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Coldest Melbourne Morning In 15 Years — Clare Breaks 24 Year Cold Record

The mercury in Melbourne, Victoria dipped to 3.4C at 6.30am Tuesday — making it the city’s coldest September temperature since 3.2C in 2003.

As well as it being bitterly cold, Victoria has also experienced one of its driest years in more than a century and spring is unlikely to bring much relief.

“With very light winds last night, clear skies and that pull of cold air over the state, it was a good recipe for cool temperatures,” Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Dean Stewart said.

“It was certainly chilly, it’s the coldest September morning in up to 15 years,” Mr Stewart added.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the city was -0.5C back in 1908.

The icy conditions aren’t just affecting Victorians — Western Australians are also being advised to rug up as freezing temperatures hit the state.

And in Clare, South Australia, the mercury dipped to a minimum of -1.4C Tuesday morning, the town’s coldest spring temperature in 24 years.

Read here how harsh nighttime frosts mean even more headaches for Aussie farmers, and see the truly brutal temperature forecasts for the latter half of September.


Grand Solar Minimum In Swing

Global Average Temperature continued its slide in August to 0.19C above baseline.

And we’ve entered the ber months — a catastrophic northern hemisphere winter is now just a season away.



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