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Cheyenne, Wyoming Breaks an All-Time Snowfall Record, with another from 1947 under Serious Threat

All-time cold weather records continue to fall across the U.S. this week in what is supposedly “the hottest spring ever since records began and probably centuries before records began, we’re all gonna die, pay your taxes” (to paraphrase the myriad of mainstream articles on the topic).

Turning back to the facts, the NWS in Cheyenne reports that 5 inches (12.7cm) of snow fell by midnight on Monday, May 20, annihilating the previous daily record of 0.8 inches (2cm) set in 2001.

Cheyenne is forecast to see an additional 2+ inches of snow overnight Tuesday, and if that plays out, the city has a chance of busting the “elusive” maximum two-day snowfall for the period of May 20 through June 30 of 8.7 inches (22.1cm), which was set on June 12, 1947.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the mountains of southeast Wyoming and the Pine Ridge from Lusk to Chadron, and a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for much of the eastern Wyoming plains and the Nebraska Panhandle.

And for all those Chicken Little headlines regarding the heat in the southeast, I hope this chart helps put things into perspective.

The anomalous cold is far more of a concern:



Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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