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Britain Braced for 9-hour Blizzard — Overnight Low of -14.4C Recorded, the Coldest Temp in the UK Since 2012

All four UK nations set new record lows for this winter overnight with Sennybridge, Wales down to -9.3C (15.3F), Magilligan, Northern Ireland falling to -8.5C (16.7F), Northumberland, England at -10.5C (13.1F) and Braemar, Scotland tumbling to -14.4C (6.1F).

According to the Met Office, that -14.4C in Braemar makes it the lowest temperature in the UK since 2012 when -15.6C was recorded at Holbeach, Lincolnshire on Feb 11.

There are hundreds of schools closed across Britain today, along with many cancelled train services and a number of grounded flights, as the severe weather takes hold.

Yellow weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office for heavy snow, ice and fog throughout today and into Friday.

An amber ‘danger to life’ warning for snow is in place for the parts of the Southwest and southern Wales today from between 2pm and 9pm.

The band of heavy, disruptive snow could bring up to 15 cm (5.9 inches) locally.

Much of the South, along with central and eastern England, Manchester, Liverpool, and South and West Yorkshire are also expected to see heavy snow.

The wintry conditions are forecast to last overnight and through Friday, even lingering into the evening. Only the far North of England, where it is due to be fine but bitterly cold, is likely to escape.

Emma Smith, of the Met Office, concludes with this official long-range outlook: “Looking ahead through February, generally cold conditions are likely through the month. Things could turn even colder at the beginning of March.”

Stay tuned for updates.

And prepare.

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Featured Image: Ribblehead, North Yorkshire, Jan 30 — Charlotte Graham

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    Big difference between -14.4c and 14.4 c

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      Thanks for the heads-up!

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