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Britain Braced for Heavy April Snow this Week as Winter just won’t let up

The Met Office has warned of a brutal Arctic air mass about to sweep the British Isles (and much of Europe).

The agency has revealed there is a high chance of very cold temperatures which could result in icy conditions and heavy snow this week.

Between Tues April 02 through Fri April 12, snow is even possible at lower levels throughout the UK, with the heaviest falling between April 02 and April 05.

The Arctic outbreak will descend into the majority of Europe too, making for challenging conditions as heavy snow and ice disrupt transport, particularly in Turkey, the Alps, and Northern Spain.

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) from Tue, April 02 to Fri, April 12:

GFS Surface Temperature (C) for Wed, April 03:

Winter just won’t let up.

Cut some wood.

Grand Solar Minimum +Pole Shift

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