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Canada’s Exceptionally Cold February; Corsica Suffers Coldest March Day On Record As Arctic Air Sweeps Europe: Heavy Snow Forecast For Ukraine (As Nation’s Grain Exports Stall)

Canada’s Exceptionally Cold February

February in Canada held very cold. The nation’s temperature anomaly finished at an impressive -1.36C below the 1991-2020 baseline. It was especially chilly in the central areas — as much as -6C below the norm in Yellowknife.

Peter Kimbell, a warning preparedness meteorologist (???) at Environment Canada, said the mean daily temperature recorded for February was –16.9C (1.6F), which is almost a full five degrees lower than average for the month.

“Five degrees is considerably below average,” said Kimbell. “And we had quite a few days of minus 30 degrees overnight lows. In fact, you hit –36 on February 24th, and –34.5 on February 25th.”

Canada’s Feb, 2022 Temp Anomalies [@Pat_wx].

February followed what was a very cold January, too, amplifying the misery for Canadians: “If people were moaning about [the cold], it’s for good reason,” added Kimbell. “It’s entirely warranted, because five degrees below normal in the middle of wintertime is very cold.”

Along with the anomalous freeze, unusually high volumes of snow were also noted: 67cm (2.2ft) settled last month at Hazelwood Lake, just north of Thunder Bay, with the long-term February average at the site sitting at just 27cm (10.6 inches).

It is unusual to have both a cold and snowy month, noted Kimbell, as it tends to be drier when the temperature drops.

Thunder Bay, Ont., received more than double its average Feb snow.

Corsica Suffers Coldest March Day On Record As Arctic Air Sweeps Europe

The start of meteorological spring in Europe brought with it an unexpected return winter–frigid conditions that are only set to intensify March progresses.

Corsica –France’s mountainous Mediterranean island– was hit by low level frosts on Wednesday, March 2. Thermometers bottomed out at -6.1C (21F) at Figari, making for the coldest March day on records (since the station began operations back in 1979).

Europe is forecast an intensification of these wintry conditions over the coming weeks, delaying the onset of spring.

Heavy Snow Forecast For Eastern Ukraine…

Significant snowfall is expected to spread across eastern Ukraine over the next couple of days, resulting in poor visibility, difficult travel conditions and widespread totals of between 6-12 inches, more on the country’s higher elevations.

While light snow is already falling, heavier flurries will move in on Thursday, lasting through Saturday. Kharkiv and Donetsk could each see more than 10 inches, falling mostly on Thursday/Friday in Donetsk and Friday/Saturday in Kharkiv.

In addition to the snow, winds are also expected to pick up. While temperatures will hold unusually cold for the time of year, around the freezing mark. And looking further ahead, an even colder air mass looks set to move in next week:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 11 [].

A quick word on the conflict: It is, of course, a far more complex situation than the MSM is painting. If you think the U.S. and its NATO allies are the ‘good guys’ in all this then you are hopelessly ignorant; there are no good guys, only geopolitical maneuvering, war profiting, and, as is always the case with such endeavors, the suffering of innocent people (including soldiers).

…As Nation’s Grain Exports Stall

Understandably, the Ukraine has been failing to fulfill its grain contracts of late, which is negatively impacting some import nations, including South Korea, where the loss of exports from Ukrainian ports leaves a hard-to-fill gap.

Feed producers based in South Korea could be forced into declaring force majeure on some of their contracts in the coming weeks, reports Ukrainian ports stopped their operations and spot prices shot higher after Russia invaded on Feb 24. Data suggests some 300,000 mt of corn bound for South Korea has been trapped by the conflict, with this loss of pre-booked Black Sea supply considered almost impossible to replace at such short notice. 

“They (South Korean feed makers) will probably face a supply issue by April… For the time being, they need to buy as much as they can to replace that supply for April and May arrival and then think what next,” one Singapore-based trader said.

The Korea Feed Association entered the market on Wednesday to buy 204,000 mt of corn for delivery between April 15-June 25; however, they ended up buying just 134,000 mt of corn for delivery between May 5 and June 25. Also, the average price paid was also far more expensive–at some $62/mt above what Major Feedmills Group had paid on Feb 9, for example,


It will feel wintry across much if the U.S. this week, including in New York State where a snow system is working its way towards the region once again, set to will deliver a shot of accumulating snow into early Thursday.

According to the NWS, Batavia to Rochester will receive 3 inches of snow, with potentially greater amounts up at Oswego and Pulaski, NY. Those east of Lake Ontario should see more snow. And more inches still are possible for the Finger Lakes.

Latest GFS runs have been hinting at a powerful Arctic Outbreak come mid-March, a setup they’re doubling-down on:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 8 – March 13 [].
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 3 – March 19 [].

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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[Featured Image: Fallen Russian Soldier In Snow, Tyler Hicks, @nytimes].

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31 Thoughts to “Canada’s Exceptionally Cold February; Corsica Suffers Coldest March Day On Record As Arctic Air Sweeps Europe: Heavy Snow Forecast For Ukraine (As Nation’s Grain Exports Stall)”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    During the Olympics games it was public knowledge that the request was in asking the Russians not to attack the Ukraine until after the Olympic Games were over. Well how nice. People and their families bombed and crushed but the big concern is don’t taint the Olympic Games.

    1. Alfred (Antalya)

      The Ukrainian army has been bombing families in Lugansk and Donetsk daily for 8 years. If the media does not want you to know, that is no excuse for your ignorance. Just go to the alternative media and search.

  2. Johnnie Naughton

    The title picture is inappropriate; why would you use a dead soldier picture to point out the weather. Take it down; you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Cap Allon

      The needless suffering is mentioned in the article.

    2. Ballistic Logos


      1. Ballistic Logos

        The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie.

        1. Deb

          Here’s the problem. There is no way to determine if the dramatic footage is genuine or staged.

          For myself, if I came upon cars full of dead bodies, I would be very quiet and take evasive action.

          1. LocoLogos

            The female of the couple probably told the guy everything would be fine if they just stayed in place a bit longer because per usual “nothing is ever imminent”… until it was and the Ukraine recruiters were likely closing in on the soon to be “draftee”. Then as they were leaving she likely figured it would be OK to take a short cut instead of the Russian designated/announced safe passage route… so since they were likely eugenically predisposed to making bad choices while breathing these now birds/angels of a feather likely got to meet “their maker” a bit earlier much like the others cooling off on the road. Faked or not, it’s good education for the general public to re-understand what git while the gittin’s good means… like déjà vu all over again.

            Maybe Coach Red Pill [Gonzalo Lira] can help to “Red Pill” ya on the current physics in the Ukraine. I’ve been “channelling” Gonzalo for many years already.

            Robberies, rapes [murders] happening in Ukraine after govt armed civilians to fight Russians: YouTuber [Gonzalo Lira] Says Western media is not reporting these crimes Web Desk Updated: March 02, 2022

            Gonzalo Lira’s new channel:

          2. Deb

            Sure, blame it on the woman. That’s what Adam did in the Garden of Eden, so I guess you guys are “eugenically predisposed” to shift the blame to your poor helpmeet.

            PS I’ll be happy to check out Gonzales. Your earlier post didn’t show him in a very good light.

          3. LocoLogos

            “… poor helpmeet”… I think you likely meant “helpmeat”;)

  3. anon

    Nobody was sending aid or putting flags on their facebook profile for the past 4 years while 14 thousand civilians were being systematically killed in the Russian majority areas of Ukraine, by actual real neo nazis, given weapons and $5Billion by Victoria Nuland.
    The hypocrisy is astounding.
    Note the sponsor:

  4. Peter

    I wouldnt believe any of it. Theyre getting desperate because the “ole” war games arent working. People with eyes to see can see right through it. Theyre even putting in “WAR Actors” with blood and all on Bitchute video in Ukraine. As they do with the covid scam. Its all on video if anyone is even bothered to look lmao.Its called self denial. But their heads are too far up their rear hole to see clearly.
    But humans are so stupid, they can barely wipe their arses, and believe anything.
    They will be the first to go.

  5. Sarah

    Cap, I appreciate that you mentioned the suffering of soldiers too. Soldiers are pawns in this game, just as civilians are. As a mother, my heart feels as though every soldier is my son. Every pointless death is horrific.
    My great-aunt kept a diary at the start of the Great War, where she writes about the newspaper accounts of plucky little Belgium and the dastardly Huns. I didn’t think I’d see this all again in my lifetime but here we are.

  6. John

    You undermine the credibility of the whole of your website when you equate the Russians on the one hand with Ukraine and NATO on the other.

    1. Cap Allon

      I don’t know what your point is…
      Who’s helping the Ukraine? NATO. Who wanted to join NATO? The Ukraine.
      Or am I missing something? (entirely possible btw)

      1. Dallas Schneider

        “White Knight” Exxon will come in to “save the day” from their
        “Bigger than Texas” new oilfield discovery in Guyana, just north of Brazil, east of Venezuela.
        What better way to fund their very very expensive off shore drilling platforms than for the price of oil to double/triple due to a little conflict in Ukraine?
        For if they brought the field in under normal circumstances it would glut the market and drive prices down. You see what happened to Venezuela who provided FREE Gasoline to citizens for decades. How convenient to have a major competitor driven off the market? It is a known fact that in any conflict there is a Hidden Third Party stirring up the trouble.
        Watch the video “The Third Party Law”!

    2. Wizard

      Cap barely mentioned the “situation” in Ukraine, and only because he was reporting on the grain market problems, which WILL eventually lead to massive famine. Don’t worry, though, go get your jab, get a bag of chips while you still can and go sit in front of a big TV screen and dope yourself up with CNN, that will not help you, but it will help the rest of us to stay sane and alive and normal.


  7. Mr Reynard

    IMHO, Little Greta should be nominated for a Nobel Prize, for her achievement in stopping the Global Warming ….

    1. Renard Canard [Mr]

      Mr. Greta should really bend you over and boink some sense into you, Herr Fox[Mr]…

  8. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    They are trying to hide the fact that the Covid vax maimed the military. New “OLD” data has been released, and it is worse than the previous “old” data.
    Here is the tally, as of 2021 (not even updated data, this is OLD data, from right after the Covid shots – High blood pressure: Up 21.8x. Obviously from micro clots. Nervous system problems: Up 10X. Malignant neoplasms of all types: Up by 19X. TOTAL OVERALL INCREASE IN RATE OF HEALTH PROBLEMS OF ALL TYPES: up by 98.7X, or 9,870%.

    QUESTION: Was this done on purpose to castrate the United States before war with Russia? That is 2021 data also, it is WORSE now but they are not Publishing that.
    Click this for the documents.
    Russia knows this. They can be as audacious as they want to be. That’s probably a big reason why they had the guts to do Ukraine.

    NaturalNews got a hold of the life insurance data and it shows a 2.6 times increase in claims, and what’s worse?? This is old data, from Q3 2021.
    Why do we always have to go on old data when it comes to the results of this vax? WORSE: 2.6x is only half of the story. As of Q3 2021 about 50 percent of Americans did not get even a single shot. That’s where it all washed out by that time in the end. So to get the actual amount the vax increases your likelihood of death, you have to take 2.6 and divide it by .5 which gives you 5.2 times the probability of dying (very soon) post vax, with the chance increasing over time. If the normal non-vaxxed life expectancy is 75 years then 75/5.2 = 14.4, or in other words, the life expectancy of the vaxxed as it was in Q3, when the shots were then only going into full swing and no one had that third booster – the human life expectancy has been reduced to a max of 14.4 years. And that is going to be worse by now, by a lot.
    What do you do when you maim humanity and lots and lots of them woke up before the job was even close to being done, – what do you do to cover your butt and hit your death goal anyway??? NUCLEAR WAR. And today’s headlines are talking all about it.

    The most important thing you can do now is buy all the gas and fuel you can, and get as much cash on hand as possible.
    Gas and cash could easily end up being in short supply suddenly and unexpectedly. China moved to restrict funding for Russian commodities and Europeans are shutting off Russian gas. That means there’s going to be an enormous resource shortage which will be made worse by predators looking to cash in on “war inflation”.

    If at all possible, get at least a 50 watt solar panel and use it to charge your car battery. Don’t forget the blocking diode, which should cost 50 cents, if it costs more than a couple dollars, RIPOFF. There are a few portable systems out there that take care of everything for you, but $50 spent is the goal. That means panel, your already existing car battery, diode. You probably already have a small inverter. Don’t wreck the battery by draining it too hard. 12.2 volts is my personal limit under load. If the battery is not rebounding to 12.4 volts with no load, you will wreck it. A 50 watt panel will support charging of all devices and will run ONE LED light bulb in the house. To keep things safe, use a lamp, if you do wire an inverter into the house TURN THE MAIN BREAKER OFF. Failing to do so will equal dead inverter if the power comes back on. Make sure to remove the inverter from the system before flipping the main breaker back on!!!

    “We are one of the last generations [in 2018 and the pre-graphenation injection era of the masses] of homo sapiens” – A very important old [2018] video from a World Economic Forum [YUVAL NOAH HARARI “mad computer transhumanist but more likely a TALMUDIC EUGENICIST] meeting has surfaced. In the half hour video the speaker goes over your digital future and how the WEF sees the economy changing over to a data based society where everyone is completely surveilled. The hacking of life to create “better people” is also discussed.

    Move mouse over the pop-ups/links on this site attached below (ARCHIVE THIS IMPORTANT SITE)

  9. .

    THANKS CAP’n – ne plus ultra Amigo

  10. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    Coach Red Pill is in the Ukraine and been there for years – been following him for years – he doesn’t BS around reality.

  11. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    In reality they’re not after you, they’re after me…(a little white girl) … Dads with skin in the game need to be in the way.

    Johns Hopkins U Confirms You Can Be Vaccinated with a PCR Swab Test Without Knowing – February 9, 2022

    COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Deaths Soar in Europe. Mass Funeral Protest for Children Held in Switzerland

    Zalenksky, Trudeau/Castro, Biden, Trump, Schwab et al all EGI pedohomo puppets ww
    Zalensky, gay faggot homo
    Trudeau giving the Full Monty Kilt to kindergarten kids

    TOP SECRET PFIZER DOCUMENT LEAKS ONLINE… (this is no accident that all the info truth bombs are being dumped online now)

  12. FYI

    World NewsDesk 03 March 2022 Hits: 13349

    This content is for subscribers only —

    A Russian who lives in Ireland, tells me she has an Aunt in Moscow. The Aunt works in a playschool and one child’s mother has an older son currently serving in the Russian military.

    Fortunately he is stationed in the far east of Russia and didn’t take part in the invasion of Ukraine.

    Apparently, he and others were given orders by superiors to start training to enforce order on civilians, establish medical tents, supply rations and iodine to the local population, in the event that the Russian Federation engages in a nuclear conflict with NATO and the United States.


    Again, Russia is making overt plans to deal with a nuclear war. Why?

    They know that we are not going to hit them . . . first. So . . . WHY?

    It’s starting to look as though they know we are going to hit them . . . . because THEY INTEND TO HIT US FIRST, and they know we will hit back.

    It makes sense to hit the US and to hit first.

    Russia’s ENTIRE problem with NATO goes away instantly if the US is hit first. The US is a full seventy percent of NATO. Without the US, NATO is literally nothing. It falls apart instantly.

    All of Russia’s security problems, boycott problems, economic Sanctions problems disappear in one fell swoop if the US is taken out of the picture —– first.

    Putin once said that growing up on the streets of St. Petersburg, he learned that if a fight is inevitable, if it cannot be avoided, it’s always better to punch first.

    Men don’t ever forget those types of lessons.

    Now, some of you will immediately fall back on the notion of “Mutual Assured Destruction. (MAD)” You’ll think to yourself “They wouldn’t dare, they’d be destroyed too.” WRONG.

    Russia has spent decades building nuclear bomb shelters for its civilian population.

    The US has none.

    In those Russian shelters is food, water, medicine, tools, machine tools, books, weapons and ammo, air and water filtration systems, generators for electric and fuel.

    The US has none.

    Last year, Russia underwent a full rehearsal with its population, scheduled MONTHS in advance, that, on a certain date, the sirens would sound and all the citizens had to have their papers and such ready, and go immediately to their nearest shelter.

    On the day of the rehearsal drill, FORTY MILLION Russian citizens were successfully sheltered within minutes of the sirens sounding.

    The number of US rehearsal drills: None

    Put simply, if there is a nuclear exchange or, God forbid, a nuclear war, a very large portion of the Russian population will survive. America and Americans . . . will not.

    These facts Kinda take the “mutual” out of Mutual Assured Destruction.

    I earnestly hope you have Potassium Iodate pills to take in the event of a nuclear detonation. THEY CANNOT BE TAKEN UNLESS AND UNTIL THERE IS A DETONATION. If you take them now, when there is no radiation, your Thyroid gland at the base of your throat/neck, will swell and will NEVER return to its normal size. So you do not take those pills unless and until there is actual radiation, and then, you only take ONE (1) pill per calendar day. NOT MORE THAN ONE.

    If you do not have those pills, I think you may be already shit-outta-luck. I am told that even is totally sold out. People already suspect what’s coming. That’s proof.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      The “nuke” guys in the US would like to keep people in fear.
      Anyone promoting shelters or survival of a blast is cancelled or considered trrrst. This was certainly discovered in the 1950s. Only the tornado belt people have a chance with underground shelters.
      Look at where the Ukraine people are hanging out now? Subways!

      My favorite radiation assist is “FLUSHING” niacin, if you can find it.
      ABSOLUTELY start with small 100 mg dose for a few weeks before raising it.
      A 500 mg first time dose will result in the statement “I am NEVER taking that again!” ruining that persons chance of running out their radiation.
      I now can routinely take a 1,000 mg dose with ZERO problems. This is not Medical Advice. Consult your “DOCTOR” for “MEDICAL” Advice!
      In the 80’s my then wife took a dose, turning on a beautiful flushed skin, non-flushed perfectly white Bikini pattern. What else but it was running out all the solar radiation while wearing a bikini. You won’t erase the picture in my mind anytime soon!

      1. Dallas Schneider

        The “nuke” guys never consider that a blast going off near them might just possibly burn up their Social Security card.
        ABSOLUTELY NO Sense of Cause and Effect here!

        DS USN/USMC Combat Corpsman Commended, RVN

  13. Winston Smith [Mr]

    Commentary from inside the Ukraine – I personally totally vet this guy Gonzalo Lira – have followed him for years – Coach Red Pill >

    My Trip From Kiev to Kharkov Last Night (Birthday Stream)

    So coincidentally I find this news report just now.
    Robberies, rapes happening in Ukraine after govt armed civilians to fight Russians: YouTuber [Gonzalo Lira] Says Western media is not reporting these crimes Web Desk Updated: March 02, 2022

  14. FYI

    scroll through these vids and comments and reports and get cash ASAP:

    1. Ballistic Logos

      I think you meant TopGun;)… you’re welcome. I think your friends might like this link too (dare them to watch’em all)… especially Day 5 Patrick and Leslie’s presentations… really just needed the “Ice Age Men” logos to make complete.

  15. Ballistic Logos

    The Russian Mindset – Failing to Understand

    We MUST understand the Russian thinking just as General Patton was able to defeat Rommel by reading his books. As long as we just demonize Putin, all we will do is propel the world into a catastrophic war, and Western Civilization as we have known it will fall. To Russia, this is NOT the ego of just Putin. This is the historical mindset of Russia and if the West killed Putin, they will get someone far worse and there will be no solution but inhalation of the world we have known. We must understand how Russia looks at this and that transcends Putin. His views of Russian security are not unique and all leaders have taken the same ideas.

    People judge others by themselves. Americans have never had tanks rolling down the streets destroying everything. We do not understand the memories of others for we are human and that means we judge others by ourselves. The fool is robbed because he does not think of robbing others. Those who are criminally minded, see everyone else must have the same intent.

    Western leaders clearly have difficulty understanding Putin and prefer to cast him as a madman for they do not understand the history of Russia that always remains in the back of their mind just as Americans fear the return of a Great Depression and Germans instinctively fear inflation because if the hyperinflation of 1923. We always judge the future by our past experiences. Even in relationships, if a previous partner cheated on them, they then look for signs that their current partner will do the same… think like a Russian to survive what is coming – secure your position.

    Watch the embedded vid too. Many Germans from Russia escaped to NA from the Bolsheviks through Odessa by ship back in the early 1900’s – some of them were my ancestors – many prairie boys in NA think like the Russians – the globalist eventually won’t like that too good. Nikita said it best, “We will bury you!”.

    Fauci/Schwab In The Witness Protection Program [for] Now?… DeSantis Highlights Lower Profile For Dr. Fauci

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