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Brutal Cold Front Approaches South Africa + more evidence of a “Grand Solar Minimum” the MSM refuses to touch

South Africans have been urged to “prepare” as a brutal cold front approaches the country, with the mercury reportedly already plummeting in some regions. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the US is expecting yet more anomalous cold across vast regions of the CONUS. And all of this, I’m betting, will be ignored by the MSM, just as Europe’s near-month-long summer-chill has been.

The South African Weather Service have revealed that temperatures will likely drop to single digits across large swathes this weekend, especially in the Western Cape.

Forecaster Lulama Pheme said the front is bringing a high chance of rain and snow along with it.

“The indications that we have is that this cold front is moving northwards, which means by later today [Saturday] we expect it to be in the northern parts of Gauteng province and move over the border of Limpopo province, and affecting the entire southern parts with more cold conditions,” Pheme said.

The temperature at Barkly East, located in the Eastern Cape Province, plunged to -14C (6.8F) this morning (July 21), according to @ReenvalSA on Twitter:

And the cold is expected to intensify and spread northwards across SA in the coming days:

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic in the USA, NOAA appear to be having difficulty reading their own data.

Despite all those cries for “widespread” and “extreme” heat, the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center this week shows a high chance of below-average temps for the majority of the US:

And this is further supported by recent GFS runs:


The Grand Solar Minimum pattern is gradually establishing itself.

Take the two images below.

When comparing NASA’s temperature change map (pic 1) —which depicts the temp change between 1780, a year of normal solar activity, and 1680, the Maunder Minimum– with July 23’s GFS run (pic 2), the pattern is startlingly similar.

During times of global cooling, Alaska and Southern Greenland/North Atlantic, along with the Arctic, ‘warm’ (yellow/orange) while North America, particularly central and eastern areas, sharply cool (blue):

The cold times appear to be returning, in line with historically low solar activity:

NASA’s SC25 prediction, released last month, reveals it will be “the weakest solar cycle for the past 200 years” (www.nasa.gov):

The time to prepare is now.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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7 Thoughts to “Brutal Cold Front Approaches South Africa + more evidence of a “Grand Solar Minimum” the MSM refuses to touch”

  1. Michael Friedrich

    God I hope this even 20% true! We need to help the oceans cool down as well as the artic regions. The Oceans are now rising measurably every year now. This June was the warmest on record worldwide in the Northern hemisphere. Good to see cold possible even though we are at the furthest away from the Sun now. Why the hell aren’t we building space infrastructures to mitigate the extremes of weather? It would take massive amounts of monies to do this. The money is in enough quantity now we just have to stop the war machine change direction. Before the Oceans take us to another sedimentary layer!

  2. tom

    you do realize that it’s winter in south africa, so cold fronts are normal for that time of year

    1. Cap Allon


      But flip that and tell it to those AGW alarmists screaming about heatwaves in the summer.

  3. Henry Hudson

    Thank goodness for some thought provoking, fact based, commentary.

  4. Steven D King

    What world are you guys living in? There has been a record heat wave in Europe and the US is currently experiencing extreme heat.

    1. Cap Allon

      3 day ‘African Plume’ at the end of June in Europe, followed by anomalous cold through all of July, so far.

      3 days of heat on US east coast, preceded by months of cold (Oct-May was coldest in US history) and followed by more well-below-average temps through late July into August.

      You appear to live in a world controlled by the media and their warm-mongering propaganda.

  5. Dan

    Ice Age Farmer on YouTube is under threat of being shut down for reporting on cold weather. The crops worldwide are significantly down, some at80%.

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