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Slovenia suffers Coldest April Temp in History, Belgrade breaks All-Time Snow Record, European Winemakers bust-out the “Frost Fires,” and an Antarctic Blast threatens Early-Season Snow in SE Australia

Frigid air, spilling south from the Arctic and north from Antarctica, has invaded the lower-latitudes of late, throwing the seasons out of whack and breaking long-standing cold records — welcome to the next Grand Solar Minimum.

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“New Little ICE Age Instead of Global Warming?” by Dr Theodor Landscheidt

Unlike the IPCC, which tosses its thermageddon doomsday date back and forth like a hot potato, researchers who track the multimillennial plays of the cosmos (namely those of the Sun) routinely land on the year 2030 as being the date of ‘climate deterioration’: this in itself should serve as compelling evidence.

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