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Coldest October Days in a Decade as All Four UK Nations record Heavy Snow

Parts of all four UK countries woke up to thick snow Saturday morning, as some regions experience their coldest October days in a decade. 

Daytime temperatures struggled to climb above 0C (32F) across the Midlands, northern England, northern Ireland and Scotland — making Saturday the coldest October day in at least a decade for many regions.

John West of the Met Office, said that the current temperatures were “much colder than average.”

“With the temperatures that we are seeing, struggling to reach double figures across the entire country, these are some of the coldest October days in a decade.”

Sarah Kent, also from the Met Office, said some sheltered Scottish glens didn’t rise above -5C (23F) on Saturday — according to the agency’s own data, these temps fall into the ‘extreme minimum’ category and are rarely witnessed in October.

Social Media exploded Saturday morning with shocked users waking up to accumulating October snow.

Again, according to Met Offices data, it simply shouldn’t be snowing in these regions in October.

Ms Kent said it will be “staying cold.”

“Monday morning will be the coldest morning, especially through parts of the Midlands,” she continued.

“It will be a really hard frost to start the day and could be as low as -6C (21F).”

We can expect more cold-weather records to tumble, as an early winter tightens its grip.


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[Featured Image: County Durham Snow Oct 27 — Owen Humphreys/PA Wire]

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