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Canada at Risk of Rapid Snowmelt

AccuWeather reports of a combination of factors coming together to unleash a rapid flooding event across central and southeastern portions of Maine and New Brunswick into Friday night.

Torrential rain and rising Spring temperatures combined with a record-deep snowcover may be enough to trigger “dangerous and damaging flooding”.

Up to 2 inches of rain is forecast to fall on the region. Much of it coming in 12 hours or less. And then there’s up to 8 inches of water locked up in the snow.

Even if only part of that snow melts, it could release as much as 5 inches of water in quick fashion over the frozen landscape. This water would quickly run off into streams and rivers, bursting banks and flooding towns and farmland.

“Where the streams and rivers are frozen over or clogged with ice, you have a complicating factor,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Joe Lundberg.

“It could end up being a flood on par with that of the central Plains”.

For the full article from AccuWeather, click here.

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