“Catastrophic 4-INCHES of Melt on Antarctica’s TINY Eagle Island” — Climate Fraud on Steroids

A slew of AGW-propaganda rags have recently run with the headline “Antarctica Melts Under Its Hottest Days on Record”, and have attempted to scare the terminally ill-informed public with the below ‘before and after’ image:

Image result for eagle island antarctica
Satellite images show the effects of a prolonged warm spell on Eagle Island, in the far north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The region in question is Eagle Island, one of several islands peppered along the Graham Land peninsula–an area situated closer to South America than any other part of the Antarctic continent, and separated from Antarctica’s mainland by the 1.77 km wide Aripleri Passage.

Frustratingly for those of us who value logic and commonsense, the above ‘before and after’ obfuscation hasn’t been put into any kind of context. The Guardian et al. have failed to stress, or even point out, a number of key facts:

1) That the biggest loss of ice and snow on Eagle Island came on Feb. 6, when one solitary inch of snowpack melted; and that by Feb. 11, the island had lost a total of 4-inches of snow, according to NASA.

And that 2) Eagle Island is tiny, like genuinely minuscule; so small in fact that it isn’t labelled on most maps, and is given the number 12 on the one map I have been able to locate:

So, in these modern times of constant warm-mongering media bias, all it now takes to scare the public into signing-up to a global carbon tax is 4-inches of melt on some tiny northernmost Antarctic island…

…what a sick climate joke we’re all living.

However, for any out there still interested in the actual facts, NASA’s own data reveals this season’s Antarctica’s Sea Ice Extent is continuing to track the 1979-1990 average — no cause for concern:

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