Confluence Of Catastrophes: The Next Great Depression Could Be Just Months Away

Global warming, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine — these are all manufactured crises imposed on a docile public–a public instructed to trust the experts on any given topic because they themselves are far too stupid to apply their own logic.

And stupid the masses are. However, this stupidity is not organic. Society has been anesthetized from reason, intentionally. From today’s ‘gender wars’ and claims of ‘toxic masculinity’, to the old ‘left’ and ‘right’ dissensions, great wedges are being forced down the middle of us all, dividing and blinding us from the overwhelming number of ends and purposes that we as humans do actually share, such as respect and family, and the fight against centralized power/wealth.

Political beliefs should not define a person. This is a futile endeavor. The same puppet masters are pulling the strings whoever you vote for, and their modus operandi is the manufacture of catastrophes. A population in fear is far easier to wrangle than one given the time to stop and think, one allowed to awaken. People need to be distracted so as not to notice the strings, particularly when these strings become increasingly numerous and intrusive. Hence the growing number of ‘distractions’ in recent years, from Climate Change, COVID-19, to now the war in Europe. Each of these ‘catastrophes’ were/are easily preventable/avoidable/fixable, but easy fixes would be counterproductive to the end goal, because as well as being distractions, said catastrophes are also the key components and excuses used to forward the new regime. They are, in plain site, the blueprints of the new society: we need The Great Reset in order to fix our broken civilization, but little do the masses realize, civilization was dismantled on purpose. The intention of global warming was to bring about an energy crises; COVID’s purpose was the clawing back of our freedoms (and saw the roll-out of digital passports, curfews and lockdowns); and now the war, at least to my mind, will be the excuse given for the overall collapse of the financial system (which will include food shortages and rationing). And with regards to the latter –the crash– things appear to be playing out as planned. Looking to the markets, commodities are all firing higher and higher and higher. Wheat, for example, is about surpassed its all-time 2008 high:

While oil traded for $127+ a barrel earlier today:

With inflation already rampant, I see these soaring commodity prices as the final nail in the coffin for human prosperity and abundance. This Great Crash, that I’ve publicly been urging people to prepare for since 2018, may now be just months away from commencing. And I’m sure the majority of people aren’t ready for what’s coming. I myself am still months away from being fully prepared (off-grid in Central Portugal).

And although I see hyper inflation and the next Great Depression being just around the corner, what I see first is a panicked inflow into equities (and crypto): the parabolic finale that all markets experience before a collapse. And so it stands, if we start seeing the markets –such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW)– firing off into new record-breaking territory over the coming weeks then this will only confirm to me that the top is nearing. Looking to the past, the exact same phenomenon occurred prior to the 1929 crash. The below chart is of the DOW today (left) vs the index during the 1920’s build-up/crash/aftermath (right). Note the ‘choppy’ period we find ourselves in now, and note how it correlates with the choppy period that occurred just prior to the final pump that played out in 1929, before the price then crashed and lost 90% of its value:


It may be hard to see a catalyst for this ‘final pump’ given how gloomy world events appear right now, but as I’ve hinted above, there is a heck of a lot of money sloshing about the system right now (thanks in no small part to the insane money printing of the past few years), and folk need to put it somewhere. It makes no sense to hold it in cash, given spiraling inflation, and so people will look to the markets–particularly given that they’re down 20% off their recent highs, making them appear more attractive.

And likewise with cryptocurrencies, a parabolic finale is likely on the cards (as they generally follow equities). My theories on cryptos have evolved over the past year-or-so. I’ve been convinced that this digital market was created by the very same PTB that are bringing us The Great Reset. Tellingly, big banks have been badmouthing crypto since its inception, but this has worked to convince many people that the digital asset must be a good thing: “If the banks hate it, it must be worth adopting”, goes the rationale of Bitcoin and Ethereum proponents. But this is the exact same ploy the banks utilized when forming the Fed back in 1910. Public sentiment at the time called for a grip on a lawless banking system. And with their power threatened, the big banks helpfully offered to write a reform bill themselves. What they proposed was a body to regulate America’s finances — the Federal Reserve. Cunningly though, after drafting the bill these same banking families then when on a media campaign denouncing it as terrible for business, and an overall bad idea for America — and the masses, gullible as they, fell for it hook, line, and sinker: “If the banks hate it, it must be worth adopting”. Just three years later, the Federal Reserve –disguised as a government agency even though in reality being nothing but a banking cartel– was successfully passed through congress (read Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island for more of deep dive on that).

Proponents of Bitcoin and Ethereum –the two most prominent cypto assets– think they are fighting the system when in reality they are seeing in the New World Order. I believe that immediately after this coming financial collapse, the new system will rise on the back of the blockchain. Supporting this contention, it turns out that JPMorgan (one of the original banks involved in forming the Federal Reserves) was behind Ethereum all along, from day dot. And while publicly denouncing the technology, it appears that the bank was funding its development behind the scene, since at least 2013: Ethereum is JPMorgan, JPMorgan is Ethereum. This is an absolute bombshell that I don’t think people, even those within crypto, are actually aware of. And to those proponents of crypto, I ask you this: Bitcoin was ‘appeared’ in 2009? Right? So immediately after the last financial crisis? Curious timing. And it is also said that its creator is unknown? Really? So we’re to believe that this crypto thawing in recent months, where big businesses, banks, and even nations are coming around to the idea of the asset, is happening even though nobody knows who owns it? You think countries are making Bitcoin legal tender without knowing if it could be hacked/have its plug pulled at any moment? I don’t think so. This is completely calculated. TPTB have worked a position in which it looks as if they have no other choice but to adopt the technology (that they secretly created in the first place!) because it’s now gained so much traction.

Like climate change, COVID, and the Ukrainian conflict, cryptocurrencies are likely just another cog of The Great Reset–a play within this complete reworking of society.

Within hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the international payment system ‘SWIFT’ was dominating the MSM headlines. The system is antiquated now, having been formed in the 1970s, and a new player is needed. Crypto is that new player, and, more specifically, at least by my reckoning, it will go by the name of Ripple (XRP), a company that for many years now has branded itself as an alternative to SWIFT. Ripple is currently being sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — a play that looks bad on the outside, but it also one, assuming Ripple wins –which it looks like its going to– that would actually provide complete clarify for the company and its token, clarity that no other body within the cryptocurrency space would have received to date, and which would then open the door to a host of new official use cases (such as the replacement of SWIFT). Furthermore, the SEC lawsuit may have also acted as a deterrent to retail investors, artificially holding the price of XRP back allowing the government to buy it up cheap. A similar thing has occurred with gold, too, both historically and today.

A digital, blockchain-backed financial system is the future. I have no doubt about that. Unfortunately, this spells more bad news for our freedoms. TPTB already know most-everything about each of us, but in the future if a person were to step even a tippy-toe out of line then the new system will be able to cut them off with just a click of a button. This will breed an even more compliant global population and will risk eradicating dissent, protests and free speech altogether. It could usher in the fall of humans as a species, and render us to the status of property: slave model complete.

I implore that you escape the system now before its imminent collapse and dark resurrection. Once the crash has commenced nothing will be attainable. Stocking up on food to avoid rationing won’t be possible; setting up a solar array and battery bank in order to disconnect yourself from a failing grid will prove impossible; and accessing survival resources at just the click of button likely won’t available any more. In other words, prepare now: The Next Great Depression Could Be Just Months Away.

And to back that notion up further still, both Fed employees and members of congress are now being instructed to sell their stocks. This instruction is under the guise of ‘ethical reasons’, so as not to cause panic, but in reality ‘they’ know what’s coming, and after being allowed to own stocks for the entirety of this multidecadal bull run, only now are they being ‘forced’ to sell, right at the top:

Wake up, folks.

And stay free.

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160 Thoughts to “Confluence Of Catastrophes: The Next Great Depression Could Be Just Months Away”

  1. Linda Fisher

    “The intention of global warming was to bring about an energy crises; COVID’s purpose was the clawing back of our freedoms ” Please let me know who it was who had, or has, the intention of global warming to bring about an energy crisis? That there is global warming is an undeniable fact. Apart from all the scientific evidence, ordinary people have observed warming – ski resorts are complaining about less snow. Farmers, gardeners and similar have noticed that plants are growing earlier in the year and that many that normally die off in winter are now blooming year round. There are many, undeniable examples. And, how on earth can you claim that there was a ‘purpose’ of any sort, behind covid?

    1. Deb

      If you don’t like it here, go away. Nobody cares what you think, if you call that thinking.

      1. Deb

        PS Aren’t you overdo for your next booster? Better hurry, before the rest of the “marching morons” use them all up!

        1. Chucky BeaverSnapper

          Poor Linda’s problem IS that she has been needle raped three times courtesy of Claus “YOU WILL BE needle raped and YOU WILL BE happy” Schwab… Linda is damaged goods and her mind has gone to shit. She is confined to bed being fed soda and burgers and fries… 80% who die from Covid are obese and on her diet of donuts and ice cream, she weighs in at 400 lbs…. 400 lbs of shit and farts. So give Linda a break – she is suffering. She’s trying to be happy as her puppet master commands.

          1. Linda Fisher

            This tells everybody all they need to know about you. That what you don’t know, which is pretty much everything, you make up. I am in fact very healthy, never eat that rubbish and weigh in at 116pounds at a height of 5 foot seven inches. And you have no idea at all whether or not I have had the jab.

          2. LocoLogos

            Chucky I can imagine you’ve “saved” a few trees in your day. Unfortunately the Linda(s) never got that joke… and they’re still suffering.

          3. Chucky

            This tells us “everything we need to know” that you claim that we don’t know if you got the jab… it’s too obvious you moron… YOU GOT “NEEDLE RAPED” IS WRITTEN ON YOUR FOREHEAD NEXT TO “IGNORAMUS”…

          4. Deb

            How rude, lol!

      2. Linda Fisher

        If you’re so good at thinking, how about giving your reasons as to how covid has the purpose of clawing back our freedoms? And your reasons as to the intentions of global warming? If you want to accuse someone of being wrong, you need to give a valid, and coherent reason.

        1. Michael Peinsipp

          Okay please listen.
          CCP (Wuhan Bioweapons lab in Wuhan China) and NIH (Dr. Fauci) and EcoHealth worked together to do GAIN OF FUNCTION research. Only ONE reason a Bioweapons lab would do GAIN OF FUNCTION research – a BIO WEPOAN.
          Now you saw what happened and the destruction and loos of liberties and work that occurred world wide.
          Where I live, SC KY, we had ZERO Covid deaths. The County Coroner confirmed that all deaths in the past two years were NON Covid related.
          AND the ‘Medical Leaders’ stopped the use of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc. Why?

          1. Linda Fisher

            It was Senator Rand Paul who said it was ‘gain of function’ Unfortunately, he is not a scientist and does not understand what gain of function actually is. And just supposing that covid had been developed as a bioweapon. Don’t you think that those developing it would have safeguards in place so their own people wouldn’t be affected when it was unleashed on the world? I suggest you check out the numbers of covid cases and deaths in China. No covid deaths where you live? Really?

          2. Linda Fisher

            And that you have to ask why the use of Ivermectin etc was stopped is evidence that you don’t know the answer. You just prefer to believe you own opinions rather than hard facts.

          3. Anonymous

            Linda – you are a quintessential idiot… so STFU!

          4. Deb

            Is “quintessential” your new word for the week? (Use it 10 times in a sentence and it’s yours! Lol!)

        2. Fed

          Dear Linda, I don’t give a shit what your beliefs are nor do I give a shit about convincing you of my beliefs. Please just fuck off and die.

          1. Linda Fisher

            I don’t deal in ‘beliefs’ they are usually imaginary. I deal in hard facts that are backed by hard evidence.

          2. Cap Allon

            “Facts” are often imagined, too — something you haven’t quite yet grasped.

          3. Linda Fisher

            CAP ALON- “Facts” are often imagined, too — something you haven’t quite yet grasped

            Oh dear Cap. Facts cannot be imagined. A fact is an incontrovertible truth. It has hard evidence behind it. I suggest you google fact+definition.

          4. Cap Allon

            Oh dear indeed.

          5. Linda Fisher

            An old saying that clearly applies to you. There’s none so stupid as those who refuse to learn.

          6. Deb

            …said the poster child for “Refuses to Learn”.

          7. Deb

            …said the poster child for “Refuses to Learn”.

        3. Matt Dalby

          I think you’re misunderstanding, either wilfully or because of political motivation, covid and global warming. Both are real, and there is a huge amount of evidence that says so, but neither are anything like as serious as TPTB made out. Also covid is clearly over as a slightly dangerous disease for the very frail, and global warming is highly likely to be over. Since covid is a virus and global warming is a natural phenomena neither has purpose or intentions. Where there is purpose and intent is the way in which the global elites have grossly distorted the danger from both to serve their long term goals, which Cap perfectly explained.
          There is an alternative theory which says that it’s wrong to describe as a conspiracy that which can be explained as a cock-up. I used to believe that the response to covid and the global warming scam was largely a cock-up on the part of governments, however as the scale of the cock-up became apparent I find it harder and harder to believe that even politicians could be that stupid/ignorant and am now more or less convinced that sinister motives are behind it all.

          1. Linda Fisher

            That is wrong on so many levels. To take one point – viruses can, and do, mutate a great many times. That the current omicron version is milder than the previous versions, doesn’t rule out that it could come back later in a much more dangerous form. Therefore it cannot be said to be over. And who are these global elites? No one who claims they exist seems to have the slightest idea who they might be or which countries they come from. And, initially I was replying to someone that quite clearly said covid and global warming did have purpose and intention.

      3. wvweights

        Funny how she? just showed up and has a reply for every post. Tried to check out her? name but no luck ( wonder what that indicates.) We do not need its type of person on here. Heck can not even down vote her?.

    2. Mystic’s Mystic

      The Global warming mongers finally have a peaceful nation under attack. Many of her citizens dead or wounded and their sovereignty in doubt. In addition to this already fully developed horror, this is a war that could inch ever closer to a nuclear exchange.
      Fossil fuel or the lack there of is a direct result of global warming hysteria. Now the USA & Germany are financing the Russian attack on the Ukraine.
      Government officials view themselves as
      Exalted elites but self serving frauds fits immensely better. The really shocking thing is according to UAH the global temperature has actually dropped over 1 degree Fahrenheit since 2016. Can someone please get a comment from the Algorithm of death.
      Get in your hole Al.
      The IPCC – intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should also recognize their responsibility in the Ukrainian conflict.
      Constantly spueing unsupported global warming faulty beliefs and propagandized brain washing. The same can be said about our climate Czar John Kerry.
      The death toll from their miscalculation is real and growing. They should be charged with Criminal mischief with deadly consequences.
      From wars to recklessly erected & flawed wind generation and solar panel farms that let their users down in extreme cold conditions and heavy snow. Their fictitious promotion of global warming hysteria has had deadly consequences. Does anyone else think that the time to have real scientists assessing our climatic future is long over due?
      Or do you still put your faith and future wellbeing in Bill Nye the science guy the way Joe Biden does.
      What we have had up to this point is a government sponsored CON job with an ever growing list of casualties. Our leaders in Washington are not climate crusaders. They are truly overreacting domestic terrorist.
      If the temperature continues its downward spiral like some scientist suggest it will, the death toll will rise exponentially. What has the government done to prepare for a possible super cold future? SubZERO.

      1. Linda Fisher

        Oh dear! Re “The really shocking thing is according to UAH the global temperature has actually dropped over 1 degree Fahrenheit since 2016”
        You are confusing long term trends with trend variation. Have a look at the graph in the link below and you will see a pattern. the first ‘peak’ is in 1998 and that is followed by six, cooler years, until the next ‘peak’ in 2005. Then there are four cooler years until 2010. That is followed by four cooler years until 2015 and 2016. Each of those peaks is higher than each of the preceding peaks. The in between cooler years are also getting warmer as time goes on. Since 2016, when you claim there has been no increase, the ‘no increase’ only applies in comparison to that one year; 2016. But, as you can see, each year since 2014 has been warmer than every single year before 2014. El Nino and La Nina – El Nino years are hotter and La Nina years are lower, that is their known effect. 2016 was El Nino, therefore a hot year. Currently we have La Nina which is why it is currently cooler than 2016. It is not currently cooler than 2016 because of general global cooling, in the same way that the previous cooler years weren’t cooler because of general global cooling.

        1. Mystic’s Mystic

          (Cap) doesn’t like debates so I am going to keep this short. In the face of the highest concentration of CO2 in modern times the temperature of the earth dropped over a full degree Fahrenheit. You need to realize something else is happening that the CO2 argument can’t override.
          In any case do what you think is best for your survival. Be blessed.

          1. Linda Fisher

            He doesn’t like debates? I’m not surprised given he’s into pseudo science. Science is all about debates, research, and the ferreting out of evidence. Pseudoscience is all about believing whatever you imagine to be true without questioning it.

          2. Hammerhorn

            The time to argue and debate with the other side is over, either you are awake or you are woke. This is akin to a civil war, but it is all of humanity. I tried for years to educate many. Now I focus on those who love their neighbor, know/want to product their own food, and for the most part have kids.

        2. Michael Peinsipp

          Please explain why GREENLAND is called Greenland.

          1. Linda Fisher

            Not because it used to green.

          2. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

            The farm was part Greenland’s Western Settlements, a community established around A.D. 1000 that grew to perhaps 1,500 people before the Norse abandoned the area around 1350, remaining in southern Greenland for another century. At Nipaatsoq, blowing glacial sands covered the farm in the early 1400’s, sealing it until 1990, when two hunters reported seeing ancient wood protruding from an eroded stream bank. The Greenland climate [a thousand years ago] was a bit warmer than it is today, and the southernmost tip of the great island was luscious and green and no doubt tempted Eric the Red and his followers. This encouraged them to cultivate some of the seed corn they brought with them from Iceland. The Vikings also tried to grow other agricultural crops. Their attempts to grow these crops and barley did not last long, however, as the climate cooled over the next couple of centuries until the Little Ice Age started in the 13th century. “The Vikings couldn’t cultivate very much in the last decades they were in Greenland because the climate was too bad,” says Henriksen. “Corn needs a long growing season, and if that season is too short you can’t harvest seed for the next season.” At some point the Vikings were no longer able to maintain the seed production for their food and drink, and that made it more difficult for them to survive.

        3. Fran

          Why are you using NOAA instead of UAH that Mystic referred?
          NOAA / NASA are promoting AGW as much as you are, UAH on the contrary shows almost no warming – on the average – since 1998.
          In my opinion, the “pause” continues, but I’m also curious to watch how it will develop from now on specially after 2024-25 when the maximum of the present solar cycle will (probably) have finished and the AMO will probably start to go down into negative phase. I’m really curious to see what is going to happen then.

    3. TW

      “That there is global warming is an undeniable fact.”


        1. TW

          Shhhhh carbon cultist. Say a few Hail Gretas.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        That CO2 can wash out all the remaining oil to 98% clean when used as a 3rd stage production technique is a proven fact by core drill laboratory analysis

        1. Dallas Schneider

          Public Money for Private Gain! Just Business! DS

    4. Futwick

      Hello Linda. Alongside each article presented on this website, on the right there are data sets, graphed for ease in understanding. These data sets fly directly in the face of the supposed undeniable climate change claims, including yours. For example, we have seen precisely zero warming in upper atmosphere satellite monitoring today compared to the average of the 30 years ended 2020. We have seen the highest snowfall accumulation, well outside 1 standard deviation (excluding mountains) in the Northern Hemisphere. There have been other articles provided that compare the inefficacy of CO2 to temperature rise…bottom line, it is the solar forcings that cause the (always) varying temperatures. There is significant data behind the greening of deserts in recent times due to CO2 increases. Please, advise where in the world farmers and growers are noticing plants growing and harvesting is earlier since 2016. The science on Climate Change isn’t science at all, to prove otherwise you would have to correlate the Climate Change models to what is actually observed; that is where the Climate Change hysteria is proven wrong.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        I step out every morning to take a Sky temp reading with my infrared temp gun. When the temp is low, such as the -38 seen here in SW Florida Jan 31stm 2022 the sky sucks up a lot of ground heat as well.
        I have done this predawn DAILY for YEARS. If that is not self research I don’t know what is. GET OUT and OBSERVE!!!!
        So on March 2, 2022, the ground temp was TWENTY-NINE (29) DEGREES F lower than on March 2, 2018!!!
        Looks like a cooling trend to me!!!
        HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN IF ole man Global Warming is still around?

        1. Linda Fisher

          That is the most unscientific method I’ve come across. And global warming is just that, global. The temperature just outside you door measures [and not accurately by your methods] what the temperature is of an extremely small sample of air for about one second of the day.

          1. Dallas Schneider

            Yep, just before dawn without any solar forcing.
            What is most remarkable is the discovery of trends, prediction of rain. When it warms here by a significant jump in the temp from one day to another is indicates rain in the next 24-48 hours.
            Now the MINUS -38 Degrees Sky temp Jan 31st is a RECORD cold temp for SW Florida taken with the infrared gun.
            We are just dealing with FACTS here. I step out pre-dawn with my infra red temp gun and scan the sky. My conclusion is the Sky Temp will vary with the humidity. The clearer the sky, the colder it is. I am not trying to extend my temp readings to South Dakota.
            We have no comparison. I have lived that way all my life, Linda. My USMC unit was the 1st of the 1st of the 1st, Recon!
            So far out on the tree limb always about to fall off!
            I think Cap knows the feeling, that’s why I can relate to him.
            The ability to take a few FACTS, such as the IPCC is mandated to prove man made global warming thus excludes it from including it’s fatal flaw – the consideration of the atmosphere warming up like an electric light incandescent bulb due to the GLOBAL Electric Circuit!!!
            Seems this could be the cause of a very quick response in weather patterns. Have you ever seen the pressure change in a Freon based solar panel? WOW! Boy is it ever responsive!!!
            How about we get some real “scientists” published in the game? Even the most most scientific unbiased temp reports of decades of weather balloons have NOT seen the light of day! One can only speculate in the light of conflicting data as to who the REAL LIAR is!!! DS

          2. Dallas Schneider

            I agree Linda,
            Some facts are more important than others.
            Not evaluating the importance of facts is the downfall or mankind.
            I challenge you to get a temp gun, go out every morning pre-dawn, say 4 Am for a year, keep a daily record,
            then come back March 8, 2023 so we have a discussion about about your findings and revelations.
            A lot of people of working hard on the Climate Change situation. The Policy makers should have correct evaluated facts to make decisions on, not greedy cooperate and political agendas causing “scientists” to look like crazy bought & paid for egotistical mad maniacs!
            They need a better reputation than that. DS

        2. Linda Fisher

          We have no comparison” describes exactly why your method does not provide even remotely viable data. There are world wide standards for temperature measurement. See the two links, one for UK and one for US. See also the Florida link, they have 32 stations. One measurement taken in nonstandard conditions by a nonstandard method counts for nothing at all.


      linda..i think you need to do more research and give up watching the BBC

      1. Linda Fisher

        I leave the research to those who are qualified and experienced on the subject. I suspect that you consider ‘research’ to be reading the opinions of the uneducated on google.

        1. Wizard

          So long as you delegate that said research to others, you are beyond hopeless. However you want to view this, you really need to second-guess your perceived authorities. If they are right, research of your own won’t prove them wrong. IF they’re wrong, you’re in for a rude awakening. Whatever you do next, first ignore what CNN advised against with regards to death-shots and

          I, and as far as I can tell, much of the “community” here don’t debate topics with others we ourselves haven’t researched. You might want to adopt that.

          1. Linda Fisher

            Please explain what research you do? It’s looking things up on google and forming your own opinion isn’t it? Real research involves gaining degrees, PhDs, masters degrees. Fully equipped laboratories. Work in the field. Getting you findings checked by others who do that kind of research and so on. Those are the people who actually know what they are talking about. They don’t just imagine they know what they are talking about because they read something they didn’t fully understand and came to their own conclusions about it. This might be of use to you

          2. Wizard

            Degrees, PhDs and masters are only worth if what you are learning is backed up by facts. Trouble is, very few, if any, still are. Regardless. I do my own research and can show you documents and plans for fooling 7 billion people into believing there is something out there and that you will die from it, as well as documents showing that this whole scam was used to promote a new, but deadly eugenics tech they couldn’t test long-term and wide-spread effects of otherwise. As for the climate research, YES, I am a very much novice in the field, but I did start my research by going through the literature of all things related to physics, biology, chemistry and energy and have started to put the puzzle pieces together.The author of this blog is also making mistakes, but in contrast to your “authorities” he is at least putting the people on the right path to seek the truth ourselves.

            Do your own research about the energy balance of this world you call home before you align yourself with any narrative. You’ll see what most of us here see, I’m sure of it.

          3. Wizard

            And another thing, that tin foil hat you suggested, will not be enough in the near future!

            Those people who cannot provide a full Faraday shield around their homes or in some other way find a method to block all harmful EM signals coming in and around their home/bodies will be susceptible to torture not yet seen by man, not even imagined by best horror-futuristic writers.

          4. Linda Fisher

            Wizard, by your own admission you are a novice with regard to all things climate. That means you are not qualified, you have not done any research of the sort that requires large laboratories, work in the field and having your work peer reviewed. Yet you consider you know more than those who do have those qualifications and experience and that it is perfectly reasonable for you to tell them they are all wrong and that the globe isn’t warming? “I do my own research and can show you documents and plans for fooling 7 billion people” OK. Show me. Send me links to them.

          5. Wizard

            Qualification is a piece of paper, where someone with some perceived authority vouches for you so can project some perceived authority on other. It does not equal knowledge and /or understanding of subject matter, unfortunately. As for the documents, here you go:


            Just move the projected dates five years back and that’s pretty much word for word how it all played out

            Re the climate, yes I say I am a novice because I haven’t been able to research all the details of most of what is claimed on this site, as well as some others, but I did research the main energy balance or lack thereof that has nothing to do with human activity, quite the opposite, I’ve seen and read papers of other researchers in the field that claim that human activity is actually what pushed us away from a tipping point of mass ecosystem die-off after the Maunder Minimum. Whether that is true or not is up for debate, but I haven’t seen any research that is not bought and paid for by the same people/organizations that pushed this false illness bull, and that promotes the idea that human activity with regards to multi-million cow farts and coal-fired power plants etc are responsible for a change in the climate. Might I suggest a semi-related proven and knowledgeable researcher of climate? Go look up what Milutin Milankovich has to say about the climate on this good Earth. No one, as of right now, has overturned his theories, and yet we are somehow led to believe in human-caused global warming? They’re pissing in your ear, mate, and trying to impose upon you that what you’re smelling is not piss but water, and that they’re not pissing on you from on high, but that it’s raining….

          6. Linda Fisher

            I have read the report that you’ve sent me a link to before. You seem to have misunderstood what it is about, as have a great many other people. This article gives an easy to understand explanation as to the what it is actually about but I’m pretty certain you’ll stick to your own opinion rather than accept the facts. And, as it happens, I am qualified to know that what is in my link is correct.

          7. Wizard

            Reuters, whose CEO is on the board of Pfizer, sure proves objectivity of any news related to the scamdemic. Can’t wait for a reuters article saying jumping off a cliff is good for your health.

          8. Fran

            “Real research involves gaining degrees, PhDs, masters degrees. Fully equipped laboratories. Work in the field.” Linda Fisher.
            This is not true Linda, real research involves acquiring knowledge and thinking and concluding on your own or with a group of research what implications of that knowledge is.
            To say that no one here have a minimal knowledge about climate or that we cannot understand a paper in climatology or meteorology is *obviously* false, Cap Allon has many posts here and some other commenters also that show very good knowledge of both fields.
            If you cannot *refute* our arguments with logic and your own opinions, backed by references of course, then you are showing us that your presence here is for political reasons only. In this case, why? This is not a political blog, it is about climate mostly and, of course, whatever Cap Allon decides to post.
            BTW, I agree with what you said about Omicron, it could evolve into a more infectious and dangerous variant.
            Also, who are the global Elite that is trying to enslave humanity, it’s a good question. I tend to think that the global Elite are the big corporations of the capitalist system, together with the military industry and the present power structure.

          9. Deb

            Don’t forget the bankers!

      2. Linda Fisher

        Fran. Cap for one does not have good knowledge. For example he regularly uses these graphs to show we are getting more snow than in previous years. He does not understand that those graphs do not show how much snow there is but how much water there is within that snow. That is, they show mass not volume. As I’m sure you know, the hotter it is, the more moisture there is in the air. That extra moisture means the snow is wetter, that is, it holds more water; the water is the mass. When the air is less moist, so is the snow. One cubic metre of wet snow can hold more water than 2 cubic metres of dry snow. That graph shows more water. Not more snow. Have a look at this, it intended for children but it makes the point succinctly.
        Incidentally on the snow graph in the first link it says SWE that means snow water equivalent, a label that tells you the graph shows how much water is in the snow, not how much snow there is.


      The world is not getting MWrmer.

      It is actually getting Colder.

      1. Linda Fisher

        Evidence? Scientific papers that show that to be the case?

          1. Linda Fisher

            Joanne Nova is a microbiologist who has personal opinions about climate but no actual knowledge.

          2. Logos Dialectic

            Sassy never opens links either… plus you’d likely have to explain what a down trend was to the runaway “Karen(s)”. This is sorta like watchin’ an old Jerry Springer re-run.

            Sippin’ on a Jägermeister/vodka boilermaker to get prepped for the Ruskie invasion to save us from the Kommie Karens who’ve taken over Kanadastan. Thank dog for the Cap’n’s Electroverse, eh? Cheers.

          3. Deb


            Hey, I opened your link to the Canadian Prepper’s take on Karens.

            How do you find this stuff, anyway?

            You’d be surprised how often I trail behind you checking out the crumbs you drop, lol.

      2. Winston Smith [Mr]

        CENTURION, great to hear from you again Comrade. Looks like we got us a “Linda Fisher” sock puppet/”helpmeat” type “Karen” loose in the house and the Cap’n is lettin’ ‘er run. “She” might go back a couple of days/months and read the articles/open some links. She even got Sassy excited. You made my day(s) back since Jan 2020 with your comments. At first I figure you might be RWF in disguise back when. Cheers.

        Will ‘KAREN’ Survive SHTF? How to Deal with Karen’s!

        January 13, 2020 at 7:33 am
        You have NO idea this was sarcasm? Really?
        And, since you don’t “get it” you insult the author, while it is you who is the ignorant one.

        January 14, 2020 at 1:00 am
        Poe’s Law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a
        parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the
        views being parodied. Much of the humour comes from the commenters who don’t get it and that’s what’s really funny or sad
        depending on your point of view. Cheers from a way different Robert Winston Smith

        1. Deb

          Thx for the trip down memory lane.

      3. Deb


        Good to see you’re still ticking along.

        I was profoundly affected by a video you posted the link to back when.

        Hope all is well with you, as well as it can be with the end of the world upon us, lol.

        Don’t be a stranger.


    7. Dallas Schneider

      Thank God the Global Warming crisis is Over, Done, Finished, Kaput!
      It is an undeniable fact! Oct 2024 Planetary Alignment pulling the earth 1 million miles out of orbit will slam the door shut, and lock it on AGW!!!

      Now who tried to create an energy crisis, the man who invented Climate Change was Maurice Strong, a Canadian OIL Man. Now oil Companies love CO2 Tertiary production injection, cleaning out the last remaining oil in the formation to 98% BY CORE TEST!!!
      They are getting ready for outer space, as Mars & Venus have CO2 Atmospheres. They now produce gasoline from Atmospheric CO2. So this is a multi-faceted agenda! One of the biggest lies of the century~!
      DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)

      1. Linda Fisher

        You really believe that don’t you.

      2. David Wieland

        Strong was an ambitious man who rose to high positions in Canadian energy companies, established strong political connections and eventually the UN. He was billed as an environmentalist but that label hid a darker agenda. He considered himself to be “a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology.” He said that growing up poor during the Depression radicalized him.
        But through his leftist world view and strong political influence (including with the Club of Rome), Strong has had outsized responsibility for setting the world’s environmental agenda. The corruption involved has been hidden from the general public, who are expected to believe the fallacious population growth “problem” and manmade global warming. Sadly, most do.

    8. ... and the beat goes on

      Wow Cap I just re-read your blurb above… man I’ve always seen it but you is definitely not just a/the weather guy… Thank you for your insightful commentary. CRP is now putting even more inside baseball logos icing on the cake too. Linda’s a Karen, like Sassy she’s also a good foil/facade. Cheers.
      CRP’s new channel – all good stuff:

    9. David Wieland

      The idea that COVID was intentionally released is questionable, but the damaging China-inspired policies that have been inflicted on much of the world have certainly undermined the freedoms of the “free world”.
      As for global warming, while it’s true there has been warming (thank goodness) since the end of the Little Ice Age and again since the 1970s cooling, the scientific evidence actually shows another cooling beginning. I don’t know where you live, but in eastern Ontario, Canada there’s no trend to less snow, and, although there was an early warming that fooled my apple trees last year, the anomalous cold that followed left me with no harvest. Your examples represent the variability of weather, not global warming.

  2. Wizard

    An interesting, but not inaccurate piece on something not directly related to the climate. Keep it up, friend!

  3. Deb

    Maybe I’ll just take the jab. No, with my luck it would just maim me.

  4. Mystic’s Mystic

    Is SSW here to stay in the early spring?
    In addition to heavy snowfalls depositing heat in the upper atmosphere. Now in the northern hemisphere & continuing through the duration of the GSM we have extensive snow cover. The sun is moving north toward the equator & beyond. The polar regions upper atmosphere is going to receive primary solar energy and more and more reflected solar energy off the top of the snow cover. In essence the earth covered with snow is forming a natural solar concentrator. Primary and reflected sunlight arriving in the upper polar stratosphere simultaneously.
    According to the GFS model here in March we may have a sizable winter effects condition in east Texas. I’m afraid late spring polar blasts will become the normal moving forward.

  5. Patrick Donnelly

    The Depression in Japan started in 1989. In the USA in 1999. Since then, the bankers have been spinning a Ponzi, funding price rises, foreign industries etc. A phased, part Depression. Why the TSA? An open kobs for nothing program, given that 9/11 was an inside job.
    The theft from the banking system, insurance corps and stocks will end soon. Maybe they can find another war?
    The return to real capital will destroy most corporations depending on loans…. That is when the Depression will start to end…. with chaos for a few years. After that labour will once again become a price maker.

  6. ignasi orobitg gene

    thanks for the tips.
    I do believe that we are entering both climatic and social cooling.

    1. Deb

      Bon mot, ignasi!

  7. John Galt's Offspring

    “Ski resorts are complaining about less snow” WHICH resorts? In this neck of the woods in USA they opened early, and European ones actually had TOO MUCH snow and closed because no one could get to them. These were listed in previous electroverse blogs and pics. We actually have LESS growing days each year because of the sun’s less solar activity. I could go on, however you can’t cure stupid. I can’t wait until the rising gas prices make people realize that this is to force us to buy electric cars then find ourselves in a 40 degree below blizzard and because batteries do not work well in the cold, freeze to death in a few short hours. It is interesting how when faced with reality, the normalcy bias based on a false narrative takes over the mind and the “organism” becomes completely malleable and open to “suggestions” which is really a form of hypnosis on that “organism” for complete control. SO, there is a particular person who bases their arguments on the current narrative and not on facts. I thank you for the rant. IF reality was recognized and faced, the psyche of that person would crumble in an instant, friends would be lost, and the mind would crumble in short order.

      1. Ed

        You are clearly NOT a skier and have no clue WTF you are talking about. Resorts have never been more crowded. Anyone with an EPIC or Ikon pass will tell you that. Hence why backcountry skiing is one of the fastest growing sports right now. I work a major resort in CA and if you don’t have a parking spot by 9:30am on the weekend, you ain’t skiing. Do you really think that is because there’s no snow?! We just had our biggest December snowfall on record!
        BTW, quoting Business Insider is NOT an example of “facts/hard evidence”! LMFAO.

        1. Linda Fisher

          So, I’m clearly not a skier? You have no idea!! The long term snow trend is down. There are variations, some places will have extra snow and some will have much less at different times. The unassailable fact is more and more ski resorts are having too little snow on more and more occasions. That you currently have plenty doesn’t change that.

          1. Ed

            There are variation in snow pack. Wow. Thanks for the brilliant observation. I take it all back. You’re the next Lindsay Vohn. 🤡

        2. Linda Fisher

          Like I said, there are variations. You seem to have missed the real point that I made. That despite those variations the trend is still down and more ski resorts are having too little snow more often.

      2. Colin Harkin

        Lind, We have skied for over 20 years at Perisher Valley NSW Australia and I can tell you from personal experience the following:

        Seasons prior to 2019 were always patchy for snow volume – snow mass always up and down and always wet and heavy.
        Season 2019 to 2021, snow has been plentiful and much dryer than pre 2019.
        We have also skied inland Canada and Colorado where the snow is usually plentiful and very dry, so with this experience, we know the difference, as most keen skiers do..

        Season: 2019 there was a blizzard at Perisher Sunday afternoon August 11 when the temperature dropped to -10C. THAT has not happened in Australia to my knowledge in recent (30 years) times.
        The snowline has been slowly falling while falls have been recorded in unusual places well below the average snowline.

        Here at our place on the Southern Tablelands of NSW, we have not had a normal hot summer for since 2018-19.

        Lake George is filling again. Has been dry since the 1980’s.
        This is a glimpse into what we are observing in Australia southern NSW.

        I’m reading a book “Gren Murder” by Professor Ian Plimer i which he states that Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.7C since 1850, which is when the Little Ice Age ended. He asked “what did we think would happen – at the end of a cooling period?

        Linda, you sound like a really intelligent person, however I sense you are on a mission to sell a story that does not stand up to scrutiny, the same as the famous “Hockey Stick” published by Michael Mann, who was defeated in court when challenged by Tim Ball.

        1. Linda Fisher

          Ian Plimer is a geologist and mining engineer. He is not a climatologist. That Mann was defeated is a common misconception. The case wasn’t about whether or not the hockey stick was correct. It was about whether or not those against it had the right to say it was fraud. Especially as they offered no evidence that it was a fraud. The case was dropped before it came to a conclusion. Therefore no one either won, or lost. Mann was asked to pay costs for the simple reason that when cases are dropped it is the person who brought the case, regardless of the merits of that case, who pays those costs. He was not asked to pay because he was defeated. That is simply the way the law works.

          1. Colin Harkin

            Good grief Linda. The hockey stick graph was invented by Mann. He reduced historical temperature records to falsely create an image that current temperatures are higher. If that’s not fraud what is in your world? Best not answer that because you probably have a “unique” reply and not an answer to my basic question.

            I expect you will have heard of the Climate Research Unit in the University of East Anglia and the 61MB of leaked emails?

            It would be helpful to you to read Cap’s publication on electroverse – June 16, 2021. Title “How did the Global Warming Scam Survive Climategate?”

            Your story about the court case is pure fiction because Mann failed to comply with court rulings to provide his records (to hide his fraud) and consequently costs were awarded against him. Mann also had problems with Canadian writer Mark Steyn and American climate scientist Judith Curry because of his hockey stick lie.

        2. Linda Fisher

          I suggest you ask a lawyer about the Mann case instead of believing the nonsense peddelled by climate deniers who, without any scientific, or legal, knowledge whatsoever decide that a case that that was abandoned with no conclusion whatsoever being reached somehow did find Mann guilty. Here is the case –

  8. AZ1971

    Your message would carry more meaningful credibility if you provided some sources for your claims and not simple conjecture, i.e. “the feels” — I feel this to be the case, ergo it must be true. There are far too many conspiracy theorists out there already without adding one more to the pile.

  9. JNS

    The only thing remaining is who’s NWO and reset will we get? I’m convinced that we are in a world war that is mostly being fought behind the scenes! Do we get a one-world system, or a new sovereign ‘civilizational’ systems, i.e., societies organized by ethnicity, common culture? The current globalist agenda has been underway for several hundred years, and probably goes much farther back. But, the globalist power is waning. The crisis we are seeing, one after another, are all products of power that is desperately trying to maintain control, not of one that is in control! In its place, China! China has changed everything. Perhaps the globalists had a hand in China’s rise, just like they did in funding the Russian Revolution and Hitler’s rise, only to then help with their defeat, once they served their purpose. But, China may not be controllable. China sees their time has come, and if you add India’ massive consumers, and Russia’s natural resources, as a trilateral power structure, the old guard, globalists, could be at their end. If my perspective is correct, we won’t see a one-world system, instead we will see new empires, China, Russia, and India. The U.S., Europe, will take a back seat and become meaningless …

    1. Deb

      The crises we see are not based on desperation but upon the coming global catastrophes: Gsm/ice age, magnetic excursion, solar mininova.

      The crises are designed to cull 75% of the population and exert totalitarian control over the remainder.

  10. Anonymous

    You seem to be very committed to crypto, but maybe you should ask yourself one simple question: why is blockchain not patented?

  11. Fed

    Hey CAP the chart you posted purporting to be about 1929 does not show anything about 1929

    1. Cap Allon

      The candles on the right are the 1929 crash, only correlated to today’s prices.

  12. anono

    While Eth may be a shitcoin, you should take a second look at bitcoin. Its the only thing we can buy that isnt going down in flames.

  13. Fred Hampton

    I visited this site because I’d always had the impression that this was where a bunch of insane, gullible, tin-foil-hatted, conspiracy-theory-believing, paranoid, ignorant, undeucated, delusional nutjobs hung out.

    Boy, was I right.

    1. Deb

      Welcome home, Fred!

    2. Homo Erectus

      Fred’s from the Hampton’s… I can you tell?
      The Hamptons continued to be a vacation spot for the wealthy.[14] The Hamptons have also become a notable place for prominent members of the LGBT community.[15]

  14. Anonymous

    Linda should we leave this to scientists like Mann of the hockey stick fame who lost a lawsuit rather than give out the data he used to make his hockey stick which was false. You are looking at data for a short time and making conclusions. For the last 8000 years the planet has been cooling. Sunspots are down and we are headed towards a mini ice age if not a full ice age. I can give you plenty of scientists that say global cooling is coming. Your argument suggests that all decisions should be made by experts and we should just do as were told. That kind of thinking is what everyone is talking about and what the article addresses.

    1. Linda Fisher

      You are wrong. send me links to scientists who say the globe is cooling. That is scientists who are qualified and who have done peer reviewed research into it. There is a consensus among all climate scientists that the globe is warming. Mann hockey stick – the case that was brought was to determine not whether the hockey stick was a fraud but to determine whether anyone had the right to say it was a fraud. Especially as they offered no evidence. The case was dropped. That is, no one at all was found either guilty or not guilty. therefore Mann was not defeated. It is a legal requirement that when a case is dropped the person who brought the case, regardless of the merits of that case, pays the costs. That is the sole reason Mann was asked to pay costs. It wasn’t some sort of fine because he had been defeated. A case that does reach its conclusion comes to no decision at all about who has won or lost.

    2. Fran

      “For the last 8000 years the planet has been cooling. ”
      After the Holocene Optimum it has been a downward trend, with 3 major bumps at Roman Optimum, the medieval times and now. I read a paper that talks about 3,000 years of steady average cooling.
      I believe Earth’s preparing for glacial inception, 3,000 ky is a short period in terms of geological time spans.

  15. Juha

    Thank you Cap. Excellent post.

    My prediction is
    2023 global digital identity
    2025 global digital currencu
    We still have couple of yeats to prepare

    And know your enemy.. it is not right or left, black or white, east or west.. but global super rich elite and their puppets. They are our civilizations deadly cancer.

    1. Juha

      I must correct myself.. Maybe left is your enemy because they are also super rich elites puppets

  16. Anonyomous

    If you believe in global Warming, No climate change, because the planet is not warming, you are an idiot. You do not know what a sunspot is or how to distinguish weather from climate. You dismiss Senator Rand Paul who is a Medical Doctor as someone who does not know what gain of function is.
    I have had these arguments in the past with people just like Linda. They do not know the facts, do not want to know them and cherry pick the things that they agree with and dismiss the rest.

    1. Fran

      In a true scientific debate you *must* present your own opinions, you also have the references to back up your opinion but you don’t engage to repeat them, it is your opinion, your research that is at stake.
      These is what we do in papers and workshops and what we skeptics are doing here, but unfortunately Linda is not engaging with scientific arguments but political ones.
      Then, what is the point? We usually already know the argument that she repeats here from those links. What is the point of exchanging links or references, unless you can show with your own logic that those ideas *prove* the contentious idea is wrong, you’re doing nothing.
      Debate for the “joy” of debate or because of “righteousness” of the ideas that you believe is a political attitude not a scientific one.

  17. Matt Hess

    So how about those swings in weather? Today in NYC is expected to reach 78 degrees F with a chance of T-storms, while at night is expected to drop down to 40 F. What on EARTH is going on??

  18. Dallas Schneider

    Can you help?
    Regenerative Ag for 2,000 Kids in Africa!

  19. RAFO

    Where did this Linda Fischer person come from?? He understanding of current events is absolutely appalling, but I can’t really blame her as like 99% of the public she’s been thoroughly programmed by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc., etc. It does NO GOOD to try and convince her that she’s living in a created matrix and thinking she’s got the answers, just shows extreme ignorance. Linda, to get informed, please go to, click on Q Topics, then The Archive. Start there and read, read, READ. You will be shocked and stunned by what you read, but stick with it! We all were at one time as you. Good luck in your quest for truth… it IS out there!

    1. Linda Fisher

      You seriously believe Steve Quayle??? Including his theory that the Nazis didn’t lose www11 and that they built an empire under the ice.???????? If you do, maybe you should think about leaving your brain to science fiction.

  20. Deb


    I hear that property values along the route of the Nortwest Passage in the Arctic Circle are skyrocketing due to heavy investment in the area by such people as Al Gore, Greta What’s-her-face, Soros, Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschilds and so on, who can be expected to be “in the know” with regard to the effects of global warming.

    Strongly advise you and all your friends to snap up whatever properties you can find in northern Greenland ASAP! Hush! Don’t tell anyone. Just hop on a plane (don’t forget your jab and jabberwocky passport) before it’s too late. Take as many like-minded people with you as you can.

    A Well-meaning Friend

    1. Linda Fisher

      I suggest you leave your brain to science fiction. Or maybe write some science fiction yourself. You have the imagination for it.

  21. Charles Wardrop

    There is NO EVIDENCE to support decarbonisation as an influence on climate, local or global.
    There has been no evidence of any climate emergency.
    All the pessimistic predictions have gone unrealised of dire effects from a changing climate, a natural phenomenon for aeons past.
    CO2 is not a pollutant but a natural, essential stimulant to greening the planet.
    Impacts of he sun and water vapour dwarf any greenhouse gas property of CO2.

  22. Deb

    Finest kind, Cap!
    Sixty-five comments so far.

    Looks like you struck a nerve that time! Of course, it helps to have a lively troll on tap.

    Can we keep her, hunh, please!

    1. Hammerhorn

      Love the comment

    2. Wizard

      I second the motion: can we keep her, pretty pretty please!

  23. Anonyomous

    Linda will never get it. She ignores facts she does not agree with. She said Senator Rand Paul, a doctor, does not know about gain of function. She listens to people like Mann of the made up hockey stick chart who lost a lawsuit rather than release his data. She mistakes weather for climate. She is using a business insider article as scientific proof. This is weather, not climate. The UK article she references compares a time frame that includes the mini ice age to today. The article does not say when the blooming of plants occurred in a period stretching about 200 years. It has been shown that most of the so called warming occurred between 1850 and 1940 as a result of the planet recovering from the mini ice age. This is the very type of misleading information everyone here is referencing.

    1. Linda Fisher

      Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist. Nothing to do with viruses. Fauci is an immunologist which is everything to do with viruses. Rand Paul was sued for malpractise and settled for $50,000. Hockey stick. The trial wasn’t about whether or not the hockey stick was fraud but about whether or not anyone had the right to say it was a fraud. Especially when they offered no evidence that it was. The case was dropped before it reached a conclusion. That means that no one at all was found either guilty or not guilty. That is, Mann was not defeated. It is a legal requirement that if a case is dropped that the person who brought the case, whatever the merits, or otherwise, of that case, pays the costs. Mann was asked to pay the costs for that reason alone

      1. Wizard

        So this isn’t the proper spot to tell you viruses don’t actually exist and that the concept of “contagion” is a result of 100+ years of propaganda coupled with forced specialization of human education to better hide this fact and that is and never was real and was never scientifically proven? No. OK, I won’t then tell you all this.

        1. Linda Fisher

          You really do need a tinfoil hat don’t you and science fiction would, I’m sure, be delighted if you left what passes for your brain to them.

          1. Wizard

            I already told you that a tinfoil hat is insufficient.
            This will all be our reality unless sheep like you start waking up and posing questions. That’s the funny thing about truth, as Mr. Blair said (not Tony, Eric):
            “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

            But I guess God-given freedom of choice overrides Mr. Blair, and as our american friends would say:

            “You! You do you”

        2. Linda Fisher

          That quote is often attributed to Eric Blair but there is no evidence at all that he ever said/wrote anything of the sort. The quote, and the suggestion that it came from him, first appeared in 1982, 32 years after his death.

          1. Wizard

            You do you, man!

            And don’t forget your shots, so we with tinfoil hats can be safe.
            See you in the next life

  24. Peter

    There will never be any peace on earth as long as the ego driven human is in control. Human “Doing, not human “Being”. The servant(Ego), acting as the King(Inner Christ self) is one way to put it. It will always cause trouble if its not kept in check. One system of deceit will collapse, than there will be other egos wanting to do it their way. In Canberra during the current protests at parliament house, we have renegade groups popping out everywhere. Those same groups will cause havoc with their “Own form of justice”.
    And on and on it goes with no end in sight just in a different form.
    ‘. It will never end. What is happening has been predetermined from a long time ago by a “Great” intelligence that has created everything. If people think that this is the way its supposed to be theyre about to get smacked with truths that will throw out everything they ever thought they knew.

    I will tell you all something though.
    I know for a fact that everything is “One”.
    And there is no such thing as “I,me, you, us, them.
    Everything is going back to “One” as planned.
    Everyone is playing their part.

    You need some Ramana Maharshi teachings to get some facts.
    Because i look around and all i see is people believing and not knowing.

    1. Deb

      Don’t tell me I’m responsible for creating any of this. Because if I had done it, it wouldn’t look this way at all.
      If I ever created a universe, babies/children and animals would never get hurt.

      And if you come around me with that “we are all One” attitude, I will punch you in the nose and see what you think about that.

      And I believe-nay I know- that I would punch Ramana Maharishi in the nose also.

    2. Deb


      My apologies for offering to punch your nose. I was in ” fight mode” and got carried away.

      However, I am me and you are you, and never the twain shall meet.


  25. A

    -So because decades of futile warnings have passed, we now have to discuss the end of fuel (with which we would build home reactors), reforestation of mountains, plains and deserts (what?), and global blackout prevention (what, what?)? I have a shelter!
    -But shelters are useless!
    -What, what, what?

  26. Richard Fotiades

    Electroverse must be on target as the noise against it goes to overdrive.
    Thanks for all the informed posts as it is next to impossible for any fact based public analysis to exist.

    WEF has redefined let them eat cake. It is now let them eat Bugs. Brought to you by a completely out of touch with Reality elite.

    Support your own self sufficiency, any way you can. It will be the basis of the next great wave of decentralization.

    1. Fran

      Totally agree!

  27. Anonyomous

    Your argument about Mann misses the point he refused to release the data. His hockey stick wiped out the mini ice age. Rand Paul went to Duke medical school and did a general surgery internship as well. He knows what gain of function is. Everything you use to support your argument is a half truth or lie. Fauci lied to congress and lied repeatedly during the pandemic. Yet you believe him. That says it all. Global warming is not and has not been going on. We are headed towards an ice age, sooner rather than later. Yet even when the ice is at your front door you will blame global warming.

    1. FYI

      Gov DeSantis: Fauci Is Now In The Witness Protection Program – Where Is He?

  28. Linda Fisher

    He’s not in a witness protection programme. He’s still regularly giving interviews and appearing at press briefings. there’s a list of some them here together with links so you can see for yourself.

  29. Fran

    Interesting debate with Linda Fisher in this thread.
    It’s noticeable that she brought up a lot of aspects of the climate debate, and seemingly wanting to engage in all them, but always in favor of AGW. Interesting also that she never mentioned the world “Sun”, as is usual from the AGW alarmists, and never tried to expose her own analyses on the various subjects, her personal opinion. She came here with a large ammunition of “links” and the usual labels to those who dare to go against the official narrative.
    This is typical of a political engagement, not a scientific one.
    She calls NASA a scientific authority, when in my opinion NASA has become mostly a political / technology institution, but she was not able to criticize UAH for example, which data clearly says that AGW is not happening.
    I consider her criticism of Joanne Nova completely absurd, as if a microbiologist could not instruct herself and have a *valid* opinion about climate.
    What is the point of engaging in a thread about climate if you don’t have your own opinion to present and confront, your own conclusions.
    We already know that NASA, RSS, MSN, etc. don’t think that the Sun has anything to do with Earth’s climate, but she seems to not like the idea that we, doing our own research, and reading papers in both camps have concluded by ourselves that we disagree with them.
    This behavior does not favor the scientific debate, it is an attempt to politicize science and, in my opinion as a physicist, a person who can easily read and understand a paper in climatology and meteorology, it is essentially wrong and make humanity walk in circles.
    By the way, what are the “hard facts” about climate, a scientific topic that we, humans, have been studying for no more than ~ 100 yeas and know still very little about. Same thing about the Sun, we know very little about our Star, which is in my opinion the main driver of long range trends in Earth’s climate.

    1. Deb

      You go girl!

      (Well, assuming gender, not exactly safe these days.)

      1. Fran

        Thanks Deb 🙂

    2. Linda Fisher

      Didn’t criticize UAH, not ‘wasn’t able to’. Joanne Nova – she has coordinated Shell Questacon Science Circus. They get $1 million from Shell each year. That is why she is anti AGW. That is why she produces imaginary data from imaginary ‘covert’ data.

      1. Fran

        Maybe Linda but *not* because she is a microbiologist. Anyone, in principle, can learn and have her/his own opinions about climate.
        Point taken on UAH. I follow UAH not NASA or RSS anymore, because they become more and more radicalized in favor of AGW in the last decade. RSS used to agree very well with UAH up to 2012-13, then they start to change and call us, skeptics of CO2 forcing, “denialists”. This word should never be used by a scientific institution, is about opinions or researches a research groups and observed facts. UAH is not “in denial” of anything.
        Also, I applaud your courage to come here and attempt to engage with us but this is not a political site, I think, it’s mostly about climate.

        1. Linda Fisher

          A lot of people on here put forward what they describe as their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as you say, but an opinion is not scientific, and is not a fact. Scientists aren’t of the ‘opinion’ that AGW is the cause of global warming. An opinion is a statement of a personal thought or belief and is unsupported by evidence. Scientists deal in facts. Facts that are supported by evidence. There is nothing ‘political’ about my comments. I am not a scientist but it is my opinion that they know what they are talking about because they have evidence and deal with facts. People who claim that their opinions are as valid as a scientists facts, do not understand science. Put it this way, suppose you had a rash; if I were to say to you that in my opinion you had an allergy to something [I would have no evidence to offer, just my opinion] and your doctor said that you had measles, which does have evidence, the doctor knows exactly what a measles rash looks like and what other symptoms go with it, such as koplik spots, and will make the correct diagnosis. Would you accept my opinion over the doctors diagnosis? Would you accept my opinion as being the correct diagnosis if other non doctors were also of the opinion that you had an allergy, or would you still take the doctor’s diagnosis as being correct?

          1. CNA

            Linda – Give up please!
            Climatology is not science and it’s not studied by scientists.
            Yes, scientists deal with facts and in climatology nothing has been proven – theories only based on short term patterns. Climate models are just that. If you do not include all the factors they will never give you the correct answer.

          2. Nick

            FFS. Is Steven Koonin credentialed enough for you?

            Dr. Steven E. Koonin is a leader in science policy in the United States. He served as Undersecretary for Science in the US Department of Energy under President Obama, where he was the lead author of the Department’s Strategic Plan and the inaugural Quadrennial Technology Review (2011). With more than 200 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of physics and astrophysics, scientific computation, energy technology and policy, and climate science, Dr. Koonin was a professor of theoretical physics at Caltech, also serving as Caltech’s Vice President and Provost for almost a decade. He is currently a University Professor at New York University, with appointments in the Stern School of Business, the Tandon School of Engineering, and the Department of Physics. Dr. Koonin’s memberships include US National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the JASON group of scientists who solve technical problems for the US government. Since 2014, he has been a trustee of the Institute for Defense Analyses and chaired the National Academies’ Divisional Committee for Engineering and Physical Sciences from 2014-2019. He is currently an independent governor of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and has served in similar roles for the Los Alamos, Sandia, Brookhaven, and Argonne National Laboratories.

            Please read his recent book ‘Unsettled’ then come back here.

  30. Linda Fisher

    Quotes from Koonin We know, for instance, that during the 20th century the Earth’s global average surface temperature rose 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. the crucial question whether humans are influencing the climate. That is no hoax: There is little doubt in the scientific community that continually growing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, due largely to carbon-dioxide emissions from the conventional use of fossil fuels, are influencing the climate

  31. Deb

    What is this, the Neverending Thread?
    What’s next, the Thread That Ate Cincinnati?

    1. Deb

      How about Killer Threads from Outer Space?
      (My personal favorite.)

  32. Richard Fotiades

    Hm, about that warming.
    I live in a zone 7 on eastern seaboard.
    Just got notified that plant material ordered from a nursery in Oregon due to be shipped, was placed on hold. Apparently too cold to safely ship across middle America.

    Seems to me being frozen still remains in control.
    But lets not let real events affect our global warming narrative.

  33. Jörg Hinsche

    To recognize the alleged “man-made” climate change as bullshit, the following would have to suffice:

    What does page 774 of the 2001 World Climate Report say ?
    “In climate research and modeling, it should be recognized that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear system and therefore long-term predictions of the future state of the climate are not possible.”

    The IPCC, which stirs up fears of the future and climatic doomsday scenarios with their World Climate Report*, mentions in passing (“hidden” on page 774 of their report) that it is actually not possible to make any long-term statements at all about the development of the climate (the weather).
    With the statement on page 774 of the World Climate Report of 2001 and with the statement of Prof. Schnellnhuber** all discussions about predictions (concerning the climate) are unnecessary,
    which are based on computer-aided calculations (all the same whether with or without “greenhouse gases”).
    Everything is wastepaper!
    Not worth talking about!

    * It was decided early on which topic would be chosen to stir up fear of the end of the world with horror scenarios. One had some topics to the selection and has decided for the topic “man-made global warming”.

    Quote from “The First Global Revolution” by the Club of Rome:
    In asking for the new enemy that could unite us, we put forth the thought that pollution and the threat of global warming, water scarcity, hunger and the like could fill that slot.
    End quote.

    ** Quote Prof. Schnellnhuber (book “Self-immolation”) in a contribution of the channel Arte, “Climate change or after us the deluge” on 17.07.2012:
    … we can only ever create one scenario, these are stories about the future that we tell with models in a very complicated way.
    End quote.

    In other words:
    The results of the model calculations are nothing more than fairy tales.

    By the way: To bother with the contaminated Lindas (male, female or artificial) of this world, who parrot the nonsense of the [bought] “scientists”, is pure waste of time.

    Translated with (free version)

    1. Linda Fisher

      Your quote from page 774 is qualified by its following sentence. Basically those two sentences say ‘we can’t predict future climate with absolute accuracy but we are doing the best we can’. And perhaps you can explain, if that quote did mean what you think it means, why would those whom you consider to be perpetuating a hoax that the globe is warming, actually write in a report that is freely available to the entire world, what amounts to ‘we don’t know what we’re talking about? They wouldn’t would they. And if you look at what the models predicted for the years 2000 – 2020 you can compare those predictions with what actually happened during those years. You’ll find that the models were pretty accurate.

  34. Deb

    What is this thread made out of-graphene?

    Die, Beast, Die!

  35. John Galt's Offspring

    Deb: Yeah. like in the “jab”. Keeps cropping up. Cap hit a nerve. However, Truth in the face of extreme stupidity stands … a snowballs chance in … yup. And by the way, we are here preparing for…a snowmageddon starting this Saturday, and running up the east coast in a no’eastern blizzard stuff. I prefer Truth. Let the stupid freeze. I don’t want an electric car, I don’t want the “new green deal” which is just something to distribute more of my wealth (I don’t have much anymore, present govt locally and in Wash DC already took it).

    1. Deb

      John Jr-

      We’ve been very lucky in MO this winter. Had a couple at 4″, expecting 3″ with this one.

      Maybe spring will be sprung after that. Tradition says plant peas on St. Patty’s Day.

      Consider turning what you do have into food and goods. Inflation will chop the value and banks aren’t looking especially safe right now.

      Wish I could figure out how to store gasoline. Bright red 5 gallon cans all over the yard doesn’t appeal!

      1. LocoLogos

        Bright red 5 gallon cans all over the yard doesn’t appeal!… well they will soon enough… [empty or full]… then they’ll grow feet and be gone… no worries.

        1. Deb

          Lol! Yeah, that’s part of why they don’t appeal. Same reason you don’t leave dog food out overnight if you don’t want raccoons.

          Piling them all up inside a shed doesn’t seem like such a good idea either. As Diamond would say, “It’s BOOM time!”

  36. Deb

    Rest in Peace,
    Mother of all Threads.

    1. .

      Deb you tried earlier to end it unsuccessfully.. dbl dare ya to try it again… really Triple “Lindy” Fisher should get the last word dontcha think? Go fer it Lindy… this could become your magnum opus in the virtual world.

  37. Deb

    How in the world do you even know that song exists!

    You are too much, and I mean that literally.

  38. Deb

    This thread is over at last!
    Nyahahahaha! Ha!

  39. Stanley

    Want to leave my first comment tell you to send me an email. I am able to get you a HIVE token account ( / front ends) and you could do well there posting in #deepdives and #informationwar.
    Thanks for the work you do.

  40. meiggs

    Al, great page…I know others that say they will survive off the grid growing their own food here in the SE USA and some have the skill to do so. However, I point out to them that once everybody else is starving, incl gov employees, they will simply come take your food by force…hard to defend a farm and work a farm at the same time…you can only keep what you can defend…how do you plan on defending your food and property when everyone else is starving?

  41. Lara

    Wow, that was a epic thread battle. M y hat is off to all of those who endured Linda.

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