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“Climatic Changes” Threaten Northern Italy’s Wine Harvest

Italy’s farmers association, Coldiretti, has warned that damages caused by this years extreme weather could cost the country’s agriculture industry more than €500 million.

According to Coldiretti, Italy’s rainfall in June was well above the historic average, and now the country is experiencing its hottest summer since 1800 — the Dalton Minimum.

“Climatic changes seem to have impacted the Italian vineyards,” Stevie Kim, managing director of Vinitaly International, told dbHK. “So far most producers that I’ve spoken to seem to have concluded that their yield projection is lower.”

“It seems to be an abnormal Summer here in Italy, the most threatening weather conditions being floods due to excessive rain, hail and crazy wind called “tromba d’aria” in Italian,” Kim said.

And it’s not just Italy suffering the extremes, major wine producers around the world are being hit, following reports of fungal disease destroying 70% of the Bordeaux crop, as well as the ongoing wildfires in California and Germany’s earliest harvest on record due to the historic European heatwave.

Last year, Italy’s grape yields plunged 30% to a 60 year low due to bizarre weather patterns — late spring frosts and drought.

We can expect the situation to worsen further in 2019, with the intensification of the GSM.


[Feature Photo: Philippe Desmazes]

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