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Britain Braces for Heavy Snow and Freezing Fog

Britain is bracing for Arctic conditions this week as polar winds dive-bomb the country, driving temperatures down and bringing the likelihood of snow.

The mercury is expected to plunge well-below freezing overnight Wednesday and Thursday, resulting in hard morning frosts with lows of -6C (21F) likely.

The latter half of the week will also see wet and wild Atlantic weather from the west clash with colder and drier conditions from the far east. This meeting will result in “sleet and snow” across Scotland and northern England, according to the Met Office.

“Snow across the Pennines is very likely,” said Alex Burkill, a meteorologist at the Met Office. “But there might also be some on lower ground in northern England.”

High pressure over Scandinavia will gradually push the chill south and west, though exactly how far is still anyone’s guess at this time.

The battle is on — Atlantic fronts vs Scandinavian blocking.

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