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Chicago Just had its Snowiest April Since 1982 + more Failed AGW Predictions

History was made last month in Chicagoland as crazy-late spring snowfall buried the region.

As well as last Saturday’s record-setting 2.5 inches of accumulating powder at O’Hare International Airport (which broke the all-time late-season record from 1910), Chicago has just witnessed its snowiest April since 1982.

It is also the first time on record that the Windy City has observed back-to-back Aprils with at least 3 inches of snow, after the 7.9 inches this year was preceded by the 3.2 inches in April 2018.

The cold times are coming.

The Global Warming Cabal never called this

They may alter their tune now, and scramble for explanations for the record cold and snow seen across the Northern Hemisphere this winter in an apparently warming world, but let’s never forget our cabal of ‘experts’ original projections:

Good bye winter. Never again snow?” — Spiegel (2000)

Snow will becomeA very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” — Dr. Viner (2000)

Winters with strong frosts and lots of snow like we had 20 years ago will no longer exist at our latitudes.” — German Professor Mojib Latif

Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms.” — IPCC (2001)

End of Snow?” — NYTimes headline (2014)

Global policies were implemented based on these (and many more) failed predictions, yet we’re still expected to impart the same level of trust in these same scientific institutions.

Even merely pointing out their dire-track-record is labelled as heresy.

The ruse is obvious to those looking, but as it’s been made all-but-a stonable offence to question a scientist –even ones found to have been spectacularly wrong in the past– the lie will likely continue for a decade-or-so more.

Probably well into this next GSM.

After all, a warming world now apparently means more snow and record cold temperatures.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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