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Cold Delays Harvest in Western Manitoba — Farmers Lose Millions

The brutally cold and snowy weather that hit Manitoba during harvest time will likely cost farmers millions of dollars, according to Keystone Agricultural Producers.

“It’s going to be significant,” farm policy and lobby organisation president Bill Campbell warned Friday.

“When we start adding the acres and what the potential loss is, you know, this could get into the millions easily.”

The Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying — the weather in western Manitoba has been unseasonably cold and the next few days look to continue that pattern.

“We’re dealing with some adverse conditions now and I just pray for two weeks of decent weather,” Campbell added.

“With what we’ve had in the last couple of days, it’s going to take probably five to seven days of decent weather just to get back to the field.”

The cereal crops have been hit the hardest, with wheat, barley and oats all suffering.

Brandon grain farmer Roger Lepp is concerned, “I think, as farmers, we’re used to challenges, but this is kind of over and above what we’re used to doing.

“Farmers who live in Alberta, near Edmonton, may be used to dealing with snow storms at harvest time,” Lepp said, “but not those in southwestern Manitoba.

“We’re not really quite accustomed to this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some guys have crops that get left out all winter.

“Now, it’s just about salvaging what they can and looking forward.”


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