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Cheyenne’s Coldest May In 71 Years; Seattle’s Cold April And May To Be Chased By Cool June; NW Pollination Woes; + JPMorgan CEO: An Economic “Hurricane” Is Coming

Cheyenne’s Coldest May In 71 Years

The second half of May 2022 in Cheyenne was the Wyoming capital’s coldest since 1951, according to the National Weather Service: “The cold snap on May 21 was one of the coldest events this late in the season in the last 70 years,” reads a NWS report.

Rawlins, Torrington, Douglas, Sidney, and Alliance were among the other locale’s to smash record lows that day (see article linked below), while Cheyenne, which suffered 24F, was just a single degree shy of busting its 140-year-old benchmark.

As reported by, Scottsbluff also logged its coldest temperature of the month that day — the city’s low of 27F was the latest occurrence of sub-30F reading since 1947.

And the following day, May 22, was also one for the record books.

The 26F observed in Cheyenne usurped the previous record low of 29F from 1930; while Rawlins, Laramie, Chadron, Sidney, and Alliance also busted longstanding records; with Scottsbluff coming within 1F of breaking a 107-year-old benchmark.

The month of May, in its entirety, finished-up colder than average.

Seattle’s Cold April And May To Be Chased By Cool June

After the coldest April and May in decades, Western Washington has been told to brace for a cool and wet June.

According to the Climate Prediction Center’s 30-day forecast, June 2022, overall, is expected to be cooler and wetter than usual: kind of like the spring we’ve had so far, so says assistant state climatologist Karin Bumbaco and as reported by

Delving into the data, April was the Emerald’s City’s third coldest April of the past 45 years; while May, with its average temperature of just 52.6F, ended-up being seventh coldest ever, and also the second wettest.

By the end of May, Seattle had registered just six hours with temperatures above 70F. This is an astonishing feat, and one put into context by the below NWS tweet:

NW Pollination Woes

A record cold April 2022 across the Northwest U.S. coated trees with snow and sent growers scrambling to protect blossoms from cold damage, while also contending for limited supplies of propane.

“We’ve had cold damage before; we’ve had frosty nights before,” said Jason Matson of Matson Fruit in Selah in Washington, “but a week of 32-degree highs or whatever it was? We’ve never had that. That’s the problem.”

Record cold gripped the Northwest back in April with daily highs doggedly holding well-below norm all month, according to AgWeatherNet. The nearest weather station to Matson’s farm is WSU’s Pomona. That station registered a high of just 39.2F on April 12, an astonishing feat given that the previous lowest-April-high was 48.1F.

For a stretch of 12 days, daytime highs at the Pomona station ranged from 39F to 54F. Such readings are problematic for honey bees –which rarely fly below 55F and don’t forage until the mercury reaches 65F– and so, in turn, are disastrous for pollination.

April brought record-low maximum temperatures that disrupted tree fruit pollination in Central Washington.

This year’s cherry bloom kicked-in just as the cold forced bees to huddle in their hives. A lot of the fruit did not set, points out Matt Whiting, a fruit physiology professor at WSU: “This is kind of a scary prospect,” he said.

“It’s not looking good,” continued Matson, noting that temperatures struggled through the remainder of April and also throughout May, too. This led several cherry and apple blocks, depending on location, to ‘set’ so poorly that attempts to harvest them likely aren’t going to be worth it.

Greg Pickel, development manager for G.S. Long Co. of Yakima, echoes Matson’s concerns: “There’s probably much more damage from lack of bee activity than from actual frost damage,” he said, adding that both his cherries and apples will see a stark reduction in volume this year.

The story is the same across the region.

Northwest Cherry Growers president B.J. Thurlby said that during a mid-May meeting of five states this season’s cherry harvest was estimated to be 136,800-tons. This would be the smallest harvest since 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23), when there was a third less acreage in production.

“We know it’s significantly reduced,” said Thurlby.

JPMorgan CEO: An Economic “Hurricane” Is Coming

JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon has urged investors to prepare for turbulence in the markets in the weeks ahead — warning that extraordinary financial circumstances were creating a potential “hurricane” for the economy.

Dimon, CEO of the largest U.S. bank, said factors such as the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s move to tighten monetary policy due to crippling inflation could stoke chaotic conditions in the market.

“It’s a hurricane. Right now, it’s kind of sunny, things are doing fine, everyone thinks the Fed can handle this,” Dimon said during a recent conference, “[but] that hurricane is right out there, down the road, coming our way. We just don’t know if it’s a minor one or Superstorm Sandy or Andrew or something like that. You better brace yourself.”

The Fed is cutting off the pandemic-era flow of cheap money and tightening credit as it aims to curb consumer prices. But the Fed’s hawkish policy shift has spooked investors who fear it will result in a recession or even depression. Other analysts actually expect the Fed to change course soon and scrap the tightening altogether, after seeing the damage its doing to the markets.

Meanwhile, disruptions to global supply chains continue to mount, and are contributing to an international energy crisis that has resulted in record-high prices across the world, with benchmark oil prices riding at close to $120 per barrel.

“JPMorgan is bracing ourselves and we’re going to be very conservative with our balance sheet,” added Dimon. “Basically, the Cold War is back,” the JPMorgan chief told Bloomberg. “I think the whole world learned something that we always knew — that national security is always the most important thing, but it kind of recedes in the background when we’re all doing well.”

Dimon concluded by warning that there was a chance the Russia-Ukraine war could last for years — an outcome that would “completely rattle global energy markets, wheat markets, commodity markets.”

That ‘rattling’, however, was noticeable long-before the conflict. It was occurring long-before COVID-19, too. The clanking, clinking and clunking heard ringing through society has been growing louder for decades. And it is bigger than any single ‘event’.

This is a controlled demolition of society, and whether the excuse be the war, the pandemic, or catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, the result is always the same: the advancement of their ‘Great Reset’.

The war is the excuse given for failing supply chains (leading to food/energy shortages); COVID-19 was the excuse for draconian power grabs which eroded many hard-earned freedoms; while ‘climate change’ is the excuse for reducing people’s access to affordable energy (via an under-investment in an out-of-favor fossil fuels sector).

Whatever the catastrophe may be, the result is the same: lower and lower living standards for the masses while the rich get richer and richer. But where is the democracy? Where’s is my vote on how such ‘events’ should be handled? I don’t have one. Instead, the unelected elites make all the plays, and any attempt to even question the official narrative, let alone construct a democratic movement to combat it, sees you branded a conspiracy theorist for life and anti-human.

This is the power of propaganda.

I fear the masses may never awake, and will instead dutifully flit from one crisis to the next, believing whatever the corporate media tells them, no matter how illogical or contradictory, until that final day of reckoning comes when the controlled demolition is complete and an average Joe’s only option is to bow to their masters for that 5 gallons of gas for their car or that 1kg bag of rice for their bellies. No measure will be considered ‘too far’ when you’re hungry, and people will likely consider it their duty to queue around the block for their mandatory digital IDs and ration cards, just as they did for those wholly unnecessary COVID-19 vaccinations: The power of propaganda, and the terrible, unthinking compliance of the purblind masses.

Jamie Dimon said investors should “brace” for a possible market “hurricane.”

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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13 Thoughts to “Cheyenne’s Coldest May In 71 Years; Seattle’s Cold April And May To Be Chased By Cool June; NW Pollination Woes; + JPMorgan CEO: An Economic “Hurricane” Is Coming”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    Below is the list of number of days Seattle temp above 80
    Jan 1st through June 1st. Average first 80 F day is 20 May, so they are at least 10 days behind schedule.
    2012: 0
    2013: 11
    2014: 11
    2015: 2
    2016: 22
    2017: 11
    2018: 13
    2019: 12
    2020: 16
    2021: 8
    2022: 0
    One can see a steady decline in temps since 2016 correlating with the graph in this article. Again 2020 shows to be a tipping point for the climate.
    Now with the planetary alignment kicking in to peak cool the planet in Dec 2024, the decline in solar sunspot activity overall and the failure of the CO2 greenhouse effect (see my post on Mars yesterday) it is most certain
    for Winter 2022-23 to be even colder.

    1. Anonymous

      Dallas area 100 degree days trending down.

  2. DIrk Pitt

    What will they pull this Summer to heat things back up and cause a Climate Emergency? Last year’s start of Summer they killed 1400 and our 170% snowpack was gone in two days-
    Be ready for anything…

  3. Michael Peinsipp

    There are two different mentality’s in America – Inner city takers and Rural workers.
    The number of people whose eyes and minds have been ‘opened’ up is increasing daily…Why? Simple – fuel prices.
    Fuel prices affect every American and especially the poorer portion.
    I hate to say it but I believe by Summers end, gas/diesel will be out of the range of many workers and prices of all goods will follow.
    Now when People get Hungry, they get angry. When they get angry…anything can and will happen. I expect food/fuel riots before Winter.
    I hope not but History has shown us what happens in situations such as these.
    1 Be armed at all times everywhere -if not armed BUY A WEAPON!
    2 Get out of the inner city NOW! Even the Suburbs in most city’s are to close cuz riots go where the ‘needed items’ are located.
    3 Those in Rural areas – grow double what you normally grow. Raise meat Chickens, hogs (if you can), Rabbits, egg Chickens nd Goats for Milk/Meat.
    4 Get to know your neighbors. Who to trust and who to stay away from.
    5 Store fuel in drums (treat the fuel immediately with fuel conditioner) and buy IF you can find a vehicle pre 1980. These are damn near indestructible in case of EMP (don’t laff) and can be fixed very easily and cheaply. F150 4wd is my truck. Also a good 35-60 HP tractor diesel/gas…Diesel are best.
    Most of all keep your Family trained, close and Love them over everything else!
    US ARMY VET 1971-1979

  4. Ballistic Logos

    Edward Jenner FAKE “Father of Immunology” used as catapult for new vaccine religion… ALL my “religious” [god ‘n injection loving] family [except my kids] are running on their 4th dose/shot now anticipating the next due date for their 5th and so on. Government bought the equivalent of 9 ea. for everyone in Canada and they’re building brand new “vaxx” production plants. They all seem to like ’em and they don’t see nobody dyin’ around them or on TV from the “vaxxes”… so the more the merrier… whatever the high priests say… but some have had a lot more recent doctor-priest -angels of death type appts. recently – the one who very nearly croaked from the shingles vaxx 3 years ago has been “regularly” injected with a lot more than just the convid injections [plus taken many other Big Pharma chems] since then – while also taking her vitamin D and Cod Liver oil “religiously” too… having serious heart and liver problems now though… luckily she’s also way too old to die young at this point… bottom line… if you love Big Pharma and injections then also keep up on your vitamin D3, fish oils, sunlight, and “moderate” exercise.

    Edward Jenner, the supposed “Father of Immunology,” was a complete huckster and fraud who never passed a single medical examination in his life – June 03, 2022

    I drilled a buncha wells near a little Alberta hamlet named after Jenner and your blurb coincidentally reminded me of driving an old engineering tech room-mate down [in my ’77 Parisienne two-door super fast luxury boat] to UW in Laramie passing through Cheyenne, Wy, Nickname(s): Homo Equality State (official); Cowboy State (formerly) – they really do or did have old saloons with bullet holes in the mirrors down there… but expect they’ve fixed ’em up now so the equitable/sensitive voters don’t get too “triggered”.

    Great blurb as always Cap’n, I’d read Dimon’s blurb the other day (we’re within months of being the same age but he has way more cash) but we both still get it… Cheers.
    Dimon went on a tear during the hourlong session, barreling through topics like a “greatest hits” of his observations and gripes, often letting loose with profanity. Meanwhile, other critics often conflate stakeholder capitalism for being “woke,” Dimon said. “I am a red-blooded, free market capitalist and I’m not [a] woke [cowboy from Wy],” he said. “All we’re saying is when we wake up in the morning, we give a s—

  5. Martin

    Most of everything that is going on was already tried to warn or advise a good few years ago, isn’t it? But it seems that the human being does not want to change. The ‘REAL’ winter is yet to come, this is just the beginning
    Thanks to Robert Felix:

  6. Documenting the Ice Age Gallows Humour...

    CRP – Gonzalo Lira II – YouTube

    Mike figures there’s possibly still 60 days left to make the final “easy” preps before the multi-year SHTF severe austerity really begins for the masses who didn’t.

    Eyes Is Watchin

    CRP – 2022.05.30 The Crazy Policies Are Going To Get (A Lot) Worse

  7. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

    In a TV interview with Al Jazeera Television, Dimitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, said “This is not a forecast, but what’s already in play. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are galloping ahead, and we can only look towards God.”
    REWOIAFO… read every word of it and find out.

    Dr. Tau Braun with the Health Ranger: Mass shooter psychology same as the globalist’s psychology… envisioning/planning for very near to the end of their lives of doing an epic ww grand production mass murder suicide [for the not greater numbers’ good but for the remnants greater good] but on a much, much, much grander more spectacular scale in proportion to their relative wealth and clout. They’ve broadcast it for years, the Kissinger/Soros/Gates/Queens/Eugenicists/Schwab/Doktor Seltsame Liebe types might likely hope to live long enough see a spectacular (do what thou wilt) nuclear Armageddon fireworks show w/ mega-plague(s) and pestilence before the end of their “run” just like from in the Dr. Strangelove movie of ’64. This whole ww s— show has been in the plans for many decades prior… and (((they’ve))) been overtly broadcasting it for decades just like the run of the mill mini/micro mass murder/suiciders [faked or not]. Georgia Guidestones and way, way too many to even start to mention/list.

    “But it is a sacrifice required for the future of the whole human race.”
    Mineshafts = DUMBs [trillions have already been spent on the DUMBS and yachts and they’ve been stockin’ up for years and making dystopian movies and predictions and doing drills that land on these exact right here, right now dates… mega-coinkyrinkydink psyops in the left ear over and over … and it all makes perfect sense unfortunately… besides no matter what, 100 years from now it’s all new people and today will seem like ancient history in the next micro blink of time]

    This whole scenario unfolding right here right now was Rolf Witzsche’s greatest fear for humanity as we entered into the next mini/maxi ice age ahead… (((they’ve))) got a death-wish and they are hoping to see it come true on the big screens from within the “mineshafts”… there are no gap(s) today.
    “Don’t open the Pandora’s Box of Nuclear War!”… it’s shaping up to become way more than prolly a done deal as this is not a forecast, but what’s already in play. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are galloping ahead. Prepare for impact ww. Cheers.

  8. Anthony

    Warming up here in sunny Manchester, at last, but it’s not hot at all. Wearing two jumpers to type this at 8am as the temp in the house was 17.9 C (64.22) The jumpers will soon come off as the sun gets higher but the forcast temp for today is 16C(61F) with max 13C (55F) tomorrow and monday. It’s the evening and night forcast temp of 9C (48F) that keeps you wrapped up…. Not looking that good yet for June, I’ll let you know when we actually can ditch jumpers for the summer….it will happen but tickity tockity tock, the mouse ran up the clock……

  9. JNS

    Even the alternative media don’t get it! They blame all the food woes on fertilizer and diesel fuel costs, but ignore climate. Those of us who follow sites like yours, who didn’t buy the warming spin, who read the papers to understand GSM’s, knew that what we are seeing today, would happen years ago!!!!

  10. Rocket Scientist

    Review of The Technological Society, by Jacques Ellul
    [the advanced play book of the globalist technocrats]

    Two books by Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society and Propaganda,are the most important of all required reading for anybody who wants to understand what is occurring in the ‘advanced’ societies during our era. The thesis of great writing cannot be encapsuled into a few smooth phrases.

    The Technological Society – Jacques Ellul [was AW’s highest most often recommended book and reference guide]


    Baby Die-Off: Lactation Issues, Miscarriages & Neonatal Deaths



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