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Cold Spring Keeping N.D. Mosquitoes At Bay–For Now; Prime Corn Yield Already Gone; ‘Blue Blob’ Has Halted Iceland/Greenland Melting; + Sulina Canal Restricted

Cold Spring Keeping N.D. Mosquitoes At Bay–For Now

April 2022 in Fargo, N.D. saw near record precipitation, which lead to significant flooding, and record breaking cold.

The overflowing rivers and overland flooding can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes but thanks to the persistent and, at times, unprecedented low temperatures, mosquito larva hatching has been delayed.

The coming weeks are pivotal for how mosquito season will shape up, explains Cass County Vector Control Director Ben Prather. If the wet weather pattern continues during the summer warm-up then mosquitoes could become a problem.

Looking at the charts, though, that warm-up could still be some time off:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 19 – May 28 [].

Prime Corn Yield Already Gone

Corn farmers across the much of the U.S. are unlikely to net high yields this year because their planting has been delayed significantly by cold and rain, according to an Iowa State University agronomist.

The impact of that delay will depend heavily on farmers’ progress over the next 10-14 days. If the weather doesn’t play ball (which, going by the chart above, it doesn’t look like it will) then it’s all by game over for U.S. corn.

Mark Licht, an ISU Extension cropping systems specialist who studies yield trends, believes that the current delays have already reduced yields: “I think we’ve already taken the top end off of it. How much is yet to be determined.”

Heading into this week, corn planting across the state was about two weeks behind the five-year average, the slowest planting pace since 2013, said Greg Thessen, director of the USDA’s National Statistical Service for the Upper Midwest.

Just 14% of seed corn was in the ground as of Sunday –thanks to persistent rains since the middle of April and cold soil temperatures– compared with the average of 63%. The ground needs to average about 50F for proper sprouting, yet we still have many regions having to contend with hard frosts.

The best corn crops are planted before mid-May, and that it’s all-but game over if planting pushes into June.

‘Blue Blob’ Has Halted Iceland/Greenland Melting

We’ve discussed the ‘blue blob’ before, but a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters adds support to the notion that Icelandic and Greenland glaciers have stopped melting due to a mass of cold water in the North Atlantic.

The cold patch, discovered just south of Iceland and Greenland, is still proving something of a mystery to scientists, most likely because the phenomenon goes against all preconceived mainstream ideas of a linearly heating planet.

There are many theories doing the rounds, some that even attempt to tie the blob to anthropogenic factors–such as a 2020 paper that suggests man’s activities have resulted in the formation of low-level clouds over the region that are deflecting sunlight. The theory that holds the most water for me, however, is that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is stalling. The ‘AMOC’ transports heat northwards from the tropics, and its collapse is regarded to be the main forcing that plunges Earth into ice ages.

Over the last decade-or-so, the ‘blue blob’ has cooled the sea surface temperatures in the region to some 1.4C below normal. As a result, Brice Noël, lead author of the new study and a post-doc at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research in Utrecht, said he and his research team found that the rate of loss dramatically slowed down from 2011, and even reversed.

The blue blob is highly unusual and doesn’t follow the standards set by today’s AGW-led science where catastrophic heating infects every line of thought and inquiry. A global temperature rise of 1C over the last century is a commonly accepted data point, yet temperature of the blob has dropped by about 0.9C, and nobody can (or daren’t) fully explain why.

And while the mainstream narrative accepts that ice loss in the area has indeed halted, or at least slowed, it paints it as a temporary ‘pause’ rather than a reversal: “…it really shows you have these interactions between land, ice, atmosphere and ocean,” continued Noël, “…all of those combined can create some kind of feedback mechanism that is slowing down mass loss, but unfortunately only for a temporary moment.”

Taking satellite observations and fieldwork into account, Noël’s study actually sees a complete reversal of surface mass balance (SMB) by the late-2040s–from ice loss to ice gain; however, this won’t last long — ‘terrifying terra-firma broiling’ is expected to return with a vengeance by the mid-2050s. Noël and his team concluded that when the blob does stop cooling, the speed of ice melting will become even faster… well, how else do you think they got their paper published…?

Sulina Canal Restricted

The agency overseeing operations along a key Black Sea canal has halted vessels moving towards the Ukrainian and Romanian ports of Reni, Izmail or Giurgiulesti amid a huge backlog, further adding to global supply chain chaos.

The Sulina Canal has emerged as a key link in the supply chain moving Ukrainian agricultural produce via the River Danube towards Black Sea export facilities and has reported a major increase in activity as a result. 

As reported by, that has forced the canal’s administrators to limit vessels entering the canal in order to prevent further queues.

“The Sulina administration decided in yesterday’s meeting that they will not allow more than three ships waiting in the anchorage at nautical mile 36, three more at nautical mile 44, three at Reni roads and two at Giurgiulesti roads,” read a note seen by Agricensus.

“In order to avoid blockage, ships going to Reni/Giurgiulesti will not enter Sulina canal until these areas are clear; the same will be applied for Izmail port,” continued the note, which added that one section already has four ships waiting to be processed and that no additional vessels will be admitted until that number drops below three — at the time of writing, the ship tracking service Marine Traffic shows there are some 70 vessels waiting for the entrance to be re-opened.

Sulina canal links the shallow Ukrainian and Romanian ports with the Black Sea. It was unready for the sharp increase in product flows following Russia’s blockade of the deep sea ports, partly because to a lack of workers processing the increased traffic.

The congestion also comes amid an ongoing restriction of grain wagons moving into the port of Reni by rail, continues the article, and situations are occurring where a vessel has already arrived into port but the grain that it is expecting to load has not yet reached the terminal, resulting in even more delays.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy –who I refuse to hero worship by the way, knowing very little about the guy– has again urged the international community to stop the Russian blockade of the deep seaports of Ukraine citing the threat to the world food supply. But, a least to me, this is just talk. They appear to want a collapse. They must do. There is no way TPTB can be this incompetent and have such poor forethought: A lack of workers on the key Sulina canal? No increase in the production farming inputs to combat, for example, the fertilizer shortage? No uptick in domestic energy supplies? Or increase in the crop planting acreage? This is slow motion car crash, but as usual, the masses are blind to it yet will be the ones to pay the highest price.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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13 Thoughts to “Cold Spring Keeping N.D. Mosquitoes At Bay–For Now; Prime Corn Yield Already Gone; ‘Blue Blob’ Has Halted Iceland/Greenland Melting; + Sulina Canal Restricted”

  1. Ragnar Ravn

    I agree completely on this approaching food, inflation and energy crises is engineered and has been planned for a long time. Even if I don’t subscribe to the lizard theory I do believe WEF and other club of Rome offspring are serious about curbing growth and even strive for de growth and technocracy and the abolition of democracy or what is left of it.

    Unfortunately most people don’t care or even approve.

    In this period of stumbling equity markets it’s interesting to read the big banks and investment companies actively recommending commodities, miners and energy as the place to be.

    ESG is creating obvious investment opportunities.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    For the 2nd day in a row we have unusually low temps for this time of year
    in SW Florida. I registered a pre-dawn temp yesterday of 57 F and today 56 F.
    “Normal” would be NOT below 72 F after the 15th of the month of May.
    So these temps are really low.
    Now I look to see a jump tomorrow as Accuweather is predicting showers tomorrow in the area. The pattern is to see a 4-8 F degree jump in the morning with rain following in 48 hours. That pattern is pretty set.
    For instance, last week we had a 8 F degree jump from 70 the day before to 78 the day on the 2.6 inch tropical downpour received that day.

    Thanks Cap for the great reporting you do,

  3. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    “This is a slow motion car crash [a controlled eugenical demolition of the population], but as usual, the [mostly wilfully oblivious] masses are blind to it yet will be the ones to pay the highest price[as with all animals with no/low situational awareness in the jungle, on the veldt or in the ocean].

    Some contemporary observations/quotes by certifiably high moral/compassion/I.Q. doctors attempting to warn the semi-Morons and Eloi with low discernment or situational awareness about the Morlocks and Elon(s) objectives and their ongoing and well telegraphed [by design] modus operandi.

    Jeff & Erika – Most All US Vaxed Are Developing AIDS And Bill Gates Describes How To Sneak Altered mRNA ‘Vaccines’ (BioWeapons) Past FDA Regulators Paxlovid Failures And Why Deadly Children’s Hepatitis Is Increasing
    …And Much More

  4. Moriyah

    I agree with your summation.
    No way the PTB are ignorant or incapable. It IS engineered. All should prepare accordingly by storing food and water and whatever else they need for the next 3-7 years.

  5. Ed

    “Blue blob” in the N. Atlantic, and an expected third year in a row of LaNina in the Pacific. Are the oceans signaling a big change a comin?

    1. Dallas Schneider

      The Motion in the Ocean is certainly signaling a big change a comin!!!

    2. DIrk Pitt

      Solar flares over the next few years could lead to another record El Nino and thennnn… SC 26 could be bigger than SC 25 which is looking to be bigger than SC24 meaning GSM is past tense and we made it through it just fine. There could be major volcanos go off or a micro nova or a pole flip or maybe NOT. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, it could be normal – no cooling, no warming, just normal.
      The Atlantic is warmer than normal, no big blue blob. Most of the Pacific N of the equator is warmer than normal and there’s a big warm blob N of Hawaii where the volcano has been going off following solar flares. Half the S Pacific is warmer than norm, Indian O is warmer than norm, BFD– normal oscillation of an average La Nina going into X flare season.
      The big change right now is the sun is coming out of GSM with years of major solar flares ahead. Heat waves, record hurricanes- typhoons with major cold fronts behind them. Get ready for anything and everything. SC24 is now twice the predicted values:
      Are you ready for some X flares?

    3. Matt Dalby

      The 2 largest ocean oscillations are the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO). Both of these have a warming phase and a cooling phase and IMO on a timescale of decades have a greater effect on global temperatures than solar activity, although on longer timescales e.g. hundreds of years solar cycles have a greater effect.
      Both the PDO and AMO are currently in their warm phase, but have passed the peak of the warm phase and are predicted to enter a cooling phase in the next few years (if they haven’t already done so). According to Climate Reanalyzer temperature anomalies in the North Pacific have dropped by roughly 0.3 degrees over the past year, and roughly 0.2 degrees in the North Atlantic. Since the Pacific is much bigger than the Atlantic the PDO has a greater effect on global climate than the AMO, and it’s last cool phase roughly coincided with the mid 20th centuary cooling.
      One way in which the PDO is thought to affect temperatures is via changing the relative frequency of El Nino and La Nina events. This means that during the cool phase of the PDO La Nina’s will become more common, so another one at the end of this year would tie in with these predictions. Although El Nino’s will become less frequent/strong than they have been in the last 30-40 years they will still happen from time to time leading to a temporary large spike in global temperatures as seen for example in 1998.
      One of the ways in which the AMO could lead to cooler temperatures is by slowing down the “Gulf Stream”, although I’m not sure of the way in which the AMO and AMOC interact. One thing that does seem certain is that when the AMO is in it’s cool phase N. Atlantic hurricanes are less frequent, as shown by the fact that they reached a low point in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s the last time the cool phase of the AMO bottomed out then started to increase again, although only to levels seen at the beginning of the 20th centuary. This shows that numbers have nothing to do with AGW and are likely to decrease over the next few decades making a nonsense of yet another alarmist prediction.

  6. Dallas Schneider

    It would be interesting to note how many times a year the
    Greenland SMB achieved 8 Gigatons or higher for each year!
    I count 5 times for this year 2022~!
    Note: This year 2022 started Sept 1st 2021 for their year!

  7. Linda Sewell

    No current leader of any country deserves to be “hero-worshipped”

    1. Gustav Gustavovich Shpet

      Don’t say that to the Russian people today… Putin is pretty well winning on all fronts… especially the “home front”.

      The War To Weaken Russia Has Only Strengthened Her

      Get prepped… because the Russians and Globalists have been getting ready for today for a long, long time already… and Russians, Globalists and Electroverse(s) definitely don’t use Jewkipedia propaganda to research ice ages.
      ice age research russia

  8. Anthony

    Only a small thing, here in northern England this spring is,(for the second year), fairly cold but for some it could appear to be warm. What do I mean, well when the sun shines, as it is May, it is roasting but the second the sun goes behind a cloud then the air is suddenly cold, really cold… Up to now, the wind from most directions feels cool, sometimes cold…….. As a dog owner you do tend to notice the temperature changes……. It’s been like this for some six weeks….odd

  9. Martin Siebert

    Hei! Cap. Do you have any forecast to South Brazil for the next 10 days. It seems a ‘good’ cold front will beat strong some regions here. Winter temps will come one month earlier, maybe with black frosts.
    As we’re in Global Warming…Mainstream says ‘the 1st cold wave of the year’…and ok.👍

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