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Canadian Town Inundated With Stranded Seals After “Waters Suddenly Froze”

Dozens of seals have become stranded in a Canadian town as nearby waters suddenly froze, blocking traffic and the entrances to homes and businesses.

Two of the animals in Roddickton-Bide Arm, Newfoundland died after being struck by a car. There are concerns others will starve to death.

It is against Canadian law to interfere with marine mammals such as seals.

Experts say the speed at which the bay froze over likely disorientated the animals and caused them to move inland instead of towards open waters.

“It actually feels like we’re being inundated,” the town’s Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald told CBC News. “There’s seals on the road, there’s seals in people’s driveways, the backyards, the parking lots, the doorways, the businesses.”

There are growing concerns that the animals will starve to death unless they are taken to the ocean by wildlife officials.

For the full article from the BBC, click here.

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