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All-Time Cold Records Fall In Australia; + Solar Activity Controls The Climate

All-Time Cold Records Fall In Australia

Following its best start to a ski season ever, conditions have anomalously cold and snowy across swathes of Australia.

June 2022 finished with a temperature anomaly of -0.1C below the multidecadal average, according to data supplied by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology–whatever that’s worth.

The unusual chill has extended into July, too, and hundreds of monthly low temperature records have fallen over the past two days alone–particularly across the northeastern state of Queensland, where even a number of all-time benchmarks have been toppled.

List of busted low temperature records, in Queensland alone.

Senior meteorologist Harry Clark said the combination of rain and cold temperatures was “extremely unusual” for July.

“Both in terms of the amount of rainfall and the extent of it, for what is one of our driest months of the year, but also for the extremely low maximum temperatures we’ve seen,” said Clarke. “Temperatures are looking more into what you might expect in Melbourne, or some of those southern capital cities where it’s the typical winter weather.”

Clarke confirmed that “many” cold weather records were broken across Queensland this week, with the standouts for him being Rockhampton peaking at only 12.5C (54.5F) yesterday, and Toowoomba struggling to just 7.6C (45.7F).

Other locales registered equally impressive readings: The Gold Coast Seaway set its coldest day of any month ever yesterday with 14C (57.2F); while further north, in Townsville, residents there suffered their coldest July day ever with a high of 15C (59F).

And most recently, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland –which had already registered its coldest start to a winter since 1904— has, today (July 5), gone and logged its coldest daily high in 22 years, reaching only 12.4C (54.3F).

For reference, Brisbane’s lowest-ever maximum remains the 12C (53.6F) set in July 2000; with the city’s third-coldest July maximum actually being yesterday’s 14.2C (57.6F) … but ‘catastrophic global warming’, you know … ?

And looking ahead, Australia’s Antarctic blast isn’t forecast to abate anytime soon — quite the opposite, in fact:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) July 4 – July 13 [].

Solar Activity Controls The Climate

The global temperature record since 1880 is highly correlated to solar activity, and solar activity is highly correlated to the harmonics of planetary motion.

The below chart is NASA’s Historical Total Solar Irradiance Reconstruction, Time Series.

What it reveals is that the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs picked an ideal starting year for their hypothesis, the perfect ‘low’ benchmark to which all future activity is to be compared.

Historical Total Solar Irradiance Reconstruction, Time Series –1610-2018 [].

Studying the chart, the vertical gray line indicates the year 1880 –the supposed beginning of the industrial revolution (‘supposed’ because the revolution actually occurred between 1760 and 1840)— and it just so happens that 1880 received the lowest solar output since the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830). Also note that ‘flat-lining’ at the opening — the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715).

The chart also shows us that Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) has been cumulatively building since exactly 1880. The following 120+ years became so active and so sunspot-productive that it was designated as a Grand Solar MAXIMUM –the strongest maxima of the past 4,000 years, at that– and in turn, it led to a natural increase of the global average temperature.

Recently though, namely since the onset of Solar Cycle 24 (around 2008), activity on the sun has started to decrease, and although there is a complex and poorly understood lag between changes in solar activity and the global temperature (ocean thermal inertia being one likely culprit), as eminent Russian space scientist Habibullo Abdussamatov states: “[Nothing] will avert the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which without fail follows after natural warming.”

The establishment’s cherry-picked starting point of 1880 recalls the Arctic sea ice extent debacle.

Those charged with pushing the global warming narrative (that is to say NOAA, NASA and the IPCC) chose the year 1979 to begin their referencing, which, akin to the gamesmanship on show above, was a very deliberate choice.

Unknown to most, we have reliable polar ice data extending back to the 1920s (much further if you include ice cores, of course), and what this historical data reveals is that our planet’s climate is cyclic; but more to the point, it shows that northern hemisphere sea ice extent was at an historically high level in 1979, but just five years prior had been at historically low levels.

The ebbing-&-flowing and melting-&-refreezing of the Arctic is even clearer in the ‘Vinnikov’ chart below. In addition, again note the historically high point of ‘sea ice amount’ NOAA begin their modern-day charts with.

This government obfuscation smacks you in the face. Hard. Worse still, this isn’t strictly obfuscation, this is fraud; because although these old records still exist, available for anyone to Google, NOAA have now replaced them with their own fake data which depicts an unexplainable decrease in Arctic sea ice during the 1970s:

This outright fraud is being used to promote a dangerous ideological reshaping of our world, one driven by the whim of a handful of powerful elites — and they’re winning, just look at the ongoing wealth transfer that’s taking place…

Resist the propaganda.

Instead, be driven by data and logic.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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19 Thoughts to “All-Time Cold Records Fall In Australia; + Solar Activity Controls The Climate”


    to me its obvious that the recent effects from the tonga eruption which was very high level 100,000ft is having a serious impact on the weather down under or climate if that rocks your boat..added to the very weak solar cycle 25 and the in coming milankovitch cycle of 2024 i think its time to inform and prepare the masses which should have been done much earlier to avoid panic..but its obvious that the powers that be want mass chaos…because they get off on ‘order out of chaos’

  2. anon

    Industrial growth around the world, powered by cheap fuel, has been banned, by the G7.

    It was never about Polar Bears. It was always about Geopolitics.

  3. Michael Peinsipp

    Like I have said time and time again – move OUT of the big city, BUY a small farm [5-20 acres], Plant veggies galore, Raise meat animals and most of all Buy arms and Ammo.
    Good luck!
    Oh…We did this 31 yrs ago and love a wood fired stove for HEAT!!!

    1. dav

      you ve made the right choice !!!

    2. John (Jim) Freeborn

      Yea, well done. You many need your arms as one can see the chaos coming already with farmers encouraged to go off line food production. Next they’ll come for the small land holders. They hate them the most. Good luck mate.

  4. Dirk Pitt

    Jupiter crossed Saturn two years ago and started the Sun’s polarity oscillation:
    Free download to Solar system simulator to see where planets were:
    The Grand Alignment of Dec 2020 was just from the Earth’s perspective, it happened prior from the Sun’s view and that’s when the volcanos started activating. An 800 year alignment that seems to end civilizations time and time again, one fine chap at IAN had a list and I was shocked at the info. Subsequent alignments into 2021 caused more solar flares and more volcanos to go active and then continued into 2022 and is still on going. Tonga was from planetary alignment caused solar flares and all the data is recallable.
    PM2.5 didn’t look anything like this two years ago, that’s all from volcanos from solar flares from alignments.:—add-more-layers/overlays?cams,pm2p5,-25.245,-150.469,3
    Volcanos have quieted as Jupiter and Saturn separate, from what I’ve seen watching SO2 on Windy every day and night. There is plenty of residual as seen on PM2.5, just another day on the third rock from the Sun:—add-more-layers/overlays?tcso2,15.369,-39.199,3

  5. Martin

    -The quasi-bicentennial variations of the TSI are the major and essential cause of climate changes.
    The Sun is the main factor controlling the climatic system and even non-significant long-term TSI variations may have serious consequences for the climate of the Earth and other planets of the Solar system.
    By Habibullo Abdussamatov.

    Is the MSM closely monitoring the arising temperatures and catastrophes on Mars and other neighboring planets? Or are the planets cooling too?

    1. Ice Age Big Pharma Eugenics

      Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease – Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference)
      Mike Adams sums it all up. (((They))) will never stop the weaponized profitable/eugenical multi-purpose multi-century invisible undetectable delusional particle diseases until they stop “testing” for them. “Testing/Vaxx Religion” Eugenics works… and it’s OK.

  6. FYI

    World Hal Turner 05 July 2022
    Trouble is, as Europe [the Euro] goes . . . so goes the United States about two or three weeks later. [read this exact “quote”/warning years ago]

  7. FYI

    World Hal Turner 05 July 2022 Hits: 2002

    Normally, this story would be COVERT INTEL for subscribers only, but this is too important: In Mid-August, Russia, China, Iran, and ten other nations will join Venezuela in “War Games” off the US from Latin America . . . and the Caribbean.

    This is just a little too coincidental given the depletion of our Ammunition and Weapons supplies sent to Ukraine, and the draining of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve which now has only 27 days of oil left in it.

    Its the perfect setup for an Invader to attack us, here, in the USA.

    It’s almost as though the U.S. is being intentionally weakened by our own government, to make us ripe to be invaded and taken over.

    The information about this enormous “war game” fits just a little too neatly into a pattern of events that seem all designed to lead the USA to a fall.

    I do not yet have the exact date for this war game BUT . . .

    The nations involved will “pre-position forward-deployed military assets in Latin America and in the Caribbean.” So they are already moving troops into place.

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but maybe I can see the writing on the wall as plain as day.

    Have ammunition and be mentally prepared to engage any invading enemy.

    2022.07.05 The Netherlands Is On Fire – CRP – Gonzalo Lira
    N2 is 78% of atmosphere

    1. Anonymous

      Why would Russia be involved in war games when they currently invading Ukraine?

      1. Ballistic Logos

        Preposition equipment, globalist’s games/drills often go live… like what’s going on right here, right now ww in real-time. Why wouldn’t they just keep doing what works… over and over and over?

  8. Anonymous

    Would be interesting to compare the temperature behavior of other planets in our solar system to earth. I have read research indicating that planets like Jupiter has risen by an average of more than 4 c in the last decade – other planet have the same issues. Why?

    1. Archivarius

      Why, why, why?
      Jupiter is 5.2 times farther from the sun than earth is .
      New Study: Jupiter’s Hot Temperatures are caused by Auroras (i.e. Solar Activity) — this discovery has MAJOR implications for Earth’s Climate Models

  9. kentlfc

    Friends live in Gordonvale, about a 20 minute drive south of Cairns in North Queensland. It didn’t get above 17C on Tuesday. Cold and drizzling rain all day. Unusual to be so cold AND wet at the same time. Usually the temp rises when the clouds build up in that part of the world.

  10. Albert Kotzé

    If there a significant cooling occurs, heating with gas and coledriven power stations cannot be stopped.

  11. Luís

    Weather manipulation using Haarp and Chemtrails.
    1976 UN Weather Weapons Treaty.
    There is no ‘pole shifting’ as the earth does not move, does not spin on itself and does not go around the sun [geocentrism].
    The ‘schuman ressonance’ is a myth.

  12. Akerberg Thomas

    Interesting site. Good with a site without misinformation

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