outside their personal lives, they simply don’t care about the truth. They have strong sociopath tendencies. Nor do they care about humanity around them. They live the lie easily. Unless it is a problem for them, the problem doesn’t exist. Even if they know it to be a problem, they will stay silent because they are not much different than the government in mentality. They just stick their finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. They never had any problem with a government controlled news media. They align more with authoritarianism and organized crime.

    The other problems include cognitive dissonance and complaining people still supporting the status quo by supporting fake opposition. So being informed is not enough.

    Virtually every politician marches in lock step with the lies. This world is already ORWELLIAN.

    Resistance on a mental level is virtually non existent in the SHEEP population. They will conform to whatever the power structures want them to be. There may be at most 15% of the population that could have some resistance but even most of that lives in cognitive dissonance.

    Revolts happen among insiders. Not the general population. This isn’t a world where freedom can reign. Covert authoritarianism and criminality will be the general form of political structure we will live with because that is the mentality of the general population.

    1. Deb

      It was ever thus:

      13 …and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat…
      14 …because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
      Matthew 7:13-14

      1. Pepé Le Pew

        Gibberish translation required/S.V.P.

      2. Matt Dalby

        And no man shall buy or sell except him who hath the mark of the beast. Revelations 13:16. (or it may be 13:17)
        Does this put you in mind of vaccine passports/mandates?

        1. Deb

          My personal opinion-the vaccine is just the warmup, reinforcing the habit of compliance for the chip, also inserted with a needle, I believe. I think the chip will be the mark.

        2. Steven Ortel

          Revelations null and void when John said I will be that man.

    2. LocoLogos

      Stupidity is moral defect/laziness. Eugenics works.
      Genuine Metaphysics of Stupidity

  11. ιωαννης τσοντακης

    i will say my opinion on what will follow personally i believe that these vaccines are about transhumanism and the pre mark of the beast a person i trust and watch says that they will be 7 total doses now it s vaccines and after may be something else and the reason they are doing this is to controll us through frequencies so we will not be able to resist when they ask to worship them and their global king wich is going to be the antichrist i know that sounds crazy but it s my opinion and i wanted to share it

  12. Van Boxstael Geert

    Er zijn gemeenten in Nederland, bvb de gemeente Urk met weinig vaccinatie en lage coronacijfers.
    Duitsland heeft iets anders aangetoond.
    Hogere vaccinatiegraad = hogere oversterfte.

    Officieel, neen. Maar het vaccin is dodelijk. Zwart op wit.

  13. Peter

    How about starting from the beginning. As ive stated on here previously. I base everything on knowing and not believing. This covid lie hasnt been isolated or identified anywhere in the world. At this stage its just an outright lie. How about someone come up with the “Evidence”. They couldnt do that when confronted in Ireland or Canada. The politicians are paid off by big pharma and require “Plenty of money for their political parties”. It all about the “Party” and not the politician”. Its like universities etc. If they dont do what their puppet masters are told to do, they dont get funding. Its how govts control everything like the mainstream media. Its called “Money”. It rules the western world in particular. As well the PCR tests that have been used in the billions produce false negatives. Even the inventor said so in his own words.
    So the sheep go and get tested through fear, come up with a test thats inaccurate, and has been cycled 0ver 30 times as well to “Force” a false positive and people therefore think theyre infected by a PCR test and get the jab which is 99% graphene oxide as proven in Spain and the U.S and other countries.
    So then they get the jab thinking they will be good now, but in fact have suppressed their immune system with more jabs, until they get sick or die or both and blame it on the covid, when its all based in a gigantic lie from the beginning.
    Based in quicksand.


    How many have died from covid in fact?
    Where is the evidence of covid 19 existing?

    They dont hide it for anyone who bothers to dig deeper. They have to put it out there and if the people dont resist they just continue. You have to resist within yourself. NON consent. Theres an unseen and unheard law throughout the universe, that consent has to be given for anything and not forced. So if you decide to get the jab, you have consented and theirs no repercussions for anyone. But with no consent they cant force it on anybody because if they do their will be repercussions when they leave the body. Its called ‘Karma”. For every action theres a reaction. Its just common universal law that people are oblivious to.

    Is there anyone that can see this out there?
    I feel im the only one actually looking at “Facts” and not hearsay. All roads lead to Rome. The “Divine serpent” or the Naga as been depicted in various forms for thousands of years throughout many cultures. They rule the show here. Its basically another attempt at a complete takeover like in the past. Aids was approached the same way back in the 80s. They put out a lie that there was Aids, when in fact it was the treatments causing the deaths. Its just a repeat of the past which they never succeeded with.
    This has been prophesied like everything else in our lives.
    Its the time of the sixth sun which corresponds directly to evolution of humanity in particular the 6th energy centre within the human body.
    Is all about evolution believe it or not.
    We cant keep going on like this.
    Only the “Insane” would enjoy the world as it is, with wars, lies and the list goes on.
    The “Change is coming in higher frequency that lifts the ones who want to be lifted up. Everything is vibration and frequency as Tesla stated.
    Ding dong the witch is dead.
    There will be death and destruction on a mass scale shortly.
    Particularly in the U.S.A.
    Once theyre brought down, the whole western world will crumble.

    1. Deb

      Not that I disagree with you-sort of.

    2. Ballistic Logos

      Only the “Insane” would enjoy the world as it is… guess I’m your Huckleberry… yer no daisy Peter… you were just too high strung… remember never let the (((dirty buggers))) getcha down. We’ll keep goin’ dontcha worry none. You git at least one and I’m gonna git at least a couple fer sher. Cheers Amigo.

    3. Anonymous

      That was over 600 deaths and over 70000 injured. Not 70000 dead from the supposed covid 19.

  14. Jaroslav

    I used umunochemistry fifty years and I can say, that most of objects to inoculation arise from ignorance of immunology. Immune response is controled by three pairs of genes, each of ones with about 40 variants. It is hereditary and number of possible combinations is much more than trillion. As a result, immune response is extreamly individual. No vaccine can have 100 per cent outcome. But results of vaccination show less infections and less deaths of patients.

    1. Deb


      Since you are the expert, please explain why some ( but not all) people who have been vaccinated, are magnetized at the point of the injection and are able to stick paper clips, quarters etc to their arms.

      What part of immunology explains that?

      1. Slovakia

        VARIANT 1 OR 2 OR 3…

  15. Slovakia

    The pandemic will end in Europe 1.4. In 2021, the ultimatum for grants to support the economy will expire. If the country does not have 75% fully vaccinated, it will get nothing. That is why European policy is on fire and will continue to burn for at least another 4 months.

  16. Balthazar B... and Kalibanos the goat keeper. Ciao.

    Australia, Austria … WWIII officially “first declared”/ being rolled out in countries alphabetically… it’s just the most equitable, gentlemanly British pukka and sportsmanlike/fair way to do it. Jolly good form by the British/American Pilgrim Society to be sure. Bravo Chaps.

  17. Johna

    Hi Cap, You are right to draw attention to the SARS CoV issue at this juncture, as like the fascist inspired antisocial scare by the UN to turn AGW into a climate change emergency, the SARS virus has also been made to scare the public by the UN’s affiliated politicians – by them not going along with the real science. As if they did adopt real science with the realisation in 2002 that SARS CoV is airborne, they we could have stopped hundreds of thousands from dying and stop many thousands more from dying. The truth is our rotten to the core corrupt politicians are enacting measures that are unprecedented as we are seeing that the vaccine is not working as its efficacy is waning after a very short time – it only attacks the spike protein. There is also no medium and absolutely no long term knowledge of what these purported vaccines will do to our health?
    Here in the UK (and I’m sure in many other so called civilised countries) the route cause of this almighty mess we have is that our political system has never been fit for purpose. Parliamentary sovereignty is a principle of the UK pseudo constitution. As large parts of it are written down in the laws passed in Parliament – known as statute law. This makes Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law. Generally, the courts cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change – very handy for keeping power!
    In this case – and to illustrate the point you’ve raised – UK law states that any danger at work must be removed or if it cant be removed the work must be stopped – danger meaning anything that can seriously harm and kill and even more danger if it can harm/kill many people. In the UK the Health and Safety Executive have the legal jurisdiction to enforce this law and set out guidance on how to quantify the risks – in this case a societal risk assessment? But, each successive Government from Thatcher and Blair have made it impossible for the UK public to have this legal safeguard at work by making the HSE incapable of enforcing the law and also making legal representation by trade unions illegal.
    Thus, and like the enforced AGW/CC laws our undemocratically elected politicians have made law, they are doing WTFTL! And as your readers also eloquently point out they don’t GAF who they tramp on, maim and kill to keep their reign on effective totalitarian rule. And those who support them are their foot soldiers. Blow the hooter mate.

  18. bobthemoron

    It has been obvious to me for several months the the more the Vax the worse it gets. The vaccine seems to be spreading thew virus as it has been noted that the vaxed are “shedding”(spreading) the virus

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