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Cold Records Tumble Across North America; An Exceptional Chill Sweeps Botswana; Late-May Frosts In Turkey; Misery For Aussie Growers; + 10 Weeks Of Wheat Left, Globally

Cold Records Tumble Across North America

It’s been holding unusually cold and snowy across America’s key growing regions this May.

This pattern continued over the weekend just gone. And while a slither of the East Coast enjoyed a taste of summer-like warmth, the majority of the CONUS was contending with record-breaking, yield-reducing COLD:

Hundreds of low temperature records were either broken, tied of neared over the weekend, including a 30-year record that fell in Half Moon Bay, California: the 38F observed on Sunday busted the previous record low set in 1993.

The snow has been equally impressive, most notably in Colorado.

According to the NWS, deep accumulations as of Saturday morning were found in Cripple Creek (20 inches); Woodland Park (16 inches); and Whiskey Park (15 inches). The out-of-season snow also left more than 100,000 Coloradans without electricity, per PowerOutageUS.

This torrid wintry weather engulfed America’s key corn growing state of Iowa, too, contributing to what has already been a disastrous spring planting season. As reported by the Des Moines Register, this year is about as unusual as Indianola farmer Blake Reynolds can recall: Snow, rain and cold meant he started planting corn and soybeans this year in mid-May, about when he finished planting his crop last year, and the year before.

The late start isn’t the only challenge: while Iowa farmers have waited to get into the fields, the cost of seed, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides that farmers need to grow crops have skyrocketed — that’s if growers can get hold of these inputs at all.

According to a Purdue University survey, 30% of farmers are struggling to get herbicides; 27%, farm machinery parts; 26%, fertilizers; and 17%, insecticides, with the prices and shortages mounting with each passing week.

“Going back to the 1970s, there’s only been a couple of times when producers had any kind of input availability issues,” said James Mintert, a Purdue agricultural economist who leads the Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer, a monthly survey weighing farmer sentiment.

“But this is more widespread,” Mintert said. “This is a radically different year. This is uncharted territory for farmers.”

In a nutshell, China has cut-off the West by locking down its manufacturing/export hubs. This act of war, combined with the West’s sanctioning of Russian which has reduced the world’s fertilizer supply by some 20%, are the two major straws breaking the camels back. But there are a myriad of smaller issues, too, including the culling of millions of poultry due to ‘bird flu’ and energy shortages due to a chronic understatement in an out-of-favor fossil fuel industry.

Reynolds said he was unable to buy Roundup, America’s most widely used weed-killer, even at five times the price he paid last year. And while I personally consider Roundup a poison and wouldn’t let it anywhere near my own crops, this product is essential for our modern, mono-cropping Big Ag ways. Basically, without inputs the yield greatly suffers. This is where we’re at. And the silos are quickly depleting (more on that later).

Exceptional Cold Sweeps Botswana

Southern Africa has been suffering an intense cold spell over the past few days.

The nations of Namibia and Botswana were hit by a brief but severe Antarctic front which restricted maximum temperatures were to just 11C (51.8F) in Botswana’s capital Gabarone — an exceptionally low reading for the area.

While in the SW of the country it was even colder, incredible readings of 5-6C (41-42.8F) were noted and heavy rains fell.

Late-May Frosts In Turkey

Cold air is descending from Russia/Northeast Europe all the way down to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sweeping frosts were observed in the Turkish Highlands over the weekend, while a record 0.6C (33.1F) was logged at Ankara Airport. Highs in Kutaisi, Georgia reached only 12.2C (54F) — incredibly rare readings for late-May.

It’s been very cold and wet across across Eastern Europe in recent days.

And the outlook is calling for more of the same:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 22 – May 29 [].

Note the lingering chills in the Ukraine, too — conditions that will hamper already difficult growing conditions.

Misery For Aussie Growers

On the point of difficult growing conditions, spare a thought for farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

I just received this email from a concerned grower there:

Whilst we have drought in Western America you might want to have a look at the non stop incessant rainfall in Queensland and Northern New South Wales over the past 2-4 weeks. The ground is super saturated and you can’t walk on it without sinking in past your ankle.

Earlier this year we were smashed with all time record floods in the same area. Lismore ( a regional town in the area has been forever destroyed ) It’s previous all time record stood at circa 6.5 metres and was beaten at circa 11 metres. Insurance has always been very expensive – now insurance companies refuse to quote. People are walking away having lost everything. Lismore and surrounding areas

I have a medium sized macadamia farm about 60 kilometres west of Lismore. About 9,000 trees.  I have just gotten off the phone with my tearful farm manager. We’ve just lost 2 years harvest. This years harvest (now) because he can’t even walk to get near to the trees without sinking past his ankles let alone to get harvest machinery there and water rots the nuts on the ground. And next years harvest too because this rain is forecast to last until at least Xmas.

Flowering season here is August and whilst good rain in flowering season guarantees a bumper crop this much rain will kill all the flowers. The vast bulk of Australia’s macadamia crop has been lost for 2 years.

The grower concludes the email by saying he’s too tired and tearful to provide any links, etc.

This misery they speak of isn’t isolated, of course. There are many, many farmers across the planet experiencing similar hardships right now. These experienced growers can sense the inevitability of spiraling prices and crippling shortages, and due to conspiring climatic events (shifting weathers patterns linked to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum/Magnetic Excursion) arriving in conjunction with a well-timed demolition of global supply chains there is NOTHING they can do about it but sound the alarm.

Be well, finishes the email.

10 Weeks Of Wheat Left, Globally

A food insecurity expert has told the UN that there is only 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in the world.

Sara Menker, the CEO of agriculture analytics firm Gro Intelligence, told the UN Security Council that the Russia-Ukraine war was not the cause of a food security crisis but “simply added fuel to a fire that was long burning.”

Menker added that global food supplies are also being impacted by climate change and fertilizer shortages.

Ukraine is considered a key “breadbasket”, with Russia and Ukraine combining to account for almost a third of the world’s wheat supply. Shortages here impact global reserves and also threaten catastrophe for the many nations heavily dependent on wheat imports to sustain their populations, such as those in Africa and the Middle East.

“We currently only have 10 weeks of global consumption sitting in inventory around the world. Conditions today are worse than those experienced in 2007 and 2008,” continued Menker, who added that estimates from official government agencies reveal that world wheat inventories are 33% of annual consumption, but she added that models created by Gro Intelligence show that the figure may actually be closer to 20%. 

“It is important to note that the lowest grain inventory levels the world has ever seen are now occurring while access to fertilizers is highly constrained,” she said. “And drought [and cold] in wheat growing regions around the world is the most extreme it’s been in over 20 years. Similar inventory concerns also apply to corn and other grains.”

This is a warning we should all be heeding.

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of government handouts, and the hoops that that would involve jumping though (such as digital ration cards), then start growing your own, now;. Also, get a years food supply stocked, and have a backup source of energy.

These mounting global failings are components of their Great Reset, and they feel like the real deal. Resist enslavement. Fight for your freedom by detaching yourself and your family from their poisonous system. No one knows how bad the fallout from this will be, and there will likely be national/regional discrepancies, but bad it will most certainly get, and properly preparing for the worst make sense.

Good luck.

Human spirit can’t be contained for long. And perhaps this looming catastrophe is what’s required to free the purblind masses from the spell of compliance they’ve been put under. It could go both ways, I guess…

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16 Thoughts to “Cold Records Tumble Across North America; An Exceptional Chill Sweeps Botswana; Late-May Frosts In Turkey; Misery For Aussie Growers; + 10 Weeks Of Wheat Left, Globally”

  1. Chris

    With regard ton the farmer’s email, as an ex dairy farmer I can understand his pain. However, the reference made to floods in Lismore (and there are other places not mentioned) should be assessed with the understanding that these places are historical flood zones. They have flooded many times before. Brisbane for example has flooded many times at much higher levels throughout history. Complaining about flooding when you live in a flood zone is pointless. Don’t live there or on the banks of a river..

  2. John Galts Offspring

    from Asheville, North Carolina: All I can say is this: /we today 5/23/2022 have heavy rain, Rivers are getting high, we can’t get into our garden for last 2 days. The week ahead has forecast rain, low 70s as the highest temp, low 50’s to 60 . Would you believe the local radio last Thursday promised relief from the incredible heat wave…it was like 78 degrees, went to like 83 degrees, sun was HOT, the air was COOL. What are they trying to do with my mind? TPTB are hitting us with the false narrative of global warming. Trying to get rid of CO2. Supposedly there is a pipeline in Iowa to put “excess” CO2 out of the air and into the ground caverns. Big Mistake. Something is rather demonic here. Anyway, thanks for the rant.

    1. Deb

      A wee bit behind the curve? We’re already into Monky Pox and China’s invasion of the US. Do try to keep up, there’s a good lad.

      1. Documenting the Ice Age Gallows Humour...

        Pretty sassy Sassy, but hopefully a timely WTFU for everyone to smell the coffee nonetheless.

        1. Deb

          I was trying to be nice.

          Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go eat worms- or not. Sub sardines

  3. Ranch Ghost

    Super great blurb Cap’n.
    “If you don’t want to be at the mercy of government handouts, and the hoops that that would involve jumping though (such as digital ration cards), then start growing your own, now [including animals];. Also, get a years food supply [of sardines/DHA/RNA fats] stocked, and have a backup source of [heat/electrical] energy [but also especially, especially healthy animal (not vegetable) fats].”

    Marjory Wildcraft shares her ‘RED PILL’ moment of shock when she realized the food supply would collapse [animals are key, animal fats, fats, fats [Got fat?] and animal protein… chickens, rabbits, livestock (if you can protect them, and the fats in your brain, from the zombies).
    What happens when you don’t get enough DHA? Bad things. [think zombies]

    Situation Update, May 23, 2022 – SHOCK THE MONKEY pox
    WAR IS NEXT: We’ve reached the end of the global debt era
    China stockpiling FOOD in preparation for GLOBAL WAR
    The coming post-apocalypse WAR between underworlders and SURFACE DWELLERS

    Even with an unlimited supply of grass fed beef, duck, chicken and their eggs available… sardines…
    “They’re a powerhouse of nutrition, so I’m kind of an evangelist for sardines amongst everyone I meet.”
    The Best
    1. Sardines
    Sardines provide a variety of benefits.
    “You can’t go wrong with sardines,” says Zumpano. “They’re a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, they’re caught in the wild and they’re cheap.”
    Sardines provide 2 grams of heart-healthy omega-3s per 3 ounce serving, which is one of the highest levels of omega-3 and the lowest levels of mercury of any fish. They contain a great source of calcium and Vitamin D, so they support bone health, too. Other than fortified products, there are few other food sources of Vitamin D.

    American PSYWAR

    New Global Lockdowns Imminent as Worldwide Financial Collapse, NWO Announced!! FULL SHOW 5/22/22 [better stock up, now, before the zombies start to get it]

    Learn The Secret Of Why Penises Are Shrinking Worldwide – May 23rd, 2022.

    BIll Maher Asks Why California Is Creating Trans Children (the multi-letter kids are created/predisposed by the full spectrum soft kill chemical sterilants)

    1. Anthony

      Monkey pox and that type of thingy, respond on the skin to things like Calendula Cream (yes the same stuff to stop nappy rash) and things like nettle tea or tablet. Other than that, don’t cudle people with pox and you should be fine….

      1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

        … and especially, especially don’t get the weaponized monkeypox injections.

    2. Deb

      Digital ration cards? Try vax passport/social credit/govt subsidized wallet/ food and gas ration subcutaneous chip ( The Mark).

  4. Michael Peinsipp

    Thanks Cap.
    I send these to as many people as possible. I follow the ‘Democratic Party’ FB page and many others … NO I am an Independent who hates BOTH party’s and voted Trump 2016/2020 and 2024. This way people on the edge read and learn and walk away form the AGW Freak Zone.
    Our ground here in SC KY is boggy in areas and just muddy in others. We don’t get ‘rain’…we get downpours!
    BUT our garden is doing FANTASTIC – plenty of Rain and Sunshine. Hope it stays that way…

  5. Anthony

    Here in sunny Manchester UK, Still in jumpers and coat with wooly hat walking doggy this morning at 8am. It will warm up but proper warm weather not here yet… That’s two May’s on the trot waiting for some true warmth….

  6. Peter Shinn

    I love your website. It’s one of the best, most honest sites about what’s really happening with the weather. Unfortunately I hate your new ads. It’s one thing to have a regular advertisement, encouraging people to buy things. It’s another thing to have deceptive ads that pop up telling you you have a virus and that you need to buy a program to clean it. Please stop pushing dishonest ads.

    1. Cap Allon

      ‘Spammy’ ads won’t be feature moving forward, and they should have already gone.
      They were a temporary thing while an ad company tested my site.

  7. John Galts Offspring

    I haven’t had a pop up on this website or is emails for virus stuff. He no longer has any ads anyway. He does not have dishonest ads.

  8. Al

    They know what’s happenning to the climate and have known for many years.
    Fully aware of much worse to come in this shifting weather and accelerated weather events which worsen.
    This is why we have these fake viruses and systemic shortages by design…but the muppets still don’t beleive that the cause is 193 countries who have sold their souls including NK.
    Get stocked before you can’t…mother of all collapses is fast approaching.

  9. Dewi

    Id suggest that you get of Patreon, find a freedom loving service instead. And get off FB for MeWe or similar, get off Twit for…anything else.
    Plenty of good freedom-loving web services are available.

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