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St. Petersburg’s “Deep Freeze” Breaks 1893 Record; Sweden Busts All-Time December Low (-46.8F); Bethel, Alaska Suffered Its Coldest November in 82 Years; + Grímsvötn Volcano Alert

Professor Emeritus Ian Plimer: “The hypothesis that human activity can create global warming is extraordinary because it is contrary to validated knowledge from solar physics, astronomy, history, archeology and geology.”

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Another Bogus Climate Report blames Global ‘Cooling’ on Global ‘Warming’

In a perfect example of what George Orwell called ‘Doublethink’ the AGW party is claiming that global ‘warming’ can also mean global ‘cooling’ — i.e. that your CO2 emissions (i.e. your existence) are responsible for ALL things climate; even the stark cooling we’ve witnessed since 2016.

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