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Colorado’s Lingering Snowpack, Latest in almost a Decade — Grand Solar Minimum

It’s mid-July, yet Colorado’s MONSTER WINTER SNOWFALL is still hanging on. That’s right, in what we’re led to believe is a catastrophically-warming world, the Rocky Mountains still have white-frosted tips — don’t be fooled.

As of Wednesday, July 10, Colorado still officially had snow on the ground, according to the daily National Resources Conservation Service snow survey. It marks the latest the state has had any lingering snow in almost a decade — the previous being back in 2011.

Furthermore, it’s also only the second time Colorado has had snow on the ground this late into summer since 1997 (solar minimum of cycle 22). Normally, the state’s pack fully melts off by the third or fourth week of June.

This season was truly exceptional.

Brutal snowstorm after brutal snowstorm buried the mountains on a regular basis, while much colder-than-average temperatures persisted deep into spring, keeping the powder on the ground longer than usual. And a number of late-season-storms (in April and May) sent snowpack levels off-the-charts.

The cold and snowy winter of 2018/19 went so far as to eliminate Colorado’s drought –a drought climate alarmist claimed would be forever ongoing– and has also greatly reduced wildfire potential.

Don’t be fooled.

The cold times are returning, as the sun enters its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle:


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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