Chile’s Mining Activity A Major Cause for Recent Glacial Retreat

Scientists have offered a different explanation as to why most Chilean glaciers have been retreating over the last four decades. Along with high solar activity (the Modern Maximum), DUST FROM THE MINING SECTOR is implicated as a major cause.

Fabrice Lambert, a professor of climatology at the Catholic University of Santiago, explains the mechanics: “The dust that mines generate will be deposited on the glacier, the surface becomes less white, the particles absorb solar energy and cause the rapid melting of glaciers.”

Lambert added that the majority of mines in Chile are around a glacier.

These mechanics are well understood, even by governments. President of the Chilean mining council explained that in the current legislation there is a “certain protection that prevents mining companies from harming glaciers.”

And earlier this year, Codelco, the world’s top copper producer, announced it’s investing $250 million to modify the shape of the current pit at its Andina mine… in order to redirect mineral extraction toward zones where there are no glaciers.”

Let’s see The Guardian offer this counter to AGW receding Chile’s glaciers, oh wait a minute… Climate change is real. We must not offer credibility to those who deny it

With the world plunging into the next Grand Solar Minimum, the impact Chile’s mining activity has on its 24,000+ glaciers will soon be negated.


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